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job no: 1 – the bedroom January 14, 2009

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I've decided to paint my bedroom. I was laying in bed the other day and suddenly decided it must be washed and painted. I painted the whole house when we first bought it about 17 years ago. And now, even though we hope to be moving in a couple of years, it needs a going over. And the carpet has to go. What dirty horrible stuff carpet is. Wish I'd never got it in the first place.

So this is the current colour. Mind you its not that bright but the flash has given it a brighter glow. See all those cracks in the walls? I filled every single one of them with no more gaps last time I painted. Thankfully that doesn't need doing again. They're a bastard to paint that type of wall. You can't use a roller, have to brush into all those gaps between the boards.



I'm hoping we can use the original floorboards. I ripped up the carpet yesterday for a look and now I'm waiting for the floor guy to turn up and check them out, but you know what tradesmen are like, waiting, waiting, waiting. If we can't bring these back to life I'll get floating floorboards. But it'd be nice to keep these because this house is 105 years old now and they are the original boards.



Trouble is that in the 1950's there were huge floods here in NSW and this house was in one of them. The water came about a third of the way up the walls. So the floorboards were damaged and there was shrinkage so there are some large cracks. But he said there has only been one house where he couldn't restore the boards.



And we still have the lovely pressed tin ceilings. Which are also a bastard to paint. A lot of dabbing involved.



 You know last time I painted this Daz actually, seriously, suggested that I should paint the patterned bit a different colour to the background. Ok, yeah sure. That'd only take me about ten years Daz.

So I'm off to find a stick to stir the undercoat. That job always sucks. Stirring, not finding the stick. I was going to go and check out some paint samples but I don't have a car and its a bitch of a day out there. Already 100 degrees and windy as hell. Bushfires as well around the area. So I'll give that a miss today.

I've moved the bed and bedside tables out into the lounge room and will live there until the bedroom is finished. Its cosy. And I don't know many times over the past two nights I've said – Just because I'm not in the bedroom, it doesn't mean I'm not in bed. Because people seem to think I want to talk to them or cook for them any old time they walk past.

Thats where the water came up to in the flood – to the top of the green boards, the orange strip. Our neighbour pulled some of his boards off for some reason and he said the walls are full of mud. Natural insulation.


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37 Responses to “job no: 1 – the bedroom”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    I hate carpet. Hate it with a passion. I'd rather have wooden floors, regardless of condition, brick, tile, dirt. Two housing situations back I moved into a room with ugly old patterned brown thick carpet. Second thing I did after painting was rip that sucker outta there, with the owner's permission (also a roommate). I could just feeeeeel all the dirt and gunk and lord knows what else trapped. (Don't wear shoes at home and my feet are suprahumanely sensitive, if there's a micropiece of pebble on a floor, my feet'll find it, go "ew" and I'll pick it up. Possibly start cleaning the entire room. lol) Not too crazy about the room and ceiling being the same color. You've shown only a part of the room, granted, so not much to go on but on the pic alone feels too dark, a little oppressive. Looking forward to seeing what ya got in mind!

  2. omigosh that ceiling is lovely!!! and the color is really relaxing and refreshing i think.

  3. cat Says:

    yes, can't wait for the carpet to be gone – well it is gone but its going from all rooms. The ceiling works because the room is big and the ceilings are over 12 ft high so its not all cramped.

  4. cat Says:

    all the rooms have a different ceiling pattern. When we put in a new kitchen we had to pull out that one which was a shame but there was no saving it. I am a real fan of purple but think I'll go for something different this time. Not sure what yet.

  5. oh! i completely mis-understood and thought that you meant the current colour of purple is the new colour you had painted today. LOL! i don't know what i was thinking. (silly me)okay then. i still think it's a lovely colour though. ;)so have you decided on the new colour?

  6. or rather… colour ideas, since you didn't make it out today. πŸ˜‰

  7. Good luck with it and hope the current floor boards are salvagable. that's what we have in our current house (which was built in the 1930s I think) and they're great. Our new rental place has carpet in the bedrooms. We were thinking of asking the owner if we could rip it up but might wait and see how much we like living in the house first. Love your pressed tin ceilings too.

  8. LeendaDLL Says:

    You're painting in 100F weather? Won't the paint dry before it gets off the brush?I can't believe you painted over pressed tin – I love the original look of those. Daz' suggestion is hysterical – won't don't you volunteer him to do it?My house is 80 next year. I don't have the courage to pull up the carpet without a replacement plan in place. I think the original hardwood has been severely destroyed (as much of the house has). My "plan" is to eventually purchase some cheap dark carpet and use its installation as a chance to see what the wood looks like, then make long term plans (repair the wood, float new wood, or good carpet). But that takes money and, worse, packing & moving furniture. So it remains a plan/goal – but not likely to happen soon.I'm also having an impluse to paint my bedroom but, again, that requires substantial repairs to the walls, money, and moving furniture. Maybe I could just move away while someone else takes care of everything?Good luck!

  9. cat Says:

    no – I'm sealed up in the room with the airconditioner on. So I'll be off my head from fumes later. Although I did tell daz to get the least fumey one and its not bad. The ceilings were already painted over by the time we moved in, but they were looking a bit shabby so we had to repaint.
    It is a big job but once I decide I want to do something I have to do it right then. Although I probably could have done without doing the weights workout this morning, now that I'm holding my arm up above my head all day.

  10. cat Says:

    Yes, hope so too, would be nice to keep the old place as original as possible. Especially as we are in a heritage area so there are a lot of old homes.

  11. cat Says:

    lol – yes, this is the old colour – I don't really have any idea yet about what colour I want – something lighter though. You can buy fake patterned ceilings now and they cost a fortune.

  12. Waterbaby Says:

    Ah. Those are high enough ceilings to mitigate claustrophobia. Aesthetically a complementary color, perhaps a lighter shade of the walls, still might be nice.

  13. cat Says:

    I'm going lighter all over – I think. But I find it hard to control myself when facing colour, I love a lot of colour. Emjay said once this house was like a dolls house – every room a different bright colour.

  14. kitty Says:

    I am anti-carpet as someone with allergies. It's funny how it seemed like such a good idea at the time (in, what, the 1950s?)

  15. Ninja Says:

    Go with floorboards or tiles. Carpets are nasty, dirty, unhealthy things to have around the home. And they are way too time-consuming to keep clean.

  16. cat Says:

    this carpet looks like its been around since about the 1950's!

  17. cat Says:

    A few years ago we bought one of those dyson vacuum cleaners and the first time I used it you'd have hought I'd never ever vacuumed before – the amount of dust and crap that came out was incredible. Its just about stuffed now though – long girls hair, it really stuffs up a vacuum cleaner. And bobby pins.

  18. I have severe Dyson envy after borrowing our neighbour's last time our vacuum cleaner stopped working. Had a similar experience even with the hard floors. Thinking we might need to get one to deal with the carpets in the place we are renting.

  19. Waterbaby Says:

    @kitty hahah. imho, carpet was never a good idea! never mind the crap and in your case allergens they hold, so many perfectly fine wooden floors have been buried beneath. wtf?!

  20. cat Says:

    they definitely work! disgusting what comes out of the carpet

  21. Jem Says:

    will you please please please come and paint my unfinished forever house??Please πŸ™‚

  22. Waterbaby Says:

    Dyson is ****excellent.**** It's what I used at my former job. Expensive. But ommigawd you cannot beat the quality. As you discovered.

  23. cat Says:

    and it has stayed strong for years

  24. cat Says:

    ha – didn't we have a plan to paint it one holidays but Cap'n looked all freaked out by the idea? I've just finished undercoating the walls and a bit of the ceiling – almost time to call it a day

  25. Add my name to the "I hate carpet list". Evil stuff.
    Your room looks great, love the colors.

  26. cat Says:

    I originally bought carpet because I pictured myself laying around on it while I was watching television, or whatever, but after a few months its so filthy dirty looking, that there's no way I'd lie on it! For gods sake, thats what lounges are for.

  27. Waterbaby Says:

    @Empress – Dysons are expensive. However, if you're serious about clean, I'd recommend nothing else. It's what I used at my former high-end cleaning job. It was my employer's but so damn good, I used to haul it home to use it. It puts every other vacuum cleaner I've used to shame.

  28. liyafendi Says:

    Love your ceiling, Cat!I also hate carpets because my son and I have sinus/allergy to mites and dust. But the cold weather here makes carpets are something necessary. I wish there are alternatives for the carpets.

  29. I do hope you can keep the floors as well. Those planks have so much history stored up in them. We have wood floors, in serious need of refinishing, but they are nice. The neighbor still had mud in his walls? That is terrible! Wouldnt the bugs and worms eat your home?

  30. cat Says:

    and better for when we sell aslo I think – most people buying these old houses want them because they're old
    no bugs eating my house – I hope

  31. cat Says:

    yes, tiles can be pretty cold on the feet on a winter morning thats for sure but we're lucky here that even in the middle of winter its not very cold – my husband also has bad sinus problems, wonder if taking all the carpet up will make a difference

  32. Cat – I have wicked sinus issues (sorry to hear that your husband does too). From my experience from having lived in carpeted homes, carpeting made my sinus issues worse. Even being in other people's homes with carpeting triggers my sinus issues.I have all wood flooring throughout my house, and I have noticed a positive difference. Still have issues, just not nearly as bad. Hope the same for your husband!

  33. geez… i can't spell today. pardon me! πŸ˜‰

  34. cat Says:

    well hopefully then – trouble is we live in a very dry dusty area as well – surrounded by a lot of coal mines, that doesn't help the sinus

  35. indeed!i used to live in the desert of West Texas, across from a military base that burned jet-fuel all day long for the fire-fighters training there to put out.

  36. I hope not!!! Good Luck!

  37. cat Says:

    sounds like hell

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