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the perils of voxland October 6, 2008

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Sometimes, when I have spare time, I go for a wander around vox. A comment on a neighbours blog, leads me to someone elses blog, then so on and on. And if someone looks a bit interesting I add them to my neighbourhood because I might never stumbleupon them again. Then after a month if they aren't intersting after all I just take them off. Because I don't want to have pages and pages of neighbours that I don't have any connection with. And I don't expect people to add me just because I add them, I don't get offended or anything.

And sometimes I just leave a comment on a random persons blog. Someone I haven't had contact with before, because I figure if they didn't want comments they wouldn't have them enabled. And again I don't really care if they don't reply to my comment, but sometimes I wonder if I've said something that offended them. Because don't you usually reply back to someone the first time they leave you a comment? Just because it's polite. And I see comments as little conversations and I talk a lot so I always reply.

So the point is I could have possibly offended someone. Maybe not, maybe they just thought I didn't seem very interesting so they ignored me. I hope so anyway. Because its hard to relay what tone you're using in emails and typed text. maybe I should use more smiley faces.

So anyway it was about ugg boots. Someone – not australian – was saying how they really liked ugg boots. And I left a comment saying that even though ugg boots are australian I don't actually know any australian who wears them. I think its because its just not cold enough here. I mean we only have about three days a year when you need a warm coat. So because I have a big mouth and never shut up I then went on to say that in fact, about the only people who wore ugg boots in Australia were bogans. Now bogans are basically harmless and I'll just find a definition. In fact my husband is a bit of a bogan. Although he's what you call a westie, so I've nothing against them.

BOGAN (pronunciation boe-gn) is a term used primarily in Australia to describe a particular section of the working class demographic.  This derogatory slang word is a gender-neutral noun; this being important as many bogans tend to gravitate towards one another forming relationships and extended families.  A bogan family is not an uncommon phenomena in certain regions.  A bogan typically resides in either a low-cost housing estate, government housing or in the outlying regional areas of continental Australia.  Generally bogans tend to congregate in areas with little or no features & amenities.

• A pronounced lack of dress sense in social situations.  Typical bogan attire consists of a flannelette shirt, King Gee stubbie shorts (either blue/khaki), torn or soiled jeans from the 1980's or earlier, and of course double-plug standard issue white thong sandals with black rubber.  A bogan's dress sense is not influenced by intended destination/occasion hence the line between workwear and formal wear is often hazy at best.  On rare occasions bogans may be spotted wearing enclosed shoes when entering the local RSL to "have a slap on the pokies" or to "get pissed wif me mates on the veebs (VB)".  A female bogan will usually wear a matching ensemble usually consisting of second-hand fashions or products purchased from the discount retail chains Best and Less or Big W.

• A lack of personal hygiene.  A bogan will often allow his/her hair to grow into an attractive style named the "mullet" as popularised in the 1980's.  A hair cut is a rare event for the bogan, and most styling occurs when the razor is brought out to either a) produce a "skinhead" style cut or b) a "frullet" (front-mullet).  Similar styles apply for females, however the female bogan frequently colours her hair auburn.

• Choice in music.  The bogan prefers either metal or pub rock.  A bogan would suggest that the song Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel would be a more appropriate national anthem than Advance Australia Fair.  AC/DC is also a popular choice.  Anything Barnesy. Midnight Oil is another classic example of the bogan genre.

• Employment status.  The common bogan is either a) not employed or b) a tradesman/labourer.  A bogan employee can be spotted kitted up in a fluorescent vest or polo shirt.  Unemployed bogans often frequent RSL's/clubs for discount lunches during the day, before continuing on to the local Centrelink office to receive the hard-earned cash of the tax-paying public.  This will be followed by a journey to the most convenient bottle shop ("bottlo") to purchase 2×24 cartons ("slabs") of Victoria Bitter ("Veebs") for $60.  Also included in this purchase is the all-important packet of Winfield Reds ("Smokes").  The rest of this pension money is budgeted towards the "pokies" at the local pub.

• A poorly-maintained house or unit.  As previously mentioned, the bogan often resides in regions of a lower socio-economic standing.  Basically, in most cases the bogan is located some way inland from a coastal fringe or major waterway.  In the case of Sydney, this has lead to the term "westie" being coined in order to distinguish the boganistic population of the inland western suburbs from the more affluent residents of the east.  In the case of NSW/QLD and Victoria, the majority of bogans are located on or west of the Great Dividing Range.  Whilst this is not always the case, it is important to note that the concentration of bogans per capita is somewhat higher in these areas.

So now I think that she thinks that I think she's a bogan.

Which I do not. ok? definitely do not. You crazy americans can wear ugg boots as much as you want. It doesn't mean a thing. 





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37 Responses to “the perils of voxland”

  1. Emjay Says:

    LOL! Even though there have been times when I have thought how "nice" it would be to have a pair of Ugg boots here (where there are more than 3 cold days a year) I just can not bring myself to get a pair! Remember how they used to hang on the side of the road at the roadside stall somewhere around Orange? Right next to the lamb and calf skin rugs!

  2. Caprica Says:

    Uggs' name fit their appearance: ugly.
    Interesting that you should bring up the neighbourhood conundrum. I was grappling with it yesterday and finally asked myself what I wanted–discounting others' feelings about who is in or not in my 'hood.
    Then the axe came down.

  3. Snowy Says:

    I always wondered what a bogan was. Now I know. Me. I don't wear ugg boots though, you'll be pleased to know.

  4. snoringKatZ Says:

    You know, Cat, I went to Bogan High School. So really we have entire educational institutions turning out bogans by the hundreds here in the states. Personally, I like a little cultural enlightenment and as soon as my hair grows a little more, I'm gonna start experimenting with the frullet.Just so I can say, "It's a frullet, of course!" when someone asks.

  5. kalita Says:

    I love my uggies – they are my slippers, they have little embroidered flowers on the sides, and were fantastic when I was gigantically preggers and couldn't bend over to put shoes on.They are just normal ones though – my sister-in-law has knee-highs, but she's from Queensland where they are fashion (too bloody hot there for them I would have thunk!)

  6. Oh, Hell, Cat….(
    We Yanks shouldn't have such thin skin……or take things personally
    Keep on keeping on.
    I can't afford Uggs, but I did have a mullett, once. I'd rather have really great food.

  7. cat Says:

    Oh I'm looking forward to seeing you with a frullet and don't forget to do one of your home done dye jobs on it. Where I went to school one of our sports teams was named Bogan. They were named after the Bogan River. lol.

  8. cat Says:

    lol – well you see some people just have page after page of neighbours but you wonder how many they actually communicate with.

  9. cat Says:

    lol – no I don't remember them hanging by the side of the road. Can't imagine you in a pair!!

  10. cat Says:

    haha, I'd love to see you in a pair – the lace up ones, over the top of your jeans.

  11. cat Says:

    uggies in Queensland!! imagine how sweaty your feet would be.

  12. cat Says:

    I had a mullet once as well. I think I was going for a Celine Dion kind of look when she had hers shorter, but you know hairdressers, they never give you what you want.
    hellcat, that sounds like me

  13. LeendaDLL Says:

    you worry too much! 1. I don't think you offended them. 2. I don't think to comment back out of politeness (guess I'm ill mannered) – I usually wait for a comment worthy of a reply. 3. If they're american, they have no idea what a bogan is. 4. Even if you did offend them, they're a stranger in cyberspace – so who cares?!?i live in soCal, weather very much like AU from what I hear (Syndey, to be specific) and TONS of bimbos wear ughs year round. and, like others, i think they're stupid & ugly (no offense intended to AU)

  14. Wow, this is déja vu… I think someone else posted about this a long time ago… the Uggs, the hood issues…. Now I'm feeling some weird vibes and stuff…. ooooo…. On a side note: Don't worry about the hood thing. I know for a fact I've added a couple of the people commenting right above me and they have not done the same. That's okay. I added them because I find them interesting, and I never expect the same in return. (seriously: look at what I post about: my kid. That is NOT interesting to many, by far! and I don't take it personally.) The flip side is that if someone comments and I have something to say back, then I do. But it's never obligatory. Which (again, another flip side) you can rest assured if I comment about something you've said, it's because I really want to, not because I feel I have to. 🙂 I probably comment more on your vox than I should anyway… I'm a Cat fan. 🙂

  15. ew, the axe? Hope I made it. 😉

  16. Waterbaby Says:

    I don't have Uggs but a Costco facsimilie for a lot less and the Australian sheepskin inside. (Costco: supremely managed discount warehouse that requires membership). Wear them only as slippers because I've got the world's coldest hands and feet and I looooove love love 'em! I see from a friend's pairs that Ugg's come out with all kinds of designs and patterns. Had no idea they'd gone past basic beige. Because at heart I'm a bogan. Love the sound of that word.

  17. Waterbaby Says:

    oh yeah. have never understood the concept of making some a neighbor just because that's person's made you one. from what i've read, a good many feel it's expected. huh? on the first comment at a new blog, though, i agree. i've moved on from blogs where the person doesn't acknowledge a comment with just a simple thank you. no thanks to that!

  18. "In dilly dilly ossen fefer katzen alan bogan by the sea………….." *phonetic*
    Is that where the song came from??????

  19. cat Says:

    Well I wasn't really worried, just wondering and knowing myself I probably gave her a link to the definition!

  20. cat Says:

    lol – someones already had the same issue with uggies and the neighbourhood? thats weird. You can never comment too much!! For me its just like talking.

  21. cat Says:

    Well you need to move to Australia, we are a nation of bogans. I think most aussies have a little bit of bogan in them. I think celebrities can be blamed for promoting the ugg – you see them getting around in short shorts with pink uggs – a look very few people can get away with!

  22. cat Says:

    lolol – I have no idea what you're talking about!! I'm being phonetic but spell it out for me.

  23. Caprica Says:

    That was a bit lost in translation but you did react like a typical American, lol!
    Yeah, you talk about your kid. We all mention our families or loved ones. We don't live in a vacuum! 😀
    I was sort of joking about the neighbour trim. Things were not working out. No big flameout or anything.
    I go through phases where want to trim someone and am afraid and then just grow a spine and put my big girl panties on. You've done it. I know you know it's not world ending. And of course, it wasn't you. Geez.
    Should I be worried? 😉
    Sorry cat, about hijacking your comment section.
    Thanks for defining "bogans." Here they are bums, homeless people, hippies, My son insists they be called "hobos." He's 16 and idealistic–as he should be, I guess.
    I don't hate Uggs and certainly as slippers they look toasty warm. I think 4" stillettos are dumb, too when worn outside the house. 😉

  24. Rinny Says:

    Uggs – I don't have a pair but if I did I'd bedazzle them.

  25. That was an old kid's song. That's the only line I remember & the first time I heard anything close to "bogan." I'll have to tell my Aussie pal that I know a new word and what it means.

  26. Christine Says:

    LOL – I am one American girl who would never be caught dead in Ugg boots. 🙂

  27. Oh, I am sorry. I do the same thing with comments and people on vox. I don't think you offended her, it is just interesting to hear that Ugg boots are not worn in Australia so much and when they are it is by, well people in the same class as me. Ha! I am not going to lie, the descriptions describe my family quite well. But Ugg boots are SO freakin expensive that the middle to lower class people buy the fake ugg boots. They look really comfy but I do not think I would ever leave the house with those things on my feet.

  28. cat Says:

    Really? they're that expensive? I guess thats because the celebrities started wearing them.

  29. cat Says:

    I don't know if Kath and Kim ever started over there or if anyone watches it but in the Australian one Kim likes to wear her ugg boots.
    I hope the US Kath and Kim isn't really awful – I imagine it might be – I can't imagine how they would americanise it – but it was really funny when it was done here.

  30. cat Says:

    It seems we just about speak a different language!

  31. cat Says:

    hahaha – bedazzle, now that's a blast from the past

  32. yeah! They are well over $100

  33. "It seems we just about speak a different language!"
    Too funny!
    But, I do know who Banjo Taylor is…….

  34. Raymond Says:

    I had to take a hurried, panicky look at ' view my neighbors ' , before I could find out what a bogen is or perhaps was or perhaps might be. I am so glad I'm still there as a friend. Whew! Okay, now what the heck is a bogen? No, don't tell me, I'll come back tomorrow and read the rest. 🙂

  35. Cletus Says:

    I thought Ugg boots went out of style in 1979! I am now living in San Francisco and can report that with the help of an official Ugg flagship store on Sutter Street the women of Northern California are quickly embracing the bogan lifestyle as they trudge up and down the footpaths of life in silly looking ugg boots. Rain or shine, hot or cold, formal or casual, the western suburbs of San Francisco have given rise to Australia’s greatest export – the ugg-clad bogan. If only they knew who the Choirboys were, they could all hum Run To Paradise as they shuffle off to buy lottery tickets and cigarettes.

  36. cat Says:

    lol – Run to Paradise, now there's an oldie
    I think we can thank Brittney Spears and Pamela Anderson for the rise of the Ugg boot as fashion wear instead of slippers.

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