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baby grew up January 9, 2009

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Lizzie has a boyfriend. She says its sort of, maybe. But they've been out twice this week and he picked her up and took her to and home from work, and it seems pretty definite to me.

And yes, he's 18 and drives a car. Which is ok, because she is 17 this year. Its not like she's 12 or anything. But still. She's the baby!

And its a loud car. A holden. When they took off in it I spied out the door and said to Lloyd, bloody hell – thats like something Daz would have driven at that age.

But when they were going out the next time and I was I questioning him on his safe driving skills (as you do), he told me it was noisy because it has a hole in the exhaust, not because he's a street racer or anything. And at least she can't sneak in home late because you can hear it coming  a mile away.

But Daz is having some issues dealing with the fact that his girls are growing up. Last night while Lizzie and her boy were IN HER ROOM, getting ready to go out, I said to daz – go for a dog walk and check out the car. When I caught up with him later I said

did you check out the car

yep – I've got pictures of the car

jesus daz, what the hell – that makes you some kind of stalker

I checked out the tires as well, made sure they had good rubber on them

are you kidding me? what if they'd come out and seen you and Betty creeping around his car, taking photos!

I know you don't get much sleep when your kids are babies, but now mine are all out and about, driving in cars with boys, its much much worse.

I keep saying to daz – she's not 5 years old anymore. But he just can't believe it.

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21 Responses to “baby grew up”

  1. LeendaDLL Says:

    My dad was the same way. In my 20s, my boyfriend showed up at my home and stayed for several days, at my invitation. We slept ON TOP OF the sofa bed, in a room with no privacy (doorways and windows but no doors or curtains), fully clothed, with my younger sister. But my dad still freaked out to the point that he quit speaking to me for a week. Keep in mind, I had been driving to AZ and spending (sex filled) weekends with this guy for several years already. But, apparently, seeing the two of us cuddle, despite the total innocence of the situation (because we were trying to be respectful of my family) was just too much for him. Now, it might have been nice had he said something to me but noo… he just shut down and got mad at me.

  2. cat Says:

    lol – in your twenties! they can't deal with the thought of their girls being women. Daz freaked out a bit because they were in her room, he said, he's not sleeping here though is he. I'm like, for gods sake they've only been going out for five days, I don't think he's moving in yet.

  3. Snowy Says:

    Did you and Emjay ever cause your parents sleepless nights, Cat?

  4. Waterbaby Says:

    hahah. it's my observation and contention that the toughest parenting lands on fathers with daughters in adolescence/entering adulthood. is this her first boyfriend? if yes, i'm stunned!! lemme just say i was a way early bloomer and quite wild to boot. i'm sure my father wished he'd had actual prison bars.

  5. cat Says:

    yes well I'm sure Emjay caused plenty of trouble

  6. cat Says:

    Yes, first one – well first serious sort of one that you actually go out with, not just see at school.

  7. Snowy Says:

    I think I'd better ask Emjay about you.

  8. Waterbaby Says:

    hmmm. my sister was like that, just around lizzie's age. hard to believe we're related.

  9. Farfaraway Says:

    Cat, this is such a cute story…you're both such good parents.

  10. cat Says:

    lol – thanks, but I'm sure she won't see it that way!

  11. Snowy Says:

    Yes, and I hope she spills the beans on you too.

  12. LeendaDLL Says:

    LOL…. daddies and their permanently-little girls!

  13. Emjay Says:

    I was the perfect teenager! I only went rogue in the last 10 years. Apropos Cat – a good sister never tells………

  14. Snowy Says:

    I see. Neither game to snitch on the other for fear of what might come out. I should have known…

  15. wait until they go out for a date and don't come back until next morning…and the sleep over nights when you know your daughter is having sex in the next room and you aren't!!!!!

  16. cat Says:

    lolol – Flamingo, thats almost too much information!! I think Daz will have had a stroke by then anyway and will be oblivious to whats going on.

  17. Is that Daz with Lizzie at 5 years of age? That is sooo cute!!! Oh don't worry, Daz will grow out of worrying so much 🙂

  18. cat Says:

    she's about 3 there – we were at an easter hat parade – lol, he looks like a bikie

  19. He looks good! 🙂 You have great taste in men! 😀 Lizzie is sooo cutteee~~ awww if I had a kid now… ooh I hope that's not my biological clock talking!

  20. liyafendi Says:

    Your daughter looks sooo cute and adorable, Cat!Does Lizzie read your blog? I thought I can sleep better when my children getting older but when reading this I think I'm wrong! 😀

  21. cat Says:

    she is adorable and yes she reads this and no you'll never sleep soundly again!

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