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Mrs Mercer goes to England November 25, 2008

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I know a guy who likes to spend a bit of time on ebay. He likes looking around, checking out whats going on. And recently he saw, and bought, this photo album. More of a scrapbook really. It belonged to a woman – Joan Mercer – who in 1950  travelled by cruise ship from Australia to England with her husband. And she kept all her tickets and menus, business cards and postcards and she made a scrapbook.

And I guess maybe she's now died and someone from the family has put it up for sale on Ebay. Which is a bit sad really. Unless she just had a massive clean up and decided to get rid of the clutter. But the trip seemed pretty special to her so I doubt that happened.

So now I have this scrapbook sitting on my bookcase and I know about one small part of Joans life.




She looks a bit like Bette Midler



They flew to Hawaii as well. Also went to Cuba



In something like this I gather


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29 Responses to “Mrs Mercer goes to England”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    I love this. Nearly all of my eBay purchases are paper-oriented: books, albums, yearbooks, postcards.
    I bought a college girl's scrapbook from the 1930's. The final page was a list of all the boys she dated while in school – twenty altogether!
    (What a wonderful certificate – Neptune, take note!)

  2. cat Says:

    Oh wow – the college girls scrapbook would be interesting. It just seems a little sad that no one in the family wants these things that were obviously special to the person who owned them.

  3. bold as love Says:

    Twenty boys! Surely that was quite progressive for the thirties! Or were they all like that but they didn't kiss and tell, instead just made lists in private notebooks…

  4. Aubrey Says:

    I have a collection of WWI medals, and I've often thought about the ethics of keeping something that would obviously be of such value to the soldier's family. But I've never come across a request – online or in publications – for lost medals, etc. So they are still with me.
    It is sad, but I've given them a home, I think, and I cherish them all.
    Bold as Love, I'd like to think that flirting had come into its own by the '30's and that such lists were rampant in girls' diaries across the nation!

  5. Porphgyrl Says:

    That is really kind of cool. and I agree, she does look a bit like Bette midler. It's a piece of history in your hands.

  6. cat Says:

    I think she had a fantastic time. Would have been a big event back then, going all that way.

  7. cat Says:

    As long as you appreciate them, thats the main thing. You could let someone know that if you drop dead, they can be passed on to a museum.

  8. Aubrey Says:

    Oh, absolutely.
    I've done so much collecting, that any museum would name a wing after me!

  9. LeendaDLL Says:

    Only vaguely related, when I saw Janet Klein and her Parlour Boys – who perform 1910-1940s (roughly) songs, I couldn't stop thinking about how much she reminded me of you… the combo of her looks and the retro/history side of it. Her stage character is a sweet & mostly innocent 1920s girl.

  10. Aubrey Says:

    I've seen Janet a couple of times…and I only came to know about her because someone said I looked like her!
    Cat, what were the menus like? I – also – collect menus…I mean, what could be more fun than finding out what breakfast cost in 1939?

  11. cat Says:

    yes its made me curious to go look around a bit for more

  12. cat Says:

    I'll scan some in. She went to the Shakespeare Hotel where the menu has been typed on some dodgy old typewriter and the Le Grand Hotel where it is handwritten. I like the cruise ship menus best. One night there was Calf Head Destilliere with Baked, Boiled and Columbine Potatoes

  13. Karen Lynn Says:

    I wonder if they traveled by sea? Was commercial air available in the 30's? I thought it was something that just came about since I've been alive and I'm not THAT old lolol.What a cool find :))

  14. Waterbaby Says:

    lovely find. this would certainly inspire stories and the imagination.

  15. I find this incredibly sad. That someone's life could be sold on ebay and then strangers get to go through the pages of a life. Sad.

  16. cat Says:

    I know, I know – they sold her memories

  17. cat Says:

    Yes, when I look through it I sort of imagine I'm her – no not her, but with her. She had a blast.

  18. cat Says:

    No she went on a cruise – which were big events then. My father came from England to Asutralia by boat and it took ages. They had big dinner parties and bands – great fun I think.

  19. How interesting. It is sad that noone in her family wanted to keep this. It is better that you have it than it just be thrown out though.

  20. cat Says:

    It will end up thrown out eventually. I can see myself with a house full of other peoples ephemera.

  21. Waterbaby Says:

    @FD really? i find it the opposite, inspiring. all the stories and ponderings and contemplations and imaginative flights of fancy stirred up in the minds of others, total strangers, in entirely different locations. personally, i find more exciting value in that than some scrapbook or box of photos or what-have-you that are held on for all the wrong reasons: i.e., duty or family sentiment where there is no interest or fondness even, when the objects become a burden and clutter in someone's closet. this way, her pages get new life, and, well, look, presentation on Cat's blog! It's beautiful.

  22. Jaffnut Says:

    That's exactly the sort of thing I'd buy off EBay. I love all of that old emphemera. I came across a relatively old photo album in an antique store a couple of years ago. I really wanted it but they were asking $150 and wouldn't budge on the price, so I walked away without it. I often think of that album and wonder what happened to it. I thought it was sad that a family's history was sitting there for sale, but I was also intrigued by it, and thought that at least if someone buys it it will save it from the scrapheap.

  23. cat Says:

    that seems pretty expensive – was it just photos or other things as well?

  24. An Ex-Expat Says:

    The pic of the plane threw me: A small as a 747 gets during a trans-Pacific or Atlantic flight, I can't imagine being cooped up in a small, narrow twin-engine prop-plane on a long flight!

    BTW there's a new movie out, 'Australia', being talked about. Has there been any comment about it on your side?

  25. cat Says:

    lol – it looks a bit scary doesn't it.
    We are all cringing at the thought of Australia the movie. Well everyone I know is anyway. Most people I talk to think Nicole Kidman is a pretty ordinary actress – she tends to always have one expression. Apparently Hugh Jackmans character says crikey so much you'd think it was a tribute to Steve Irwin. And I can safely say that besides him, I have never heard anyone here say crikey. I think it's just going to reinforce everyones idea that all australians live in 'the outback' as well when in fact we all huddle around the edges by the sea. AND with a running time of almost three hours, I won't be rushing to see it. I haven't heard or read anything good about it here.

  26. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Haha! Isn't 'crikey' a pom term? Never heard any of the Aussies we hung around utter it ('bloody_' was heard a lot). Sort of confirms my suspicions that if the movie is not a trukey, it will greatly contribute to further misunderstanding on this side and cringing on your side.

    There's a restuarant chain here, Outback, that bills itself as an Aussie expereince here. The menu though just has plain old chain restuarant fare with Aussie-sounding names.. You'd probably die laughing if you went in to eat or your blood would boil.

  27. cat Says:

    Steve Irwin is the only person I've ever heard say crikey.
    The Outback aussie eating experience sounds interesting. Unless they've gone all new age with crocodile, emu and kangaroo I can only imagine it has hamburgers and meat pies on it. And chiko rolls of course.

  28. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Yep, Just burgers & steaks.

  29. Jaffnut Says:

    No it was just photos in a really old album – the type with thick paper pages and the photos were attached with the corner thingies

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