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Sunburn story P.S. December 10, 2008

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When I was telling Lizzies sunburn story I forgot to mention the twist in the story.

Tonight is her school formal.

Months ago she bought a lovely strapless dress to wear. And on Monday I was thinking,  it'll still be ok. Sure she looks slightly purple, but a brownish shade of purple. A bit of powder will cover that.

Then she came home from work monday night, went into the bathroom and called me in a teary voice to

come look at this.

Well my god, you'd have thought she was a snake trying to shed a few years worth of build up. Right across her chest and shoulders there were big chunks of skin falling off. And then I had a moment of doubt about the formal dress looking as fabulous.

But I must say she handled it remarkably well. She just sucked it up. She said she wouldn't buy a new dress (even though I offered to take her shopping for one that would cover it) and it would be fine. And I know that wouldn't have been easy. When you're sixteen and surrounded by groups of other sixteen year old girls who judge you constantly, how you look – especially at your formal – is very important. Lloyd said it took strength. Go Lizzie.

So this is why I have spent the last hour scrubbing her. I'm pretty sure I could set up a business. A dodgy skin repair business. I mixed sugar with oatmeal and a bit of face scrub and I set to it. And I scrubbed her until she was all fresh and pink and new again. A little too pink in a couple of places. But I knew that sheer cover I bought would come in handy one day. You have to be committed though. Once you start there is no stopping until you reach a non burnt bit. So this meant her chest, shoulders and back. I've put a bit of manuka honey mix on the pinker bits and we'll hit the rest with concealer and leave a few tendrils of hair hanging down.

I think it will be ok. In fact I think it will be fabulous. 

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17 Responses to “Sunburn story P.S.”

  1. Worker Says:

    You are a good Mum !!

  2. cat Says:

    ha- don't think she thought so when I was scrubbing her raw!

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    yes. ouch. but good job mom.

  4. cat Says:

    I can't believe how well it turned out actually. I was sceptical, and it's not a miracle cure, but very acceptable.

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    oh sure. and it's a formal she'll remember a long time.

  6. Waterbaby Says:

    and oh yeah, i meant to say that i'm impressed that she continued with her dress, didn't act like a spoiled brat demanding a replacement like way too many would've done. so yey.

  7. cat Says:

    definitely yay for that – I also told her she'd remember this one. I said, you'll laugh about this one day – we'll say, remember that formal Lizzie went to and she was really sunburnt ha ha ha ha.

  8. Daughter1, as a media teacher videos the school formal every year and of course I get forced to watch as she tells me about each student. Almost every year there is a girl with a bad sunburn, or swollen eyes from a reaction to eyelash dye, or someone with strange orange coloured hair from a horror home job…they all survive. Sorry it is your daughter's turn this year… tell he it will make a great dinner party story for the rest of her life!

  9. Who knows, maybe those moments of anxiety of looking bad in the beautiful dress can in some twisted way influence her view on excessive sun exposure. If the fear of cancer doesn't faze… This is probably me talking nonsens, I'm trying to remember how teenager brains are working and it's very far away.You sound like a great mom and a great daughter!(Can we hope for a photo of her in the dress? Though, if I remember right, she is not too fond of being in photos.)

  10. cat Says:

    she says she's never going in the sun again – but who knows, it could be like when you say you're never going to drink again!!
    Will be photos soon.

  11. cat Says:

    Well it turns out the sugar scrub was a bit of a miracle and she looked gorgeous. There were too many other girls there much more interesting to look at. Mainly the ones with a LOT of makeup – and its always so hot, so they get that greasy look happening. Looks like its about to slide off their face.

  12. I was going to suggest olive oil and sugar mixed to exfoliate the dead skin, but you have it covered! Make sure and use a really thick lotion at night, to rehydrate that fresh skin. Poor thing!

  13. cat Says:

    olive oil was going to be next on my list – might buy some of that bio oil they sell for rubbing into scars
    when I mixed sugar and oats and face wash it was pretty gross!!

  14. Yeah, the bio oil might reduce the red a bit. Haha, yeah I made some soap once with oatmeal in it, it was SO gross! Hahah!

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