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livin’ in the wild wild west October 11, 2008

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You know how towns have those signs on the boundary. Welcome to Hellsville or You are Entering Craphole and they might state some interesting little fact, like Home of the Big Banana.

Well when we came home the other day I noticed our sign. And it has on it a picture of a blonde girl, leaning on the side of a ute, wearing a country and western style shirt and a cowboy hat.

And I'm wondering who the council is trying to promote the town to. I can only guess it's single men, under thirty with a strong interest in rodeo.

But when they turn up they'll be disappointed because I haven't actually seen girls walking around dressed like that. Only on rodeo weekend. Then they cut sick with the boots and hats.

We had the rodeo a couple of weeks ago. They have it the same weekend as the show. And it made me think of the clowns they have at the show and how I used to love playing the clowns when I was little. I was too scared to go on any of the rides but I could have shoved ping pong balls down a clowns mouth all day.

So then I did this challenge at the digital art quirks site where you had to use the photo of the mouth with the cherry tomato in it, in any way you wanted. And this is what came to mind.


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13 Responses to “livin’ in the wild wild west”

  1. SweetMisery Says:

    lol good one. Our park was under water this year. I do love a good fair.

  2. SweetMisery Says:

    ps I love the new banner. woot

  3. cat Says:

    yes, the kids used to look forward to it all year. Always exciting when the trucks start rolling into town and setting up the rides at the showground.

  4. MexicanRobot Says:

    I love this picture!
    I don't think we have a sign in this city [Tijuana, Mexico] maybe the crime rates are so high that they even stole the freaking sign. So, whenever you come to Mexico, and look for the city sign and it's not there, and you also notice someone stole your watch, you're probably here, in Tijuana.

  5. Emjay Says:

    LOL – that's great. That's a rather sexist sign to have for the town isn't it!

  6. cat Says:

    lol – After watching the news lately I'd be too bloody scared to go to Mexico. Is it as bad as they say, gangs, drugs, murders??

  7. cat Says:

    Well it did seem a strange choice considering its not an industry I thought we specialised in. I mean they could have used a vineyard or something.

  8. Emjay Says:

    Your postcards have vineyards on them.

  9. cat Says:

    not that we actually have vineyards – but they're about

  10. SweetMisery Says:

    lights, candy, and fun

  11. Love it Cat! Think I used to have glasses like those ones.

  12. cat Says:

    oh you groovy thing – wish I had a pair like that, I think she's my alter ego

  13. I think I was about 19yo at the time! I bought them at Camberwell Markets in Melbourne and called them my Dame Edna glasses.

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