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casey November 1, 2008

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I'm probably one of the few people in the western world that doesn't use a mobile phone.

I know I'm one of the only people in NSW that still uses public pay phones, because every time I want to use one I have to walk about 5kms to find one.

And I know, I know, if I had a mobile I could use it instead.

Well I do have one, but it spends it's life sitting on the book case. I have to have it, something to do with work, we all have one, part of a plan or something. And now I have a new one. It was time to upgrade. I said – just pick me something cheap, nothing fancy, will just be a waste. The woman couldn't believe what good condition my old one was in considering it was five years old.

But I also have a new camera which is much more exciting. I wanted a little compact point and shoot that would fit in my pocket. Nothing fancy as I have my good camera. But its kind of bulky and takes a lot of room in my bag. And when we go out I don't take a bag. So I bought a little pentax that is about the size of a deck of cards and I can take it everywhere. It is 8 mp and has optical zoom of 7x, so its a pretty good little camera for a good price. And the lens is built in so no noisy zooming out. Discreet. I can take photos without causing a scene.

And it takes pretty good photos – heres casey. It's impossible to take a photo of her where she doesn't push her face right into the lens – she's a sticky beak


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9 Responses to “casey”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    purrdy good for a techie deck of cards. in the states, you're lucky to even see a phone booth anymore. if you do, chances are it's a gathering site for drug deals, a urinal and beat-up old box. never mind that the phone doesn't work. if there is a phone. sadly in the states, it's nigh impossible to be on the road and depend on pay phones. unless you're looking to score some crack of course.

  2. Ohhhhh, Casey looks like my Sammy! I'll post a picture too ; )

  3. cat Says:

    yeah, its not bad
    Most of the phones here aren't pretty either. Lloyd just rang me from a payphone in downtown LA – he had some money left on a phone card and some time to fill in before his plane leaves. First thing I said was – is it clean? I forgot to tell him to go straight away and wash his hands. I always carry a tube of antiseptic hand wash with me for such times.

  4. cat Says:

    well lucky I didn't say we think she's a kind of ugly little thing. In a cute way though. She belongs to our neighbour, but lives with us.

  5. Emjay Says:

    Good photo – at first I thought you were going to write about your fishlens one. My mobile phone only gets used for texting the kids – I barely know the number. It still has the shrink "plastic" stuff on it! LOL – that makes people laugh as it is about 3 years old!

  6. cat Says:

    I've only had one roll of film developed from the fisheye and they were crap! I'm on the second roll now but I've been trying not to waste the film and I forgot to take it to Sydney.

  7. Good photo. How funny she gets so close to the lens. Cute!

  8. cat Says:

    she does it every time – maybe she can see herself in there

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