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that makes it two October 2, 2008

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Poor old Daz saw a dead body yesterday. He was driving to a job and came across a road fatality. A motorbike rider went over the wrong side of the road and had a head on with a car. Dead instantly but they had to leave him laying on the road until the police and crash investigators turned up. He said it was pretty awful how everyone driving past had to drive through the poor guys blood.

It's the second time thats happened. The other one was the suicide of a guy who worked for him. He was a heroin addict and his wife left him and he hadn't been at work for two days. So I said – well you'd better go out and make sure he hasn't killed himself. But I didn't think he really had killed himself. I just thought Daz would find him out there really wasted, on a heroin bender. But Daz couldn't get out there so he sent the secretary and she found this guy had gassed himself in his car. So she rang up Daz all hysterical and he went out there and that was that. He said that was worse because he'd been dead a couple of days. I wonder sometimes why he didn't overdose himself.

So on to more pleasant news. Nope, can't think of any.

We are only one month into spring here and already we are having 35 degree days – thats about 95 in fahrenheit. Summer is going to be hot.

Tic Tac if you are reading this I had an email from Lloyd – he said he had some awesome bbq ribs at a restaurant on the river and had spent the day at New Braunfels floating down the river in a rubber tube. Which he said was pleasant.

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4 Responses to “that makes it two”

  1. That's awful. I saw a motorcycle accident like that when I was 12. I saw the guy get hit, then he died right in front of me. I'll spare the details, but I will say that there was no way he was going to survive. that was enough for me. Sorry he had to see TWO. 😦

  2. cat Says:

    nasty thing to go through at 12, sounds like it has stuck with you

  3. MR FD came across a fatal car accident – the guy survived the crash but as he stepped out of his car was electrocuted – while still at college. It still haunts him. Daughter 2's girlfriend found her own brother three days after he had suicided – she said that the flies on all the windows alerted her to the potential tragedy inside – how does one recover from that?

  4. cat Says:

    Not sure, but people seem to survive seeing all sorts of terrible things, you just have some inbuilt mechanism that lets you store it away somewhere where it stays with you but doesn't totally over run you.

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