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thank god I’m a country girl October 11, 2008

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You can always pick the country people in the city. Taking a trip to the big smoke.

We are the ones who stop and watch the japanese man swinging like a monkey in the trees. We have a giggle and say, hey, check that out. And all the city people just rush by as if nothing a bit unusual is going on. Oh I know they see crazy shit all the time but they are so busy or so jaded that they can't take a minute to observe a random moment of quirkiness. I actually though Daz was going to applaud him.

We are the ones who dawdle down the streets, looking around, getting in everyones way as they rush about in swarms, heads down, earphones in.

We are the ones who smile and talk to anyone and everyone. We make eye contact with people and say hello. I scared a woman out of a book store once by starting a conversation with her. My friendliness freaked her out.

We are the ones who say excuse me if we want to get past or sorry if we knock into you.

We are the ones who sit on the ground outside David Jones to have a rest while we wait for our daughters to shop in Supre. It was only after about ten minutes, when I noticed the way people were looking at me, that I figured if I put a bowl in front of myself I might get a few coins.

And we can always pick each other out. We do, as they say, stand out like tits on a bull. And we always have a smile, a nod or a word to each other. It's like a secret handshake that says – can you believe this rat race.

And after spending a few days in the city I can safely say we are not a bad bunch. As they say, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.

See, we're so daggy we're impressed by a fancy lift.


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38 Responses to “thank god I’m a country girl”

  1. Ninja Says:

    After a few years living and working in Arnhem Land, I noticed a quirky habit, too, when we returned to the city. My index finger on the right hand would pop up to acknowledge every passing car whilst on the road! Took the Queen a second to wise me up that we weren't in the bush anymore!

  2. cat Says:

    lol – yes, you just wave and nod to everyone. You're lucky, spending some time in Arnhem Land.

  3. LeendaDLL Says:

    well, i'm no country girl but I fit every point you offered. it was really difficult for me to adapt to Manhattan, during a short visit… the whole "no eye contact!", cross on the red, don't say anything to strangers… very odd for me.the person i went with was a supermarket checker in SoCal. We went to the same Red Apple "supermarket" (basically a 7eleven by our standards) every day, sometimes multiple times a day, because the cashiers were soooo totally rude that we thought it was hysterical.

  4. LeendaDLL Says:

    LOVE your new banner!

  5. cat Says:

    yes well you always see kangaroos surfing around here you know – I found a shop that sells these postcards – mainly to japanese tourists and I always imagine them getting them, then coming here and being disappointed when they don't see a kangaroo riding a pushbike or koalas climbing the harbour bridge.
    Did you win over the cashiers in the end. I always find myself killing the cranky ones with kindness to try and get them to crack a smile.

  6. Caprica Says:

    You are fighting the good fight, cat.
    This is my take.
    In a small of population place, a country place–you will run into people you know. You can't ignore them so you have friendly habits and you get along from day to day.

    Like you mentioned, you can go to the city and act normally for a country person but it strikes someone unused to it as out of the ordinary.
    It sounds like Japanese people are very enamored of Oz. This is cold comfort but you'll find some less-informed Americans with silly presumptions as well
    Proximity must play into it because for all but Australians themselves your country, especially upon first sight is quite wondrous!

  7. Caprica Says:

    Haha, sorry. Somehow I hit the submit button before I'd finshed editing the above ramble. I blame my mouse. It's in need of replacement.

  8. cat Says:

    I've have heard some americans say they thought there would be kangaroos and koalas sort of roaming the streets, which is always funny. The only ones I usually see are the ones dead on the side of the road after being hit by a truck.
    Australia is a fantastic place. Beautiful as well. My son, who is travelling at the moment, said he can see what a good place Australia is to live. Most people say that after they've been overseas.

  9. Oh, please let's have a resurgence of good manners. It's what separates us from wolves.

  10. Waterbaby Says:

    "I found a shop that sells these postcards – mainly to japanese tourists
    and I always imagine them getting them, then coming here and being
    disappointed when they don't see a kangaroo riding a pushbike or koalas
    climbing the harbour bridge." Actually, no. Impossible to explain or translate their codes, mores and mindset into Western thought but in short it's sufficient to have been to Australia (as well as assorted other locations considered hotspots by the Japanese) and send the postcard and/or return with gifts/tokens for others.

  11. GinBaby Says:

    I can't speak for all Americans, of course, but it may be that some Americans assume you have kangaroos right in town because in a lot of towns here we have various wild animals just sort of wandering through town and eating people's shrubberies all the time. Mostly deer, but if you live in the right place there will also be bears, mountain lions, elk, and/or moose, and of course smaller mammals like raccoons and skunks. The other problem is that of all the information that appears about Australia on American television, most of it is about the rural places and the rather impressive flora and fauna. We don't get a lot of news about Australian urbanites.
    Anyway, great post, and I LOVE that picture in the lift.

  12. cat Says:

    yes, I think the whole Crocodile Dundee thing may have given people the wrong idea about Australia. And Paul Hogan telling everyone to throw a shrimp on the barbie. Not to mention Steve Irwin.

  13. cat Says:

    I'm just joking – just imagining it, in my imagination. I don't really think that they think we have giant multi skilled wildlife.

  14. cat Says:

    and it doesn't take much effort either

  15. GinBaby Says:

    Yes, I had Steve Irwin in mind (and now little Bindi) more than, um, Paul Hogan. Hahah. My family watches a lot of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, too, which could be skewing our perceptions, because there is always a program on about cassowaries or wallabies or something but hardly anything at all about that most elusive of creatures: The Australian person.
    We assume you're like Canadians, I guess…which means just like us!

  16. cat Says:

    lol – well I've never seen a cassowary myself and I don't have any khaki shorts in my drawers. There's no escaping the Irwins for you guys is there, next they'll be introducing you to little Bob.

  17. Caprica Says:

    It's too late. We know little Bob. 😀
    Australia seems so vast and wondrous but both the US and Canada in my experience are too- different yet the same. No matter how we mangle it I think the English language sort of ties us together.
    Heres's how lame I am and how desperate I want to see Australia. I even enjoyed the Sidney Harbour scene in the Disney film Finding Nemo–as if I was seeing it like it would be if animated. The Opera House looked especially lovely. 🙂
    Australia is said to have more kinds of deadly creatures than anywhere else.
    That gets the Animal Planet -types going.

  18. Cat I loved the tale and the photo – you seemed to have multiplied.I actually have a post coming up (if I ever get to write it) and it was going to be titled something like "You can take the girl away from the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the girl". But it will have a different title now, due to a possibility of copyright infringement ;-)I suspect the anti-terrorist squad will probably get to me though before any possibility of a copyright infringement trial. The photos are very damning.I hope you and your family are doing well.Hoo roo – from one very country girl.

  19. cat Says:

    lol – I can't believe you already know Bob. I only saw him for the first time a few weeks ago on 60 minutes. It sounds like you see way more of the irwins than we do.
    I guess we have some dangerous creatures. Sharks, red back spiders and funnel webs, brown snakes, whatever it was that killed poor old steve.

  20. cat Says:

    ooh, sounds interesting, get onto it

  21. GinBaby Says:

    We love Irwins. So manic…so cutely insane.

  22. Hey do you also wear big hats as you drive into the city so everyone knows to give you a wide berth???? No traffic experience…
    Did you really sit on the ground? And could you get up unassisted? WOW – so country. LOL

  23. Actually as I was writing that comment the thought did cross my mind, "Ummm why am I telling Cat this, given what she did to the last terrorist type pics of me!"

  24. cat Says:

    no way – my husband grew up in Sydney – he drives like a bloody maniac. As soon as we hit Hornsby he puts the foot down and its like a rally drive.
    I sat and I stood, there was only a slight cracking in the hips.

  25. MexicanRobot Says:

    Amm man… I'm a city girl but I'm always amused by the smallest piece of shit that goes in front of my face. I gotta have fun while I'm living, right?

  26. cat Says:

    exactly – people are missing out on some crazy funny shit by keeping their heads down

  27. Design Shark Says:

    You crack me up. Is that your daughter, looking embarrassed that you're actually taking a picture in the elevator, even though there is no one else around to see you? 🙂

  28. cat Says:

    lol – yes, mothers are so embarrassing aren't they?

  29. LeendaDLL Says:

    What… kangaroos don't surf?!?~ lolnever did win over the cashier's at the Red Apple market… most of the time the didn't even look up to make eye contact… would just stick out their hand with our change without ever actually acknowledging us.

  30. LeendaDLL Says:

    Yeah. I think most Americans think Australia is nothing but outback & beaches with only 1 city, Sydney.

  31. Design Shark Says:

    That they are, but I mean, how embarrassing was it to lay on a table with your legs open for at least 6 hours with people walking in and out sticking their hands up you in the delivery room? I think you've all earned it. 🙂

  32. cat Says:

    lol – now I think about that, I can't imagine ever doing it again, but at the time I would have squat down in a car park and pushed her out

  33. Design Shark Says:

    Hahaha. You didn't have her in the car, did you??? Or were you just SO ready? 🙂

  34. cat Says:

    No no. not in the car, just that when the time comes you don't care where you are or whose watching. When I see my doctor down at the supermarket I can barely look him in the eye knowing what he's seen.

  35. Ha ha. So true. We used to find that with my father in law whenever he was in Sydney. He actually went down to the mail delivery centre once to apologise because he had let our dogs out one day and they had a go at the postie. Were you in Sydney for the long weekend? We were up your way then so might have passed each other on the road!

  36. cat Says:

    no the weekend after – I guess it was the one just passed, the month is going to quickly though that doesn't seem possible!!

  37. Yes, Christmas approaching way too fast! :-0

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