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redneck wonderland March 5, 2009

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We have experienced a phenomenon.

(Whenever I say phenomenon I feel like singing manamana)

Anyway we have had a red red rain. A rare red rain. Yesterday there was some freakish weather event. Apparently there was a huge dust storm miles and miles away and all this dust was swept up into the atmosphere. Then a trough carried the dust to us and attached itself to rain. Then at about 3.30pm the rain came down and now the town is covered in red scum. Funny driving around town, it looks as if all us townsfolk have been out thrashing our cars in the mud. Not to mention the houses. They'll all need a good hosing down. That's if we were allowed to use hoses. Water restrictions though. No watering. Actually I wonder if the council will give us an hour one day to do that.

I took this photo of the car today. You get a bit of an idea – but it's hard to get the full effect.


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11 Responses to “redneck wonderland”

  1. Steve Betz Says:

    Wow — that's pretty crazy. And thanks for putting that song in my head — doo doo da doo doot.

  2. poptart Says:

    That is crazy! Amazing what mother nature will dish out. It reminds me of the time years and years ago that we had volcano ash come a quarter of the way across the US and land on us. We would just stare at it all over the cars.

  3. Paxton Says:

    Look at the bright side. It could be raining toads.

  4. Reminds me of this Indian color festival, Holi. :DVery rarely we get Sahara rain, here in Germany. But it's just ordinary grey, impalpable sand. 😦

  5. cat Says:

    Oh good, now that it's in your head I can get it out of mine. Been stuck in there for two days now.

  6. cat Says:

    That would have been pretty weird as well. Mother Nature does like to keep things interesting.

  7. cat Says:

    ha – yes, bit like that, but without all the beautiful people about.

  8. We got a reprieve form water restrictions one weekend and I washed the house down and Son washed cars and we all got wet and it was such fun – just like the old days.

  9. cat Says:

    lol – god, doesn't running under the sprinkler seem like such a reckless wasteful thing to do now

  10. Jem Says:

    Capt Tiday told me restrictions were over as he hosed the car and the driveway.
    He's in big trouble now.

  11. cat Says:

    Some people just can't get over their love of hosing.
    Anyway, they shouldn't even lift restrictions. We all managed without using water, so they should just keep on that way. Every time the dam level rises a bit they lift the restriction for a montha, everyone goes insane with the hoses and we're back where we started!!

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