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Papas Slidebox February 11, 2009

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I have more information on these ones. Mind you, only whats written as the photo name. Most of these are 1969 vintage.

Lloyd tells me Castle Heidleberg was covered with scaffolding when he was there last year.



Interesting parking.



Again the parking looks a bit haphazard. Cheltenham wasn't big on following parking rules I see. I would like to spend aSaturday afternoon here wandering around.



And floats and rope. Looks cold and dreary that day.


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8 Responses to “Papas Slidebox”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    Cheltenham looks like a fun day trip. I've been to Heidelberg and its castle is one of the most memorable I saw of the many many – many! – castles in Deutschland. Too bad about the scaffolding; that happens sometimes. I like the drying fish contraption. Seems so familiar; probably one of my past lives in fishing in northern Europe.

  2. cat Says:

    There are some beautiful photos of the castle. I'd love a look at it. I've always loved castles – I guess because Australia is so new we have nothing like that here and it amazes me how they were built so beautifully in those times. Their engineers must have been brilliant.

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    Engineering: it's a German talent, strength and gift.

  4. neat photos! i like the last one of the floats especially, look at how everyone is dressed! ladies with their scarves and heels, men with their caps and coats. the parking at Cheltenham looks familiar. that is how people park where i live, and it is quite disconcerting. i cannot bring myself to park so haphazardly, but everyone else does. it's quite nuts, in my opinion.

  5. oh how I LOVE the slidebox photos! My fave is the third one down, I love that lady's blue coat!!

  6. cat Says:

    It's gorgeous isn't it. You can imagine she and her friend have dressed, done their hair and set out for a day of shopping, lunch and gossip.

  7. cat Says:

    Yes it's funny isn't it. Float buying day must have been a special event. The lady to the left is very dressed up.

  8. Fabulous!!! I wanna fancy day of shopping lunch and gossip!!!

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