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Burn Baby Burn February 7, 2009

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In case you didn't know, Australia is burnin' baby. We are in the midst of a heatwave, bushfires, astronomical temperatures, Suffocation.

Daz came home from work on Friday and said

I think I'm going to die soon.

Oh really? I say

Yep, me, and JD he says.

He said – Over 70 people have died in the last week from the heat. 40 of them were old people and the rest were airconditioning mechanics.

And really, what a stupid career choice. An airconditoining mechanic. You are guaranteed that on all the hottest days in summer, you are going to be working in a place that has no working airconditioning. Either that or you will be in a pub that has no cold beer.

Tonight we went to the pub for dinner, it's about 100 metres away . (I've been painting in Lizzies room since 8 this morning and couldn't be stuffed cooking dinner). When we left the house, we walked about 50 metres and I felt like sitting in the gutter and calling a taxi.

We live in one of the hottest towns in NSW. Every night we watch the weather report on the news and we go – YAY, we won, we got the hottest again. People come to visit and say – why is it always so hot here. Every time we drive into this town it just looks hot.

At the moment Melbourne and Adelaide are copping the heat. We laugh at them. Awful to say and not in a mean way at all . But they are just not used to this awful heat. I bet a lot of them don't even have airconditioning. So when these heatwaves come, they're not prepared for it. I guess at least if you live in a hot shit hole all the time, you don't get any nasty surprises. I remember a couple of years ago our town was burning and we all lay around on lounges with those hairdresser water spray bottles spraying ourselves with them.

Tomorrow's forecast – hotter

Here's Kimba. She's hot.





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45 Responses to “Burn Baby Burn”

  1. Every time I talk to my friends in Adelaide, all they talk about is the godawful heat!

  2. kalita Says:

    45 here today.. that's pretty hot in anyone's terms. I've been on fire watch but all I could see all day was the farmer's precious topsoil clogging the sky like smoke.Actually I heard on the radio the other day that Darwin set a new record for having the coldest maximum temperature in Australia.Funny (in a schadenfreude way) is a Tasmanian heatwave (at 35 lol). Poor softies.

  3. Emjay Says:

    Yuck! Double yuck! Not all that many a/c 's in Sydney either ….. the kids are hot – they are a long way from the sea breeze. Your electricity bill really is going to be huge.

  4. Worker Says:

    Not all of us are silly Cat I have aircon but the bloody power is being drained so it isn't really working. I have keep the house dark as and the fan going, it did OK considering. Mind you, I don't want this type of heat (the reason I left NSW to start with).

  5. kalita Says:

    That's weird that not many places have a/c's – everywhere I have lived has had at least ceiling fans, if not a/c.But then, the closest I am to an ocean breeze is 4 hours drive :)Our electricity bill is going to be insane. But worth every cent of it!

  6. Snowy Says:

    You're right about Daz choosing a job where he has to work in the worst conditions. I worked for an electricity supplier where you always had to go out in the worst conditions to get the power back on like during a storm. Many's the time I was up a ladder with lightning crackling around my ears wondering what the bloody hell I was doing there. Toowoomba, in "Sunny Queensland", is a pleasant 20C. Time you moved North, Cat.

  7. cat Says:

    I know – it's supposed to be 45 tomorrow. I often think of the poor convicts when they turned up here from England. And the women wore all those petticoats and long dresses. And they had to cook by a wood stove. I'm soft.

  8. cat Says:

    20 degrees!! – I'd need a cardigan for that.

  9. cat Says:

    Oh no – I don't think you Victorians are silly!! I just meant that a lot of places may not have aircon because you don't have constant heat and can usually get by. But then when a heat wave hits, it hits hard.

  10. Worker Says:

    Some of us are Cat so thats OK.I am looking forward to tomorrow when it is meant to drop back down though 🙂

  11. cat Says:

    We are not due for any relief until Monday. Even if it gets down to 38 tomorrow, that will feel like a cool change. But I'm hearing a drop of 20 degrees is expected early in the week.

  12. Worker Says:

    I feel for you, that was us last week. Mind you it is meant to drop during the week and backup next weekend.

  13. cat Says:

    My electricity bill is going to be so enormous I'm considering putting it through the shredder without opening it. Our ducted runs all day without cycling off at all. And even with it running all day the lowest temp we can get in the house is 30 degrees.

  14. cat Says:

    lol – yes, it's like when you see them having a heatwave in Britain. And you see all those pale people at the grey rocky beach, cooling off!

  15. cat Says:

    They are having a terrible time at the moment. Really copping it. Thats where all the people died. I think it's because they're not really used to the heat, so when it comes, they struggle.

  16. Emjay Says:

    I lived in 3 apartments and two different houses in Sydney and none of them had a/c or ceiling fans. None of my friends have a/c in their houses there though one has a mobile unit that she wheels from loungeroom to her bedroom. My children live in western Sydney and do not have a/c. When it got "too" hot we would go to the movies or supermarket to cool down LOL. I hope you are safe from the fires – which they are showing on television here.

  17. Karen Lynn Says:

    people bitch about the weather worldwide haha!!

  18. LeendaDLL Says:

    Nice to be having winter here – around 60F today. But talk to me again in summer. I've no A/C but do live near the ocean and own 2 large fans. But some days, there's no breeze and I just lay on my bed, refusing to move, in 100+ heat.

  19. lauowolf Says:

    Any chance on installing solar eventually?(gah, I hate, hate hate the heat myself.)

  20. cat Says:

    Maybe – I'd like to but it's fairly costly. The government was giving a rebate back to anyone who did install solar – not sure if that offer still stands. Also we are looking at selling this place in a couple of years.

  21. cat Says:

    Its just that the air is so heavy. Wouldn't be so bad if it was a dry heat, but it's hard to breathe outside these days.

  22. cat Says:

    I know! I said that last night – here we are dying from the heat and over in England people are dying from the cold. Over here we have bushfires in one state and floods in another.

  23. I'm so jealous right now. England is experiencing the coldest winter in the past 13 years and just had the most snow in the past 18 years. I HATE THE COLD!!!!

  24. LeendaDLL Says:

    I read a news article about the fires just after I got off Vox. How close/far are they to you?

  25. cat Says:

    I'd say they would be the ones in Melbourne you are reading about – so a long way away. We have one burning uncontrolled here but it is in the National Park so no property or lives at risk. Lots of animals though.

  26. cat Says:

    It seems to be one extreme or the other – don't think you'd like it very much here though at the moment!

  27. liyafendi Says:

    OMG 45??? That's unbearable for me!! At my place the highest I experienced was 40C but that was really unbearable! I felt so sticky and so hot and couldn't do anything,,I dont know how you can cope with that high temperature..

  28. cat Says:

    lolol – for a minute there I thought we were still talking about birthdays – and mine is soon and I'm 45 and I thought you were saying that if you were 45 that would be unbearable!! lol

  29. Snowy Says:

    Is your house insulated, Cat?

  30. LeendaDLL Says:

    I'm already 45 and sometimes it IS unbearable! You've been warned.

  31. Well, just read about the fires so yeah, maybe I wouldn't want to be there either but I still HATE the cold lol. I grew up in California so I'm used to a fire season but not snow!

  32. cat Says:

    ha – My back is finding all this painting pretty unbearable

  33. cat Says:

    It is – but it doesn't seem to help much. Its one of those houses that is hot in summer and freezing in winter.

  34. Snowy Says:

    Is it evaporative or reverse cycle?

  35. cat Says:

    WE have this useless ducted system that can't cope with the heat. But we are changing soon to split systems in all the rooms instead. Daz has been selling a lot of these new Mitsubish units that have a 6 out of 6 star energy rating. But of course being married to an airconditioning mechanic means I never get to the top of the list to get mine installed! I had to throw a tantrum to get ceiling fan yesterday. Next weekend for a couple of the aircons I hear.

  36. I grew up in Melbourne and Summers have always been scorching there but intermittently. Remember weeks of 40+ as a kid in Melbourne (always seemed to happen in the first week back at school) and all those Total Fire Ban warnings on tv. The next week you would be rugged up in jumpers with the heater on. Very weird. Where I am in Sydney, it rarely gets above 30 degrees but doesn't cool down much either.
    Oh and lots of people in Melbourne do have aircon now. Their peak electricity demand has now shifted from winter to summer – this is almost wholly due to airconditioning usage.

  37. cat Says:

    I can't remember the last day that was below 36 degrees here. Was at least a month ago. Very tiring.
    And as for the Stiff Nipple – I don't think I could answer the phone and say – good morning, stiff nipple air. I used to have enough trouble asking people if they wanted a service. Always used to make me smirk.

  38. 33 seems to be the max here in coastal Sydney but more likely around 29 degrees max (with high humidity). Western suburbs much worse though, ie, can be more than 10 degrees difference between Western Sydney and the CBD.
    Yes, I can imagine that the Stiff Nipple air con company would have problems attracting female staff to work on their phones!

  39. cat Says:

    Yes, I've noticed our weather is always about the same as Penrith

  40. Penrith always colder than the CBD in winter time too. Same as where you are?

  41. cat Says:

    yes – very cold overnight with frosts – not so much through the day though

  42. This heat must be unbearable! I wouldn't trade places, despite my miserable heating situation. Pictures from forest fires and victims losing everything in Australia are all over the news, here, now. It is shocking and frightening.I Hope You Are Safe, where you live, Cat!!!!!

  43. cat Says:

    Yes we are a long way. We are in NSW. So to the south we have Victoria with the bushfires and to the north we have Queensland in flood. Mother Nature!

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