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chinese whispers March 17, 2009

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When a crime occurs in a country town it really gets the gossip and the rumours running wild.

I live in a pretty violent town I think. For a population of under twenty thousand, there's plenty of murder and mayhem going on. In fact last month the town had what the local paper called a Crime Spree.

Spree. Makes it sound like we're all out having a fun old time. Of course that didn't include the murder. That was this month. Just general spree.

So Daz rings me up one morning last week and said

there's a crime scene at the brothel

what happened?

don't know, I'll go find out.

So off he went to question the policewoman guarding the scene. She said

I can't tell you what happened, but there's been a lot of crime this end of town since the nightclub opened.

He said

We need more police in town on weekends

She said

You need more taxis

Well, thats one way of looking at it I guess.

So off he went to his next reliable source. The panel beater.

Oh yes, some guy tried to set two other people alight, then went around the corner and set a house on fire.

Hmm. Off to the next source. The windscreen repair man

A beating he said. A gang of teens belted up two guys. One dead, one on life support.

Holy shit, thats bad.

Then later on he's at the bottle shop and the woman who works there tells him

It was a shooting. A gang of kids (well known in town) shot two guys. One dead.

Now Daz does work at the brothel. Hang on, fixing the airconditioning that is! So I said to him

Just go over there and do something dodgy to the airconditioners so they have to call you in, then ask what happened.

Can't, they're on the roof.

Then wouldn't you know it, my most reliable source of information came home from school. Lizzie. I tell you, if you want to keep up to date with whats news, breed yourself a teenage girl.

Turns out it was the bashing that happened. No one dead thank god. But two in hospital. And everyone in her group knowing who did it. I asked her if she thought there could've been a totally unrelated shooting somewhere else in town. She said no, but there had been a house set on fire, but not by these boys.

Anyway turns out Chief Wiggum is not running our police force like I feared. I was thinking they may be the only ones in town that didn't know who did it. I was contempleting an anonymous phone call today if there wasn't some news in the paper. But they're onto it. And I believe they've even solved the murder.

You know, these young men, with their fists and feet ready and willing really worry me. I read in the paper yesterday that two guys were walking home late one night and they were beaten badly. A car stopped and two guys and a girl got out with bats and, what was it, something like stakes and belted them. Now you don't carry bats around in the car unless you're planning on hurting someone with them. We had a guy killed here a couple of years ago in a bashing/kicking episode. I wonder where all this anger has come from. It's not really anger, just a willingness to hurt someone, badly, for no reason, with no thought of the consequences. 

You may remember that last year Lloyd travelled overseas spending a lot of the time on his own. England, Europe, America and I didn't worry about him half as as much as I do when he's here on a friday night walking home from the pub.

Just another reason for me to save hard to get my little house, away from the world, where I can become a recluse.

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16 Responses to “chinese whispers”

  1. OptamissTIK Says:

    jeez, sounds rough! I wouldn't wanna go to that nightclub/walk home from the pub… maybe the policewoman is right – need more taxis?

  2. cat Says:

    Well I don't go because it doesn't even open until 11pm, which is well past my bed time.
    A lot of people wouldn't bother with taxis because you can walk from one end of town to the other in 15 – 20 minutes.
    These bashings seem to go on everywhere around Australia now. Always someone getting king hit or kicked in the head. Very worrying.

  3. Jack Yan Says:

    Cripes. I just had a mate who lived for two years over there and came back to New Zealand a month ago. His summary: Sydney (so he cannot speak for the whole country) ‘is full of angry people.’ We are not immune from this sort of behaviour but I think the frequency of these crimes with Australia’s bigger population did his head in.

  4. LeendaDLL Says:

    I won't walk in my neighborhood at night, not even the 2 blocks to the drug store, for fear of being attacked/killed.But haven't you been following the vox threads started by CrankyPants? We're all moving into Yurts.

  5. cat Says:

    I hate how it has to be like that. We still walk everywhere here when we go out and I've never felt threatened in any way, but then these random things happen that make me think we shouldn;t.
    Yurts! No, I didn't know about that. I do like a bit of luxury though.

  6. cat Says:

    Yes, just a lot of random violence going on. You just hear it day after day on the news. When I heard the rumour that someone had been shot, I wasn't even shocked.

  7. Jack Yan Says:

    I think it would do my head in, too, even though our murder rate has climbed eightfold since the 1950s.

  8. cat Says:

    We don't hear much news from your part of the world. Actually much less than anywhere else. Unless it's a really shocking murder. I think Once Were Warriors put me off going to New Zealand!

  9. Waterbaby Says:

    "Just another reason for me to save hard to get my little house, away from the world, where I can become a recluse." hear! hear! count me in. not at your house, rather the mother-in-law studio 5 miles down the road. You know, America is sooo violence-ridden, I'm always kinda "relieved" when bad things happen in the comparatively good and safe countries. (Not that I want bad things to happen there.) It's everywhere, violence, just a matter of degrees.

  10. Candy Sparks Says:

    no thats info… you know killeen is just as bad… my job was broken into… and the guys didn't try and steal the money or our camera's which cost a boat load… no they tried to steal the moniters that are monted to our walls… they gave up and went to the liquor store and broke into that… yay killeen…


  11. cat Says:

    lol, yes, well I won't be much of a recluse if I have people living with me. But someone down the road would probably be handy, just to check every week or so that I'm still kicking. I've always been glad that we don't have guns here but a gang of drunks with their feet can do just as much damage. Very depressing if you think about it too much.

  12. cat Says:

    And even when they catch these idiots, they don't seem to get enough punishment. Especially if they are underage.

  13. Waterbaby Says:

    i hear ya. i'd pick being shot over being severely or fatally beaten and kicked.

  14. Jack Yan Says:

    It’s pretty quiet in comparison. Don’t judge us too harshly! The cities are kind of Melbourne-like (where I feel pretty comfortable), without the trams and a smidge more multiculturalism.

  15. All the love is bleeding out from this world… *jaded*

  16. cat Says:

    sure is – so is the respect

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