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ho ho ho December 14, 2008

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 Now just remember girls (and boys)


You're never too old to sit in Santas lap



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14 Responses to “ho ho ho”

  1. Worker Says:

    LOLYou can have my turn Cat 😉

  2. cat Says:

    haha – I knew you wouldn't be interested

  3. I think I have met him of him look familiar

  4. cat Says:

    ha – so put him in a pair of platform shoes and he could pass as mr fd

  5. Fun picture! Looks like a "ho" down!

  6. cat Says:

    lol – cheeky

  7. Paxton Says:

    Hey, how did you get my picture?

  8. Paxton Says:

    Why are you laughing? Stealing one of my personal self-portraits and posting it on your website isn't cool, Cat, it's theft. You'll be lucky if I don't sue you.

  9. cat Says:

    It has become part of my slidshow of pictures rotating on the computer screen, I'm waiting for my hsuband to ask who he is.

  10. Paxton Says:

    Well, don't tell him it's me. He might think I sent you that picture of myself and get mad at me. Luckily, I'm on the other side of the planet, but you can't be too safe.

  11. cat Says:

    ok – you can remain my secret santa

  12. Paxton Says:

    Aw, shucks… ::blush::

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