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the weird undiagnosed throat thing …. continued September 25, 2008

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Not only do I now have the WUTT, but I also have a weird dermatitis on the outside of my throat. I've had it for years and like most things I just presumed it would eventually get better and go away. And I thought it was some kind of middle age acne break out at the time because it was just up under my jaw sort of near my ears. And I did ask the doctor then and he said to stop putting moisturiser on it. Thats why I have wrinkly neck as well I guess. But I'd noticed over the last year that its been growing, until it's now just about to meet in the middle of my throat. So I went to my new doctor today and he tells me its a rare type of dermatitis and he's going home tonight to read up on it. Apparently years and years ago I have eaten something or taken some kind of medication that I was allergic to and that has now lead to this. And exposure to sunlight may have made it worse. Because I did think, after I thought it was acne, that it was some kind of pigmentation damage, because I was a sunlover in my teens.

He pondered for a while about whether we should treat it. Because as he said its not dangerous. And I said well no, but it's getting pretty ugly. So he didn't want to give me cortisone tablets because he doesn't like handing out medications willy nilly - which is one of the reasons I like him – so I'm trying a cortisone cream, mid strength. He wants to see me in two weeks to check any improvement. I said – I'll get someone to take before and after photos, and he said – I've got a camera, which he pulled out of his pocket and he took some photos. He's lovely.

So here is what it kind of looks like – some days it is redder than others, but you can see it looks like measles or something


He was also most excited to hear I have a globus type thing and wanted to know all about it. He has a new patient who has been suffering constant throat clearing since July and he's just started her on the rounds of tests to eliminate anything deadly. I said well don't tell her I've had it for years or she'll go home and slit her wrists. Because thats what I feel like doing sometimes.

Its funny how all my medical issues happen around my throat. Wonder what that means, maybe I was choked to death or hanged or something in a past life.

Which reminds me. Lizzie did her own set of seven sins photo tiles for a school project. Daz and I got to do Wrath.



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23 Responses to “the weird undiagnosed throat thing …. continued”

  1. lauowolf Says:

    Yike –I used to get eczema.Same kind of thing, only nasty and weeping.FInally just cleared up and went away, as mysteriously as it had come.But I went through lots of medications for it.Cortisone pills are really, really icky and strong.If you can get the cream to work, it's much better, since it is only working whee you need it, and not on your whole body.Hmmm.Do you get metal allergies? Earrings?Shampoo/conditioner/other product?dang…

  2. cat Says:

    I'm not keen on the tablets anyway, I try to stay medication free is possible. And its not itchy either, so I hardly notice it. Just don't want it to keep spreading. I only use sunlight soap and a plain barrier cream, I don't wear perfume. He's sure its something I've taken internally anyway.

  3. Karen Lynn Says:

    I hope it clears up with the cream Cat. (((hugs)))

  4. Emjay Says:

    LOL – the tile! Love "wrath"! Lizzie has style! You will have to start wearing turtlenecks or scarves – hope the cream works. Did you ask the dr. about the acid stuff?

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    hmmm, it's a mystery all right. given your aversion to turtlenecks, we know you can't turn to those. how's your scarf collection?

  6. cat Says:

    lol, one of the questions he asked me was – do you wear turtlenecks? I have one scarf, very thin, that like you I just drape around in a very loose fashion.

  7. cat Says:

    I can't wear turtlenecks – can't stand them around my throat, anyway its summer remember! I forgot to ask him about the acid – I'm going back though in two weeks, will write it down. Will be posting more of Lizzies photos she did a great job. Hope the teacher doesn't think she's a weirdo.

  8. cat Says:

    thanks – same here otherwise its a trip to the skin specialist, which sounds expensive. And time consuming.

  9. Karen Lynn Says:

    what is the acid stuff and who is Lizzie?

  10. cat Says:

    tsk tsk, you haven't been paying attention Karen. Lizzie is my 16 year old daughter. The acid stuff is something emjay heard about on a radio programme that is supposed to help people who have a chronic throat clearing problem like I do. But when I researched it a bit it said not to take it without doctors permission. But I forgot to ask him. Its called bentaine HCL

  11. Emjay Says:

    LOL! The teacher is probably filling out the form for Family & Community Services now.

  12. cat Says:

    lolol – wait until she sees Lust – which isn't acted out by Daz and I by the way.

  13. Karen Lynn Says:

    Ahhh yes, brain fart, sorry. Thanks for getting me straight! :))

  14. Karen Lynn Says:

    and I hope you heal fast!

  15. Waterbaby Says:

    if you ever get a definite answer to this riddle, will you let us know? or, in lieu, post a pic of you in that thin scarf?

  16. cat Says:

    Sure will. Everyone seems sure its in my head, not my throat.
    My thin scarf is very nice, purple. Except it has tassles. I'm not a fan of the tassle, next winter I'm going to look into cutting them off without ruining it.

  17. Waterbaby Says:

    I was playing with you; not genuinely expecting a pic of the nifty scarf but now that you've described it, I want to see it and you're in a corner now. lol

  18. cat Says:

    lol, – well thats funny because I was just saying to Emu that I get in trouble with people because I take what they say so literally. So you know those people who say something but they really mean something else, but expect you to guess what it is, then they get the shits with you for not knowing what they were talking about, well I have no luck with them. lol – I had fully planned a photo shoot with the purple scarf. I guess thats why I never get poetry – all that imagery and figurative speaking – I always wonder why the hell they just don't say what they mean.

  19. Waterbaby Says:

    So you know those people who say something but they really mean
    something else, but expect you to guess what it is, then they get the
    shits with you for not knowing what they were talking about …" No. lol. am a magnet for straight talkers. "…well I have no luck with them. lol" evidently. lol

  20. Karen Lynn Says:

    Do you have to pay to visit a specialist? I thought your healthcare (in Australia) was free. So I gave you a couple of days, is it clearing up? :))

  21. cat Says:

    not clearing up yet – but I've had it for eyars so don't expect it to give ip too easily.
    You pay a fortune to see a specialist. You can pay for private health cover – like insurance, pay every month – then when you go to the specialist you can claim some of it back. But we don't have private health cover because we don't have many medical expenses and its cheaper for us to just pay the doctor. If you are having some sort of emergency surgery that will be done free in the public hospital but if you are having elective surgery and go through the public system you can wait for years. So if you have paid private health insurance you would get in first.

  22. Karen Lynn Says:

    The problem is if you don't carry private insurance here and you have a catastrophic illness or accident, you're in trouble. We would have been toast during my cancer treatment and my knee replacements had it not been for WPS. Each chemo session was thousands of dollars. We pay way too much for healthcare though, for DH and I and his kids, it is 1700 a month. We have a married doctor that works for us, she has no children, and pays close to a thousand a month. It is just crazy. Impossible to pay for lots of people. Thats why we have so many uninsured. Employers can no longer afford to pay for total coverage.

  23. cat Says:

    thats the good thing here – if you're sick, you'll get treated in the public system. And its a good system. Overworked and understaffed, but it works most of the time. You could wait for a while for something like a knee replacement though.

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