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the truth the whole truth bla bla bla October 28, 2008

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So people, after some opinions here.

Do we like the coasters better when they go to the edge



Or when they have a little border? My printer decided to print them out about a cm smaller than I asked it to but I thought I'd see what they looked like anyway. And I think I like them. 


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34 Responses to “the truth the whole truth bla bla bla”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    Lovely ladies!
    I was sure I'd like them without the border, but now I'm now so sure. The border gives them the look of a photograph, but is that such a bad thing? Most coasters are sans borders, so these look kind of different. And as I said, the ladies are undeniably lovely.

  2. snoringKatZ Says:

    The full bleed is nice but the border … I like that it adds definition and pops you to the image – confines your eye sort of so you can appreciate all the shapes and colors. Maybe that's just me. But I like the other one too.Maybe it depends on the images? These seem very lovely either way but it definitely changes them. Maybe other images wouldn't take to a large border as well.

  3. OptamissTIK Says:

    I really like the ones with the borders. It suits these images… I want to smoke a cigarette and pose in my swimmers now, and make out with a brightly coloured parrot…

  4. cat Says:

    haven't tried it with any others (as it was a stuff up) – might try different ones as well

  5. cat Says:

    lol – well take some photos and I'll make you a set

  6. cat Says:

    some fence sitting going on here

  7. Aubrey Says:

    Hmmm…perhaps; so as fences are pretty uncomfortable, I'll jump off on the side of the borders. My art teachers always scolded me for completing a drawing all the way to the page's edges. A border adds focus; and as sKatz says, it will help confine the eye to the image.

  8. Snowy Says:

    Edge or no edge,Cat, you sure do look hot!If I had to choose, I 'd go for no edge, but not much in it.

  9. cat Says:

    hahaha – I've been working out

  10. Catalina Says:

    Very nice, but I give the ones with the borders a slight edge.

  11. cat Says:

    yes, I think I do to

  12. Caprica Says:

    Borders, unequivocally.Agree with most all reasons stated–especially the definition and the popping.Lovely work, cat!

  13. cat Says:

    thanks – glad the borders are popular, they're a bit easier to do as well

  14. Steve Betz Says:

    Nice I like them. I think the borders help emphasize the pictures. Very cool.

  15. Red Pen Says:

    With borders. Nice work!

  16. How did I miss this post?
    I vote for borders.

  17. cat Says:

    you weren't paying attention – borders seems to win

  18. Yeah. Like I said…. I missed this post.. I jumped in to comment.
    THEN I read all the other comments.
    And I'm not even a Gemini.

  19. cat Says:

    thanks – I'm going to have to try a different set with a border now

  20. sorry, I thought I answered that, but I guess I forgot to type it…. I like no borders

  21. cat Says:

    controversy – I think you're the only one who said no borders

  22. Snowy Says:

    I think you're the only one who said no borders Don't I count? <huge sulk>

  23. cat Says:

    sigh – yes, you're special too snowy, you just weren't as decisive – you were all if I had to and but

  24. Snowy Says:

    Too late. I've told the huge nurse that you pressed the buzzer. So there!!!!

  25. cat Says:

    oh as if they're going to believe a senile old man

  26. Snowy Says:

    And risk getting hit with a bedpan? They'll believe me…

  27. cat Says:

    lol – I see you're going to win them over with your charm then

  28. Snowy Says:

    Yes, and you'll be sorry you didn't pay more attention to my comment about no edge. I can't wait until the huge nurse sorts you out. I told her you said she was huge – and that she had a moustache…

  29. Sorry, to cause such a kurfuffle, but yes, no borders, I like that the ladies are bigger in the space, I also tried to see them on my own table, and decided that I liked the no borders so that the design would peek out from under a glass. 😉

  30. cat Says:

    oh just ignore snowy – he's losing his marbles.
    good point about seeing some picture when a glass is on it

  31. Snowy Says:

    Yes, just ignore him. Everyone else does, except when he wields his trusty bedpan…

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