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black betty November 18, 2008

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I have some kind of american cold at the moment. Bought back by Lloyd. Form LA or New York he tells me. As usual its gone straight to my throat. Feels like someones had a quick whip around in there with some sandpaper. Today my eyes are constantly watering.

Anyway – I was taking some photos of Betty the other day and I noticed she's suddenly gone very grey around the muzzle. She'll be nine soon, which isn't ancient but she's starting to get a bit creaky around the back legs. She's already had a full knee reconstruction ( about five years ago). She used to climb up the ladder to get in the cubby house but when she wanted to get down she'd just launch from the top. So that leg gets stiff in winter. And her eyes are getting a bit milky and she has this awful sinus problem. Always snotty and snuffly. She's had tablets and tests and injections, but nothing seems to help.



She used to have a nice little tag but it broke so we put the luggage tag on her until we get a new one made. I ask her most days if she's going on a holiday. Which I'm sure got pretty old for her after about the first ten times.


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15 Responses to “black betty”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    Such a sweet, sad, patient face! I hate the thought of age taking its unfair toll on Betty!
    If your cold can be traced to L.A., then I do apologize. We never seem to do anything right these days.
    For throats, I would suggest hot, hot soup – I don't think it solves anything, but it is most soothing (dad used to give my brother and I hot tea with honey & lemon – which we hated).

  2. cat Says:

    She's used to me shoving a camera in her face and is very patient about it. And she's very good at pulling those sad eyes. Whenever a visitor comes she sits at the back door and looks like that and I'm sure everyone must think that I give her a sound beating every day.
    I've been drinking a lot of tea. I always find when I have a sore throat that coffee tastes funny. My Dad used to make me drink hot water with honey and lemon and I hated it as well. I think he put garlic in it though.

  3. Oh, dear old girl. My old Mollie also going incredibly grey. I don't tend to notice it as much because I see her every day. Friends do though.

  4. cat Says:

    Yes, your mollie is quite old isn't she? I've really noticed Betty has aged in the past six months

  5. Yes, Mollie coming up to 15. How old is Betty now?

  6. Awwe, Betty.
    And damn that American cold stuff!

  7. cat Says:

    damn americans and their germs

  8. Jaffnut Says:

    She's a senior now. Does she do that famous Staffie talking?

  9. cat Says:

    No she doesn't talk. She hardly ever barks either, which is good. But she does this funny howl when she's asleep sometimes. She'll be sound asleep then she lifts her chin up and howls – like a hound of the baskerville.

  10. Design Shark Says:

    I'm wondering what this famous 'staffie talking' is… I'm curious if Paisley does it… She does make what I call 'sleeping whoops' when she's had a hard, long day – mostly after playing for hours at the dogpark.As far as this 'American cold' you've god – it's just your throat that feels like sandpaper? I will diagnose you with strep throat. Do you guys not get that is Australia???

  11. Steve Betz Says:

    She looks great! Hope you (and she) can kick your sicknesses!

  12. cat Says:

    No its not just the throat – blocked nose, watery eyes, headache. It's just that whenever I get sick it goes straight to my throat, it's my weak spot. I just call it my american cold because I caught if from Lloyd who had it when he came back from there.

  13. Design Shark Says:

    Aaaah. Then yes. Now you need a tee shirt that says, "My son traveled the world, and all he brought me back was this blasted cold." 😀

  14. cat Says:

    ha – good idea

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