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lost innocence November 26, 2008

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I'm a sucker for charities. They all know if they ring and ask, I'll send them a cheque. It all started with the Guide Dog Association. Now it's out of hand. Currently these are the charities that ring me – the heart foundation, kidney foundation, stroke foundation, epilepsy foundation, children with special needs, australian lifesaving, smith family, red cross, salvation army and house with no steps. And the westpac helicotper.

I said to Daz – what I need to do is pick one charity and just support it. Then tell all the others thats what I'm doing and not to ring anymore.

And I've found the one I want to support after reading this book. I've read thousands of books, many of them autobiographies, lots of sad stories, so many people have a sad story to tell. But this was different somehow – it's really deeply affected me – maybe it was just the way she wrote it, maybe because she has come through a horror story and used it to help others. It's just a story everyone should be aware of. This is one of those things that people like to pretend isn't happening. Or its not happening in their world, so its not their problem.

Somaly Mam lived in Cambodia and was sold into sexual slavery by her grandfather when she was 12 years old. She spent ten years in the brothels of Cambodia before she found a way out. And when she did she started rescuing girls from brothels and helping them recover and start new lives. She tells of how the conditions and violence against these young girls is getting worse as years pass and the girls are now sometimes only six or eight years old.



So when you're looking for something to be thankful for, why not be thankful that you're not an eight year old girl, chained up in the basement of a brothel, with a group of fifty year old men waiting outside to rape you. Do you know that in Cambodia they believe that if you have sex with a virgin it will protect you from getting AIDS. So these little girls are sold to a man, then they are sewn up and sold as a virgin again. And again.

somaly mam

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18 Responses to “lost innocence”

  1. Margy Says:

    Wow. Thanks for this post. What a horrible thing to happen to any child!

  2. cat Says:

    yes, its one of those things that everyone should know is going on

  3. Worker Says:

    It is horrific and yes more people need to know, these people need to be stopped it happens in too many countries !!

  4. cat Says:

    There are girls from Cambodia being shipped to Canada! Its a hard battle to win though because as long as there is a demand there will always be girls sold.

  5. liyafendi Says:

    Great post, Cat. I didn't know about this is happening in Cambodia. What a horrific life they are experiencing..Reading about this really makes me be more grateful and thankful for what I have now .

  6. cat Says:

    Hard to even imagine the lives they have.

  7. Thank you so much for this important post! Just reading your summary brought up tears. The atrocity of some people knows no limit.Somaly Mam is a heroine. I'll read her book.

  8. LeendaDLL Says:

    Here in the US, I think it was Nightline (maybe 20/20) that went undercover and exposed a lot of this and was able to rescue some girls (and did a follow up on them). The youngest girl they found was FIVE. There were boys, roughly 10 yrs old, acting as guides & pimps. It's horrible for the girls and horrible that the families feel this is a reasonable option due to poverty.You don't want to know what I think is appropriate punishment for the customers.

  9. cat Says:

    And hard to fight when there are so many corrupt judges and police

  10. cat Says:

    definitely read it – she writes very well

  11. I said no to the westpac 'copter this week – I will go to hell for sure

  12. cat Says:

    well, one day I was at my doctors, and I noticed he had one of those westpac bears ( we have a whole army of them) and I said – oh you buy them as well. And he said – not any more. He told me that the Westpac Helicopter service is now privately owned and has access to a shitload of money anyway. So I was cranky then.

  13. Emjay Says:

    I have had a couple of taxi drivers from Cambodia and they have shared their own stories of escape – as you say a lot of people have been through a hell of some sort that we can not imagine. There is some police widows association which calls up looking for donations and I get terrified to say no! I'm sure they make a list of non-contributor's addresses and never respond to your 911 call!

  14. cat Says:

    at least as men they have the opportunity to escape
    lol – I'm sure they don't keep a list

  15. Emjay Says:

    One of the Cambodian guys had a wife and daughter in a camp and he had to get them out and escape to Thailand where they were captured and put into another camp. The whole thing sounded awful – they eventually got to the Philippines and then here. It was a 10 year process.

  16. scorpion1116 Says:

    Just….wow. I don't watch TV, and things like this one main why, so much bad out there. And so, I walk around in my world fat dumb and happy — oblivious about the atrocities, not imagining that people would, could, behave so sub-human and derelict, then I'm stunned all over again when I find out they are. I guess I do myself and maybe others a disservice by not staying up on world news.

  17. cat Says:

    its a tough one – I have days like that, where I think I'm never watching the news again because its all so depressing but then I think that then you're really insulting the people out there who are suffering by ignoring whats happening to them

  18. scorpion1116 Says:

    Exactly, and that's what I mean about doing others a disservice. I'm guilty sometimes of taking a "let somebody else deal with it" attitude.

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