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Houston we have a problem January 28, 2009

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I watched a show on tv last night called America's Fattest City. And Houston won. I saw some very large bottoms.

I don't know which city would be Australia's fattest. I think we spread our fat fairly evenly around the nation. And we are becoming world leaders in the obesity race.

When Lloyd came back from travelling around America he told me that fast food is very cheap there. And you can get a large quantity of it for cheap dollars. There was one guy on this show and he likes to go to all you can eat buffets. He's actually been banned from two all you can eat buffets because he ate too much. Which seems slightly ridiculous. But anyway, he was at an all you can eat and he had seven plates of food lined up in front of him. And like he said, that cost him $11 and if he bought that food to cook at home it'd probably cost him $40. I liked his thinking though about the seven plates. Because I've been to a couple of those all you can eat places and I was gobsmacked about the way people load up their plate with a combination of meals. They mix roast lamb with chinese with salad with seafood and it all looks like it might topple over. And this all you can eat guy – he won't walk to his mailbox to get his mail. It's twenty feet away. He waits until he's going out somewhere and gets it as he drives by.

And there was another woman who drives her son to the bus stop which is fifty feet away. She knew it was stupid but she said – thats just what we do.

And pizza is so cheap in the USA. One woman rang and ordered a pizza and she said she wanted the largest one. The one that was larger than large. And for $1.99 extra she could get a large as well. So she did. And this was the night before she went in for lap band surgery!

Which is my point. I missed the end of the show and I was wondering if anyone saw it. And if anyone did, did that woman who had the lap band surgery have any luck in losing weight. Because she seemed to be the only one really interested in trying. Although the whole two large and larger than large pizzas right before surgery makes me wonder if her mind set is right. But I hope she did. Because she had a son who was very overweight and if she could lose some weight that might help him. He can't play football because he weighs too much. If he falls on any kids his own age who are "normal" size he might hurt them.

And by the way. That woman football coach. She was a little intense.

I don't go to all you can eats at all anymore. I don't like the idea of all that food sitting around at semi warm temperatures. And that pot of bolognaise mix that keeps getting topped up – do the bottom few spoonfuls ever get eaten? And all those people coughing on the food and children touching it – well its just too much for me to cope with. And anyway – one day JD was at one and the chef came out from the kitchen to top up something and he was all sweaty and JD said when the chef leaned over to tip in the food, a scab fell of his forehead into the mix. And I'm just suspicious in general of other people preparing my food. Did they wash their hands after they went to the toilet, that sort of thing bothers me.

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34 Responses to “Houston we have a problem”

  1. LeendaDLL Says:

    I've known a few people who've had lap band or bypass. The vast majority did it on impulse or desire for rapid results, not as a last option. And at least 1/2 have gained their weight back. Which scares me cause now they're putting just as much food into a much smaller/thinner container. It seems likely that, for some of them, their stomachs will literally burst one day.At the same time, I have been told to consider the lap band procedure. I know logic, i've applied it before and lost 100 lbs. But I'm having a much harder time finding it within myself this time. Like others, I want the "easy fix". But I won't do it unless I'm committed to a LIFE change, not just a rapid temp fix. And definitely not till I get my GI issues worked out.And Jack In The Box currently offers a $2.99 "meal" of 2 tacos + burger + fries. It's hard not to give in to crap like that healthy options are substantially more expensive. It's a combo of being poor, being raised as mass consumers ("I want the biggest quantity for the lowest cost"), and convenience.

  2. cat Says:

    That does sound dangerous – putting all that food into a smaller space. There was one woman who had had it done who went and had it reversed. I didn't know you could do that. I was telling Daz that a guy we know had it done before christmas and Daz told me he saw him sitting at the bakery with two hanburgers in front of him the other day. Must have to eat them very slowly.
    When I go grocery shopping I always think to myself that its no wonder so many people are overweight. It is so much cheaper to buy ham steaks and sausages than breast fillets and salmon steaks. Can't believe how cheap your fast food is! We don't have Jack In The Box here.

  3. LeendaDLL Says:

    Be thankful… Jack in the Box sucks. But they have great commercials.You can have the lap band modified (tighter/looser) or removed. Bypass is permanent.I worry about the wrinkles… my friend's mother aged about 30 years when she lost her weight… nothing left to fill in all those facial lines.She's also the one who, after the procedure, would eat (a donut, usually) till she felt ill, lay down, eventually get sick, then get up and start the process again. A person shouldn't do any of those procedures unless they've learned/accepted that they cannot continue old eating patterns! I assume she'll regain all her weight.Personally, I miss phen/fen. I know it turned out to be dangerous – but it was also the only time in my life that I experience satisfaction from food and understood what "normal" people must feel. I would eat, get satisfied and STOP. Without phen/fen, I eat, never get satisfied, and keep eating.

  4. Waterbaby Says:

    America is a nation of gluttons. It has become a culture of "More is Better, Big is Better." It was possibly THE biggest culture shock when I re-entered the country after life in Japan (I very rarely came to the States when I was overseas and was out of the American loop — not a bad thing at all). I couldn't BELIEVE how big the portions had gotten — enough to feed a family of four in Asia! — and the asses. I don't understand the American mentality, neither do I aspire to, really, and I will say that it's very rare I eat out any more, not only because of the money but the portions are so out of control, I lose my appetite seeing food so piled on the plate, you can't even see the plate!! Japan presentation rocks!!!! And so do their portions (although to most Americans, their meals would be considered an appetizer!!!!!)

  5. Red Pen Says:

    "And this was the night before she went in for lap band surgery!" Yowsa. Hard to believe.

  6. cat Says:

    what is phen/fen?
    My aunt lost a lot of weight and she looked a lot older after that. Definitely. But she is very thin now.
    Yes, I didn't get the feeling that the surgery was going to stop this woman eating. She didn't have her head straight about it.

  7. Steve Betz Says:

    It's really disturbing how easy "bad for you" food is to get in the US. Although, I will say you can go into a grocery store and get a big bag of vegetables that would certainly be as much if not more food as some "Value Meals" and would cost just the same. People are lazy.

  8. cat Says:

    Yes. The last supper. But I know I do that. If I'm planning to go on a diet or a health kick I always stuff myself the night before.

  9. cat Says:

    We are becoming much like that here. They are talking now about banning advertisements for fast food places during childrens television shows because we have a lot of overweight children here. The government is beginning to realise the impact its going to have on the health system down the track.

  10. cat Says:

    I watched another interesting show the night before about the Okinawans and how healthy they are. Also the Sardinians. But they also kept track of the people from Okinawa who had moved to Hawaii and once they were exposed to the western lifestyle they had much higher rates of heart disease, stroke and other weight related issues than people born in the USA. Bodies can't handle it.
    People like to feel they are getting their moneys worth. But often after you go out and have a huge meal of crap, after a couple of hours you feel hungry again.

  11. Waterbaby Says:

    Yes, the Okinawans have been subject to numerous studies for that reason. Well, I don't associate getting your money's worth to gorging; rather, I associate it with basic need, moderation and health. If I have the money to eat out, I'd rather spend $5 and savor a small nourishing bowl of soup and half a sandwich that make my body sing than spend that same amount on a colossal bag of greasy fries, soda and burger sandwiched between thick white bread. That's no deal.

  12. Debbie Says:

    There's a really interesting book out called "Mindless Eating", it's all about how the quantity we eat is much based on all other mental/visual cues than our actual satiety. I've heard the author speak, and he's done some pretty fascinating work. He actually conducted much of his study during his tenure at my university.
    I, for one, detest putting liability in the hands of business owners, because businesses in a capitalist economy follow consumer behavior. I do, however, believe that, to fight this obesity epidemic, there has to be dual accountability on the part of the consumer (education and behavior) and business (product offering).

  13. Waterbaby Says:

    "don't associate getting your money's worth to gorging" … oops, should read *with*

  14. cat Says:

    well its expensive to go out and eat here – if people have to spend $30 on a meal they want to see that they're getting something for it

  15. cat Says:

    watching tv while eating – thats a big no no
    yes – people trying to sue McDonalds because they are overweight seems ridiculous

  16. Waterbaby Says:

    but it's not just about the food, it's about the experience it its totality, i.e., vibe, ambiance, service (is it pleasurable or sucky), presentation, appeal, flavors, even how the chairs feel.

  17. Waterbaby Says:

    It's the American way now. No personal accountability. Always someone else's fault. Blame blame blame. It's a cultural disease.

  18. LeendaDLL Says:

    It was a miracle diet drug combo in the 90s. One pill was speed (I didn't take that one), the other was some kind of offshoot of prozac. I don't know what that stuff was but it was clear that I have NONE of it naturally. Seriously, the only time in my life that I've felt "full" was when I was on it.Unfortunately, it turned out to sometimes cause major heart problems and was made illegal. I don't think the heart problems were really common but they were really serious. It had to be pulled from the market because there are still a lot of us who say the risk is worth the reward. If I could get it in Mexico, I would. But it's not even made anymore.

  19. cat Says:

    Have you seen that vigabatrin? Its used for alcohol and heroin addiction but I think they use it for weight loss as well.

  20. cat Says:

    well I don't think you're looking for ambiance when you go to an all you can eatanyway I find that when we hang out with friends, have a few drinks, talk, get the vibe happening, that we seem to eat all night

  21. Waterbaby Says:

    @cat – this is generally true, yes.

  22. LeendaDLL Says:

    haven't heard of that over here.i heard of botox being used but it turned out that it has to be injected as a aerosol spray into the lining of the stomach… not too realistic.

  23. Nyght Says:

    I take my daughter to the waterpark during the summer and it was really depressing to see all the children who were very overweight – little 4 year olds with rolls and rolls of fat spilling out of their swimsuits. Parents don't realize how they are setting the kids up for future health problems. It makes me angry because adults have choices but the kids don't – parents need to do what is in the kids' best interests instead of what is easy (Happy Meals).
    I'm just thankful my 2 year old's favorite foods are blueberries, green beans, and broccoli!

  24. Karen Lynn Says:

    The problem is in the USA, fast food, and easy food is much cheaper than eating healthy. Twinkies, chips, and cookies are much cheaper than tomatoes and lettuce and cucumbers. And they are much more satisfying. So if you are overweight and on welfare dealing with food stamps, you want to get the most bang for the buck. You don't want your children going to bed hungry (something that a lot of our immigrant grandparents did when they first arrived in the US). Oprah did a good series this week on overweight children. Check These kids are angry with their parents and rightly so but there comes a point when you have to be accountable for what you put in your mouth. DH and I could eat at McDonalds for lunch or dinner, for both of us, under 10 dollars. I'd be hard pressed to be able to go to the store and buy the fixings for a 10 dollar lunch for two. I understand why poor people eat junk. Maybe if the fast food joints doubled their prices it would help with our nation of fat butts!

  25. We get those "all you can eat" restaurants, too, now. Mainly chinese food. Or brunch buffet. I find it repellent. People overeat, for they want to make the most out of their money. The latest trend are XXL-Restaurants. They have shows about them on tv, all the time, now: The biggest cutlet/pizza/burger, eating contests, people throwing up… This makes me want to move to France: small portion of highest quality, made from fresh, natural products. I've been to an american restaurant, here, once, with a friend from France. Somebody had recommended the extra delicous chocolate cake. I was shocked by the size of the portion. It looked like a whole cake to me. With icecream, whiped cream, chocolate sauce, rasped chocolate, piled up, layer on layer. Simply tooooo much. I like to eat, and tend to overeat a bit – but that spoilt my appetite, just from looking at it. We hardly ate a quarter of it and were stuffed. We couldn't even really tell, whether it tasted good, for it was just – too much. And to other people this was a normal dessert after a whole meal in that restaurant…

  26. cat Says:

    Yes, we have a lot of the Chinese type buffets here. But they usually have some kind of roast dinner as well and people just mix it all up together! We haven't started with the eating contest type eateries yet. But I've seen it on TV – if you can eat some enormous steak, you get it for free. lol the dessert – I don't eat dessert so that sounds really awful!

  27. cat Says:

    See over here fast food is fairly expensive – well I think it is. We couldn't go to KFC and feed five of us for under $50. So that sort of thing is for birthday treat only. And to go to a takeaway shop and buy a works hamburger would be $7 each, so another $40 by the time you throw in some chips. About the cheapest would be pizza I think because there is a bit of competition. But it will still cost you $7 for one large pizza.

  28. cat Says:

    Because really, there shouldn't be such a thing as a fat child should there. They only get that way by eating what the parents feed them. Its not like they go out and do the grocery shopping. If the fridge is full of things like you have for your daughter then there can't be any problem. My daughter used to always tell me she was the only kid at school who didn't get a packet of chips packed every day for lunch.

  29. Waterbaby Says:

    Karen's information is incorrect. It's a myth. Fresh fruits and veggies (and, when not available, frozen ) are much cheaper than processed fast-food. A meal of an entire cucumber, tomato and can of tuna can easily be created for less than $2.

  30. Waterbaby Says:

    P.S. I create nutritional dinners for 6 for $5 or less. It can be done. Two eggs, one potato, that's maybe …. 50 cents for a dinner. The "fast food and junk food is cheaper" … a popular myth, that's all.

  31. The fat problem is also here… with children weighing in heavier and heavier over the years. To balance that off, we also have a huge number of anorexics and bullemics.. it almost seems like nobody is eating right.

  32. cat Says:

    I saw an ad on television last week that a past winner of The Biggest Loser was doing. And he was advertising meal replacement shakes, saying that he maintains his weight loss by replacing two meals a day with shakes. And I thought that seemed a terrible way to live.

  33. Nyght Says:

    It is a terrible way to live, and not necessary! I have a horribly sluggish metabolism but I can maintain or even lose by just making smart choices and exercising. I can't imagine not eating real food – yuck!

  34. Ugh… that's not living… AT ALL…. food should be something you can chew!

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