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HIGH VOLTAGE October 31, 2008

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Since the world as we know it was created, there have been some terrible tragedies.

But I can tell you right now – in my lifetime, there has been no greater tragedy for me than the death of Bon Scott.

And I bet while he was on the highway to hell, he was SPINNING OUT at the thought of that bloody scottish irish cap character taking his place. You know just because you put a pair of tight jeans on doesn't make you Bon… Brian.

So turn it up loud and be proud to be an aussie. Be proud to be a bogan. Remember the days when you could rock up to a local pub and see ACDC, The Angels, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel or The Divinyls for a few bucks an a friday or Saturday night.

Charisma – you had it Bon. Back in 1977 I would've fucked you anyway, Well I was only 13, but I definitely would have thought about it anyway.




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5 Responses to “HIGH VOLTAGE”

  1. Oh those were the days. I was only eleven in 1977 so I think the last bit was most definitely out for me.

  2. cat Says:

    oh c'mon chezza, you have to admit though, Bon had it happening

  3. Oh yeah he had it happening that is for sure.

  4. Ninja Says:

    Yeah, he's got the statue now in Freo. Unveiled in the past couple of weeks I think. It'll be a pilgrim site for the true, disturbed souls of rockdom.

  5. cat Says:

    You'll have plenty of bogans turning up to worship – although I think plenty already go to his grave

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