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the library trip December 1, 2008

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I've just been to the library. The car park isn't very inviting. You have to squeeze past these bushes



that have these thorns growing on them



And my seat was all wrong. And my mirrors. Too many different heights and shapes driving my car. L plates, red p's, green p's, daz, me.



The librarian has been hassling me for a while to read this book but its always been out but she rustled it up today so I'll put it on top of my reading pile. Hope it's ok – haven't had a good book for a couple of weeks now.


People of the Book: A Novel
Geraldine Brooks


I'm off to cook with the oldies today. First christmas activity of the season. Rum balls, puddings and something else. They sell them at the Carols later in the week.

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22 Responses to “the library trip”

  1. homebody Says:

    I hope the book proves worth the ordeal. Those thorns look painful. Do drivers in Australia have their own individual license plates?

  2. Raymond Says:

    I was wondering that myself (what homebody asked). What do they do? Send the people to prison so they can make thier own individual license plates? Seems like a bit much to me…hope our gov't doesn't copy that idea!

  3. Worker Says:

    That is funny raymond :)The rum balls sound yum, do you get to test them??

  4. Waterbaby Says:

    homebody, i've been sittin' here scratchin' my head ta' figure out what you're askin'. can ya help?

  5. homebody Says:

    Oh — I am curious about photo named Drivers and "L plates, red p's, green p's, daz, me." I was asking if each person has an individualized plate, rather than a single plate for the vehicle like we have in the U.S.

  6. Waterbaby Says:

    @homebody – gooootcha, thanks!

  7. Candy Sparks Says:

    now thats a trip…


  8. Looks like they really want to separate the serious and determined library goers from those who are just wandering in there on impulse!
    I haven't read that book but read one review that said it is "over-written", ie, lots of unnecessary detail as if Brooks couldn't bear to waste any of the research she did. I quite liked Year of Wonders though and would be interested in what you think.

  9. Steve Betz Says:

    Ouch to the thorns, but I think I have the same question about the "drivers" picture as homebody….

  10. cat Says:

    lol, yes I am a seriously determined library goer. Oh god, she's not like Bryce Courtney is she – talk about detail!!

  11. cat Says:

    Not license plates – but you have to display these on your car when you're a learner. At 16 years old you sit a test and get your L plates, then you have to do 100 hours of driving then go and do another test and get your red P's if you pass. Then you can go 90kms/hr. Then after another year you do a computer test and get your green P's if you pass. Then you can go 100kms/hr. And you have them for another year. Then you get a normal license. So I have three kids and they're all on different levels.

  12. cat Says:

    Please see above – haven't got it in me to write it out again.

  13. cat Says:

    lol – not today, they have to set in the fridge a bit. And I'm pretty sure they have health and safety rules about licking your fingers. I almost did that a couple of times.

  14. cat Says:

    lol – see above for explanation.

  15. Worker Says:

    Damn…see now what they don't know wont hurt..OK maybe it will

  16. I don't know, Cat. have never read any Bryce Courtney. I don't think it is florid, just detailed.

  17. cat Says:

    Well his are like a history lesson. Mind you I've learnt a lot about various things – whaling, war, convicts, whatever. My mother says she gets tired just looking at them because they are so huge. I always feel they could be about 150 pages shorter.

  18. cat Says:

    lol – yes, you always see those gastro things flying through aged homes killing people. Wouldn't want to start one of those!!

  19. Could be similar then. I think lots of writers suffer from this disease. Don't

  20. Jaffnut Says:

    Unfortunately my local library doesn't have too much in the way of good fiction books. Re Bryce Courtney, I've tried to read a couple of his books but couldn't force myself to plough through them. In terms of Xmas cooking, one of my fav treats is Trifle with no fruit , just sponge, jelly, custard & cream.

  21. cat Says:

    I loved April Fools Day by Bryce Courtney – it was the story of his son who was a haemophilliac and contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion – very good

  22. Jaffnut Says:

    Ok, perhaps I'll try that one then….thanks for the tip.

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