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secret santa December 18, 2008

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Thank god I don't have to wait around on christmas eve anymore for Santa to come. That was so exhausting. The kids were never able to get to sleep due to the santa excitement factor and I'd be delirious with tiredness by the time they went to sleep. Then you'd have to wait until you were sure they were really asleep. I can assure you, creeping around a dark house with his arms full of toys, and doing it quietly, is not one of my husbands greatest abilities.

One year we decided Santa would bring a swing set. We were like dumb and dumber out in the backyard at 2am christmas morning building that thing.

But Santa always made it, which is more than I can say for the easter bunny.

One year I was waiting for the kids to go to bed. They were amped up by a couple of solid days of chocolate eating and showing no signs of sleepiness. I thought to myself – I'll just lay down on the bed and close my eyes for ten minutes. Next thing I know theres a little voice in my ear saying – mummy, the easter bunny didn't come. Holy crap, there's a sentence that'll make your eyes snap open quick fast. I went up to the rooms and did a search and declared to them that this year the easter bunny must have hidden the chocolate in the garden. So off they ran to have a look and I grabbed the goods and hid them in their rooms. Then I called out that I'd found them and they musn't have been looking properly. I'm pretty sure it was only the power of wanting to believe that made them buy that one.

As for the tooth fairy. Well, she is one hardworking lady. A tooth could sit around this house for three or four days waiting to be picked up. I'd always say – imagine how many teeth fall out around the world that she has to pick up. One time Lizzie bypassed me and decided to deal with the tooth fairy herself, which of course was not terribly successful. She'd lost a lot of teeth that week. If she found a tooth with a bit of wobble, it was gone that afternoon. So when this one went as well she decided she'd better not tell me or I'd get cranky because I'd just yelled at her – bloody hell Lizze, can you stop pulling your god damn teeth out of your head. So she put it out for the tooth fairy without telling me and then got up every morning to check and it was still there. (Poor little darlin'). Anyway after a while Kimba saw her doing it and came in and told me. And of course I managed to turn it into a lesson for her. A lesson about being sneaky and how things don't always work out when you keep secrets from Mummy. Ahh dear, motherhood is such a power trip.

So the rule around here was that you get a present from Santa until you turn 18. So I had to break the news to Lloyd that the dream ended for him last year. He handled it well. Still mummys boy though.

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12 Responses to “secret santa”

  1. That makes me feel so much better. I used to forget sometimes too. One time I forgot the tooth fairy and my kid came and told me. I told him the tooth fairy gave it to me because she couldn't lift up his pillow. 🙂

  2. cat Says:

    ha – good one

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    haha to g.bee. glad he handled it well.

  4. cat Says:

    He tells me that when he was seven I told him the secret of Santa in the supermarket carpark. Which is not possibly true at all! Maybe it was the mother of one of his friends.

  5. Snowy Says:

    Wish we'd had enough sense to tell our kids that Santa stopped coming at18.Mrs Snowy has a story to tell about her Dad at Easter. Appears he had a very sweet tooth. He came home from shift at midnight, and couldn't resist the chocolate Easter eggs. He got up early to go to the corner store to get some to replace the ones he ate, and they were sold out. He had to buy common old chocolates instead. He never did live that one down.

  6. cat Says:

    lol – poor old dadwe hid the eggs out in the yard one year and when the kids went out to find them the next morning, the dogs had eaten them all – even those tiny little ones you get, they'd unwrapped them all from the foil – that was pretty disappointing.

  7. Wow. You look so young in that photo, and your son looks so much like Daz. I first honestly thought it was an old photo of you guys a long time ago.

  8. cat Says:

    ah yes, the fountain of youth – it's alcohol I think. It preserves you from the inside out. He does look very much like Daz – they all do. I was merely the incubator.

  9. Good post. We have on believer and one non believer at our place. I try and play down the whole Santa thing anyway so when they do find out, it is not too much of a disappointment.

  10. cat Says:

    when Kimba found out (she was at a friends house and they read it in a womans weekly) she raced home and told me that she couldn't wait to tell Lloyd (who is younger). I convinced her not to but it must have just about killed her. When Lizzie found out she had to have a day off school she was so traumatised.

  11. My daughter was quite gleeful about it. Just said "I knew it!" triumphantly. Think she was about 7yo at the time. So

  12. Debbie Says:

    I love this post. It is amazing what parents go through to keep all these untouchable fantasies alive.

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