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bob the builder October 4, 2008

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what sort of bloody idiot gets a bobcat going at 8am?

the sort that lives across the road from me.

and daylight saving started today so even though my bedside clock said 8.01 my internal clock said 7.01, and anyway it's sunday, even 8.01 is too damn early. He must have been sitting there with his hand on the key just waiting for 8am to click over because thats the noise regulation law here – no noise before

you know it arrived yesterday, on the back of a large semi – which aren't even allowed up our street mind you – and I knew it was going to be unpleasant

and his wife is unpleasant as well while I'm at it. She never acknowledges us. I don't want to be her bloody friend but a nod or a wave when we pass on the street would be nice. And the reason I'm cranky at her is because she hasn't come down and yelled at him yet for being an idiot. Any good wife by now would have stormed down the stairs and yelled at him and sent him off to do something else for an hour.

so thats why I'm up so early – even by day one of daylight saving standards

you know we got it wrong for years, we used to put the clock back instead of forward. And we'd turn up places and have to wait around for hours for them to open.

you know I thought I'd try this header with the koala because it was the only australian one I could find but I don't like it as much this morning as I did last night after a few vodkas. It's the wrong colour, we don't have murky browny pink dirt, it's red. Very rich red.

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21 Responses to “bob the builder”

  1. SweetMisery Says:

    Way to early. Hope this doesn't continue. yuck. Give me silence please.

  2. Emjay Says:

    LOL! Here they have a helpful saying "spring forward, fall backward" …. doesn't quite work with "autumn" !

  3. cat Says:

    it's a long weekend here so I have a feeling its going to continue for two more days!! noooooo

  4. cat Says:

    Once kimba went for a sleep over at a friends and we turned up to pick her up and of course they were all asleep and wondered what the hell we were doing. Daz still didn't believe me yesterday when i told him you have to go forward.

  5. Karen Lynn Says:

    well good morning sunshine! what is a bobcat? a front loader? sheesh 8 am on a sunday is wayyyyyy to early. happy daylight savings time to you 🙂

  6. SweetMisery Says:

    oh no.Ear plug for real.

  7. cat Says:

    as far as I can tell a bob cat is a smallish, loud piece of equipment that has no need to be in my street. And I'm not sure why its called a bobcat which I would presume is a sleek, graceful quiet kind of animal.

  8. Caprica Says:

    Bobcat is brand name.
    And you are right, it's not at all like a bobcat.
    What boorish neighbours!
    I hate the clock changing. There's no reason to do it anymore–at least not here. It was originally to give an extra hour for harvest. No one farms anymore, no need for the silly changing of the clocks.

  9. cat Says:

    We're starting a month early here in NSW so we're starting the same time as Tasmania now. Before this year we didn't start until the last weekend of october along with Victoria, South Australia and ACT. Queensland and Northern territory don't do it at all. Can be very confusing travelling around the states!

  10. Karen Lynn Says:

    can you come up with ideas to use it to your benefit? like "hey joe, can you come move this mulch for me" or something? lololour next door neighbor has a big blue tractor, we laugh when he's out with it. he got me unstuck during a snowstorm once with it. ya never know…

  11. cat Says:

    Hahaha – well I have no idea what his name is but I guess Joe will do but I definitely don't have any mulch – you'd have a panic attack if you saw my front yard. Just dead grass with one very ugly bush in the middle.

  12. Karen Lynn Says:

    Time to plant some seeds gf! Sprinkle some sunflower seeds in your dirt around the dead bush, when they get tall, they'll hide it 😉

  13. cat Says:

    they'd want to be bloody tall then!! It's not dead, just the grass. Anyway no point gardening here, we're not allowed to water at all.

  14. Waterbaby Says:

    ouuuuuuch. and from this hardcore night owl, my sympathies. 8 a.m. is waaaay to early to be doing anything but breathing. while sleeping. bad bad neighbor. bad! {accompanying wrist-rapping}

  15. cat Says:

    especially when its really only 7am

  16. Waterbaby Says:

    lol. no kidding.

  17. Waterbaby Says:

    Karen, Bobcat is a brand of construction equipment.

  18. Karen Lynn Says:

    yeah, I know, I wish I had one. with a few attachments. lol

  19. Gah!!!! My neighbor does the same things, only with his lawn mower, or a saw or something loud on the weekends. Also the neighbor behind me tests his boat motor every day during the summer (his boat is less than 20 feet from my open slider door) and times that dang boat motor with my summertime nap, as soon as I get a good nap going, he starts his boat. sigh…..

  20. cat Says:

    lolol -the boat thing, how annoying is that!! The neighbour next to us does that with his motor bike – I always wonder, how much testing can it need.

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