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the hound of the baskervilles September 26, 2008

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Last night, the dog across the road howled and whined and cried all night.

At 1am I thought, he'll go to sleep soon.

At 3am I thought, I'll have to go and shoot him soon.

At 5am I thought, ok, maybe he's hurt, or been run over, or caught in a chain, or locked in a tiny cage with spiked sticks poking into him.

At 6am I woke Daz (because he sleeps through anything), and said, go across the road and see if the dog is hurt.

So off he went, came back and said – he's ok, he was happy to see me, but he's ok.

I guess the people who own him decided it would be ok to go away for a few days and leave him home alone, in the dark.

He's a black labrador. A big goofy kind of dog. He steals shoes. I woke up early one morning when I heard banging on the front verandah. When I went out I saw him running away with a pair of Lloyds joggers. He took them across the road and added them to a pile of our shoes he'd already collected.

So by 10am this morning I'm delirious with lack of sleep. I don't sleep well at the best of times and any extra noise really throws me. Especially when its a dog that sounds like its just had a couple of legs broken. I don't think I can handle another night like it.

So this afternoon I rang Daz and said – bring him home a bone. We'll give it to him tonight before I go to bed and it might keep him occupied for a few hours. Daz and Betty just went for one of their walks (8pm) and he said I'll throw him the bone now. And I said – no, no, not now, someone might see you and think you're trying to bait him.

So thats why,when I went looking in the fridge for a drink just now, I saw two huge dog bones. One for Betty and one for The Black Labrador Who Lives Across The Road.

Tomorrow night he'll probably be sleeping on the lounge here.


BETTY'S GOB. Bone crunching keeps your teeth clean


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16 Responses to “the hound of the baskervilles”

  1. I thought yoou neant your husband might be sleeping on the couch at first!
    Betty might enjoy the company!

  2. cat Says:

    lol. well that does happen. See Daz thinks he's still able to stay up until the wee hours. He thinks he's going to stay up and watch a grand prix or a rugby game thats on at about 3am. I usually find him asleep on the lounge at about 1am. So I write a list of things for him to do and tape it right over the front of the TV scren. You know, put the rubbish out, bring in Bettys bed, turn off all the lights, make sure the cats inside, that sort of thing.

  3. kris Says:

    poor dog -and you for not being able to sleep! That's hell.
    btw, Betty has gorgeous teeth. 🙂 (I am particularly fond of Betty)

  4. cat Says:

    I'm often surprised by the amount of people who are fond of Betty. Actually her teeth do look nice and white and clean for a nine year old dog don't they.

  5. Mr FD does the same – watches rugby union at crazy hours, and then wants to sleep until lunchtime next day. Not on my watch, fella!

  6. Farfaraway Says:

    Oh, that's just awful…both the noise, and someone leaving their poor dog alone with no one to check on him for so long. What's wrong with people?

  7. cat Says:

    I guess people must think dogs don't mind being left alone. But I know Betty is happy to see me if she hasn't seen me for ten minutes. Every week in the local paper they have a pet tip of the week and yesterdays was to leave water out for them on hot days. I said to Kimba, that shouldn't really have to be a tip!!

  8. Farfaraway Says:

    No kidding, that really shouldn't have to be a tip! Sort of like reminding people not to leave dogs in cars on hot days, too. Apparently some people need reminding…

  9. Ninja Says:

    Water and food; that's what keeps them going. Guess who also shovels the doggy doo at home?
    I once had a black lab. Goofy all right. And scaredy cat, too

  10. cat Says:

    Well there will be fireworks tonight at the show so it'll be freaking out.

  11. Waterbaby Says:

    Forget shooting the howling dog, shoot the damn boobs who left him alone, unattended and neglected. Yey for giving the poor fella a bone!! In the meantime, there's still another bone … the bone to pick with the neighbors.

  12. Waterbaby Says:

    Uh, people who need those reminders are people who shouldn't have dogs (or other animals).

  13. cat Says:

    they're still not home – will definitely tell them when they get back because I worry about someone else getting pissed of in the middle of the night and hurting the dog.

  14. Jaffnut Says:

    It sounds as though you need to paste some of those pet tips on your neighbour's front door! I hope they feel ashamed of themselves once you've spoken to them. My neighbours have two dogs, one of which is a working dog (Kelpie), and they never leave their backyard poor things. They also feed them extremely late at night (usually after 11pm), so they bark frantically from 10pm onwards in anticipation, often waking me up.

  15. cat Says:

    he's still alone today, it'll be a week soon

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