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Quirky Wall Art Tile January 1, 2009

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and here are some more tiles I've been dabbling around with

this one because I like to think I have an adventurous mind, and hope I always keep it



this one because I think way too much about things and I'm getting sick of it because my brain never stops and it gets overwhelming 



and this was from a photo I took a while back and was messing about with – he was lovin' himself sick



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8 Responses to “Quirky Wall Art Tile”

  1. LeendaDLL Says:

    oooh… i like these!would be cool if you could work a retro woman onto the peacock one.

  2. cat Says:

    in what way? where would she be and what is she doing?

  3. LeendaDLL Says:

    she's sitting, facing forward. replaces the actual peacock – so the feathers are like a big showgirl costume or seat back.

  4. cat Says:

    funny you should mention that – I have some photos papa took at the moulin rouge I've been meaning to drag out and do something with – they need a bit of work done on them though. There is one girl wearing one of those – hang on, I'll go get hershowgirls

  5. LeendaDLL Says:

    i was just looking at the pic!i have an image in my mind but can't remember if it's something I own (on a postcard) or just something i've seen…. it's a woman costumed similar to the one's you have, but she's sitting in a chair, facing the camera, looking quite regal.

  6. cat Says:

    I have a few like that – you wonder how they walked and danced with all that weight on their heads – must be good for your posture. This one here is one of my favouritesshowgirl

  7. cat Says:

    thanks flamingo

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