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road trip to boganville November 13, 2008

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I am exhausted.

I've been on a road trip with the elderly.

I've folded and unfolded walkers all day and heaved them in and out of the bus. I've pushed Rose in her wheelchair up and down hills and hauled people out of low chairs by their very frail feeling arms. (It's ok though, they're tougher than they look).

We went for a trip to the next, even more isolated town, to admire their shopping mall and have lunch at the RSL club. From now on I shall think of it as Boganville. I don't know if it was pension day or something but, wow, I've never seen so many Iron Maiden tshirts in such a small space.

And if I had the energy I'd tell you about what a bloody disgrace it was where we had to park the bus and make these old and disabled people walk. But I have photos, so I'll show you later. I should be used to it after all my father has been disabled for twenty years and I've almost become used to seeing how hard it is to get him in and out of shopping centres.

I think I have something in my eye as well. Will be an early night for me. Bloody hot in Boganville as well. Amazing how much temperature difference there can be between two towns.


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19 Responses to “road trip to boganville”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    do they have handicapped parking spots like they do in the states? of course they're too small for a bus but gee, you'd think or hope there'd be some way to spare them that walk.

  2. cat Says:

    there are very limited handicapped spaces and I see people using them who I feel like going up to and asking what exactly they are handicapped with! Laziness maybe.
    There was a sort of moving walkway but it was underground and seemed to have a very low entry that our little bus (12 seater) wouldn't fit under. I took some photos and the girl in charge was going to write the centre a letter.
    We'll all sleep well tonight. I mean these are people in their 90's we're talking about.

  3. Snowy Says:

    You don't look very ferocious, Cat, although is that the beginning of a chook's bum mouth I see?

  4. cat Says:

    LOLol – a chooks bum mouth!!!
    It was only once I got to the lounge that I showed any sign of weakness.
    Old people, they're very demanding you know. Oh, of course you'd know – you are one šŸ™‚

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    did you mean write a letter in the hopes that the center might redo the garage to accommodate bigger vehicles?

  6. Snowy Says:

    Old people, they're very demanding you know.That's how we get our revenge for being old….

  7. cat Says:

    lol, no – but they could at least cut a bit out of the gutter so you can roll a wheelchair up it – or level out the footpath a bit. Mind you the garage redo would be very helpful. But we won't be going back there anyway.

  8. cat Says:

    haha – I'll remember that and be as difficult as I can then

  9. Emjay Says:

    I am beginning to appreciate how difficult it is for the elderly! I have managed to get our building owners to budget money for 2009 to get handicapped access into the front of the building! I feel quite proud of myself!

  10. You are a good woman! After just taking Mr FD's parents to the wedding recently we were both exhausted – walkers, wheel chairs, toilets, etc etc. Nightmare!

  11. An Ex-Expat Says:

    At least it was something more worthy than sittig in a vehicle by yourself, crawling along like so many others.

    Beginning of summer there I suppose. My dream job would be to work in the Southern Hemisphere from say late October to April and then spend April to October in the Northern Hemisphere. But alas, barring a miricale, that shall remain a dream.

  12. cat Says:

    I have a similar dream actually – to stay in NSW during summer then go live in Darwin during the winter

  13. cat Says:

    I find I have a lot of tolerance for old people who don't belong to me. If it was my father I'd be rolling my eyes and tsk tsking and saying – can't you go any faster??

  14. cat Says:

    Yes its not easy for them and I just about push them through those automatic doorways after Dad being stuck in one. I always thought it was law that places had to have disabled access.

  15. Emjay Says:

    It is the law – but there are a lot of "exceptions" they can plead when they build a building like ground too sloping! We have a ramp at the back but it is so long I don't know how anyone could survive long enough on it to get to the door and then there are a couple of steps at the door anyway! They are supposed to have one of those easy release buttons for the doors if they are heavy hinged or don't have a revolving door – our building has the heaviest doors with the most medieval weighted hinges – anyone weighing less than 60kg would have trouble opening it.

  16. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Curious, but just how cold does it can it get there? Remember a Mrs. Simpson, a transplanted Brit, who was with us in school in Japan, telling us that where she lived Adelaide, it could get chilly, but not below freezing cold.

  17. cat Says:

    Adelaide would be colder than where I live. In this part of NSW it rarely gets cold enough to need a heavy jacket. Probably average temperature of 17 degrees celsius through the day. When you get clsoer to Canberra it's colder – thats where the snowfields are.

  18. Jaffnut Says:

    You look how I feel tonight! I know how frustrating our urban environments can be for the elderly and people with disabilities. Unfortunately it's one of those things most people don't think about until they have to deal with it first hand either personally or through work.

  19. cat Says:

    A few years ago my father was too slow going through one of those automatic opening and closing doors and was hit by it and broke his hip and had to have a hip replacement. Since his stroke 20 years ago I've become much more aware of the poor facilities out there for disabled and aged.

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