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sad beetle eyes January 11, 2009

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I found this little beetle yesterday – twice, on his back. So the second time I flipped him I took his photo. And because I don't wear my glasses when I take photos I don't see what I've taken until I put them on the computer.

And just look at him. His little eyes really spun me out. They are like huge dolls eyes, looking at me. A pretty little beetle.

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14 Responses to “sad beetle eyes”

  1. Very nice. Looks a bit like a Christmas beetle but remember them being all glittery.

  2. cat Says:

    he was much golder and glittery but it didn't show up in the photo

  3. Snowy Says:

    You're just a big softy, Cat. Betty probably ate him later, you know.

  4. cat Says:

    lolol – funny you should mention that – I did find him dead this morning

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    oh no!!! i was all gaga over this guy. then it got all ruined by news of his death.

  6. cat Says:

    I know – wasn't he sweet. I wasn't going to bring up the death issue, but of course Snowy had to mention it.

  7. Waterbaby Says:

    bad snowy! bad! {slap slap}

  8. At least the beetle, in its short lifespan, showed more personality than some people I know.

  9. cat Says:

    he almost looks like a kids toy that they've put huge eyes on – or a movie character

  10. cat Says:

    isn't he just – you don't normally think of beetles as adorable

  11. what a pretty colored-beetle with black black eyes. looking at him, however, makes my ears itch. ?

  12. cat Says:

    lol, I'm not getting the itchy ear sensation

  13. Those big eyes, all shiny and sweet!

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