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so this is christmas December 1, 2008

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Go me.

I just finished my christmas shopping. Managed to get that done in two days. Managed to sneak in a purse and a book for myself.

Now I'm just having a cup of coffee before I go and wrestle with the christmas tree.

My christmas season always starts on the 1st December. I always laugh at Lloyd for living such a routine ruled life, but I just realised he got that from me.

So the tree goes up on the 1st every year and thats the start of my christmas cheer.  Every year Daz and Lizzie bitch and moan about the poor old tree. How old and dusty and crooked it is. This year they have a complaint about the acorns on it. But I refuse to waste money on a new one when this one scrubs up perfectly well, believe it or not.




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21 Responses to “so this is christmas”

  1. Worker Says:

    I love Christmas time and the trees !!You did well to shop in two days..I only have to buy for one and I am still going 🙂

  2. Waterbaby Says:

    man. i've not had a christmas tree since {tries to recount} the late '80s, i reckon. i've drawn 'em and propped 'em up though, does that count?

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    p.s. got a faint memory there might've been one somewheres in that time period, don't know where, i'm shovelin' through the memories for it …

  4. cat Says:

    ha – I had to buy for 20

  5. Worker Says:

    WHAT..How did you do that? Come on share the secrets !!!

  6. cat Says:

    I would say that definitely counts. This one has been around since the early '90's. Spends all year up in the dusty old garage then comes to life for a month.

  7. cat Says:

    well I go with a list of all the people I have to buy for (organised into age groups)and what I'm going to buy for them.

  8. Worker Says:

    But how do you know what to get??Thats the hard part for me..sigh

  9. Waterbaby Says:

    well, nice of you to say it counts but you haven't seen my drawing! plus there's no fragrance. yes, i think i've figured out when in that timespan i had a small tree … idaho, 2004. whew.

  10. cat Says:

    lol – well ours only has a musty old kind of fragrance

  11. cat Says:

    lol – I get what I'd like to get if I was them – I imagine I'm a five year old girl who loves pink – or a 75 year old man who likes books. Just need to plan ahead worker!!

  12. Worker Says:

    I do try but it is hard, we have agreed to only fill a stocking..but I have found some cool things 🙂

  13. Waterbaby Says:

    lol, suppose it's a step above eau d'crayola

  14. Jaffnut Says:

    Being a sole occupant I don't bother with a Xmas tree. I love driving around at nights seeing everyone's though. Re the Xmas shopping, my family has decided only to buy presents for the kids, which means I only need to buy two!

  15. cat Says:

    We decided to only buy for kids as well – but there are still a lot of them. Emjay and I still buy for each other though.
    You should get a little tree. You can just get tiny ones to put on a table. Very christmassy.

  16. Raymond Says:

    I noticed Wal-Mart has trees for only about 50 dollars…'course they don't seem to hold up very long when you stick 'em in the attic…

  17. cat Says:

    well the trouble is that once you take them out of that box the first time, you can never get them back in properly so they're always exposed. Like trying to get a sleeping bag back in that teeny little bag they come in.

  18. Raymond Says:

    Yeah, its just like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. Of course, that's not the hardest part, the hardest part is getting the stripes aligned correctly…

  19. Jaffnut Says:

    Yes I have thought of getting one of those mini trees to help me get into the spirit.

  20. cat Says:

    do it – always makes me feel in the spirit to walk past and see it all lit up – I love christmas

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