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what happens in amsterdam November 28, 2008

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when Lloyd came home from amsterdam he told me there were no words to explain amsterdam

but he told me he had a photo of his friend that summed up amsterdam

I don't know if his mother will ever get to see it, but its a great photo



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9 Responses to “what happens in amsterdam”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    that's one way to put it, lol.speaking of amsterdam, i just heard this new on the radio the other day:"Magic mushrooms" will be banned in the Netherlands from next week
    after a court ruling Friday, in the latest sign of a hardening stance
    on recreational drug use by the traditionally liberal Dutch.The
    ban will be in place after the district court in The Hague
    rejected a petition by a body representing vendors of the
    hallucinogenic fungi to halt a health ministry ban on their cultivation
    and sale.The ruling comes days after authorities ordered dozens
    of Amsterdam's famous cannabis-selling coffee shops to close and two
    other municipalities announced they would close down all their cannabis
    cafes from February."This is bad news for us," Paul van Oyen, a
    spokesman for the vendors' association VLOS told AFP after the verdict.
    "We are highly disappointed."

  2. cat Says:

    well there'll be a lot of disappointed young tourists when they hear that – next they'll be shutting down the red light district as well

  3. Both Mr FD and Daughter2 have been to Amsterdam in recent times – neither were impressed with the "tourist" route of the red light district, but both thought the city absolutely beautiful. Mr FD also raves about the food.

  4. cat Says:

    Well I definitely haven't heard anything about the food – although that photo was taken in Burger King. Lloyd tells me we can talk about it in a few years.

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    yup. better go and get it — whatever "it* is — while you can!

  6. Emjay Says:

    Does the "friend"'s mother have a similar photo of Lloyd? LOL.

  7. cat Says:

    lol – I'm not going to ask her

  8. Karen Lynn Says:

    I want to go to Amsterdam! And I don't really care about the "shrooms". Just want to go to the ganja houses! :)) (and I'm not a teen!)

  9. cat Says:

    haha – better hurry up then – they might be all over soon

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