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time travel January 4, 2009

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This is pretty cool

This bridge is in Florence. It was the only bridge not bombed during the war.

This photo was taken by Papa in 1957



And this photo was taken by Lloyd in 2008.



I've been finding a few like this. Pretty cool – following the steps of your great grandfather fifty years on.

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24 Responses to “time travel”

  1. Emjay Says:

    LOL – I took the same angle shot as Lloyd – though you can tell the difference in seasons – there is no green grass in mine.

  2. Caprica Says:

    Are each of you replicating your father/grandfather's original?It certainly is fascinating!

  3. cat Says:

    I think everyone who goes to Florence takes a photo of this bridge as it has a bit of history to it. I've found a few places that they've taken the same shot of – its interesting.

  4. cat Says:

    It hasn't changed much – papas looks nice being up higher like that

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    wow, sure looks different.

  6. cat Says:

    looks a bit bland these days

  7. Waterbaby Says:

    that's modernization for ya …

  8. Ivysgrandkid Says:

    thats one amazing bridge!

  9. cat Says:

    its pretty cool – it used to have little shops all the way along – not sure if it still does now though – a lot of them were damaged in a flood years ago

  10. Papas sure knew about photo composition… that is a nice angle…

  11. liyafendi Says:

    This is cool, Cat! Both shots are very nice and it's just great to have the same place photographed by a grandfather and a grandson. How fun to compare the photos!

  12. I LOVE that you post the then and now photos!!! So Neat!

  13. cat Says:

    Its pretty interesting seeing the same places fifty years on

  14. cat Says:

    the newer one doesn't look as exotic though does it – not as european

  15. cat Says:

    he was never without a camera in his hand

  16. Candy Sparks Says:

    i was there last summer!


  17. cat Says:

    do you have a photo?

  18. funny how it looks so clean and modern in the newer picture

  19. cat Says:

    yes, not as interesting – and a fairly awful shade of brown as well

  20. You are right, it is less interesting now. Kind of boring, they painted over the details.

  21. I think I have been on that bridge. If my memory serves me correctly, there is an absolutely fantastic, out of this world, ice cream shop there.

  22. I think the icecream shop might have been at one end. it was a long time ago though (ie, probably around 1993 or so) that I was there.

  23. Red Pen Says:

    European bridges like this are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  24. cat Says:

    yes, I love looking at all the european history – australia is so new, we don't have anything like it

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