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The Programme – day Three September 24, 2008

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Day three of the bikini body programme. Woke up at 3am starving. Think my stomach is eating itself.

No, not really. The reason I was starving is because I didn't eat the fish I cooked for dinner so I only had vegetables. I didn't eat the fish because it had a slightly off toxic smell to it. But I still gave it to Daz. I was expecting him to wake up through the night complaining about food poisoning. But he didn't, so guess it was ok after all. And it had a steak like texture. I like my fish soft and flaky thanks. Actually I like my fish to be salmon.

I'm also hoping the programme helps my arthritis. I have arthritis in my left thumb and pointer finger. I didn't know it was arthritis, I just thought it was something that would eventually get better and go away. But I asked the doctor about it when I was there for the fainting episode and he told me it was probably arthritis and to try some tablets for two weeks and see if they helped. After taking them the first day I could notice a difference. Hardly any pain at all. So I went to bed and flexed and twisted them around and of course the next day they were all stiff and sore. So I haven't done that again. However after taking them for four days now I can open doors and turn dials and open cans and all other exciting things that you take for granted, that last week would have almost make me cry in pain. You don't realise, as a right handed person, how much you use your left thumb and pointer. The tablets are called mobic by the way. Is it tomatoes that are bad for arthritis?

And I was just reading the paper while I had my breakfast and I really think Kenny Rogers should have a good hard look at himself in the mirror. Of course he probably wouldn't know who he was looking at. Too much work Kenny, those eyes look slightly ridiculous.

5kms again this morning – gettin' easier every time. Face not such a bright shade of red.

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19 Responses to “The Programme – day Three”

  1. Emjay Says:

    LOL giving the "test" fish to Daz! I think wives the world over know this trick! Does wine or vodka feature in your bikini body diet?

  2. cat Says:

    lol, he has a pretty weak stomach as well.
    Wine and Vodka will only feature on Fridays and Saturdays. In a big way. I'm sure wine makes my throat worse anyway.

  3. Karen Lynn Says:

    Way to go! LOL @ the fish story :))

  4. cat Says:

    it was awful – and it looked so pretty sitting in the display. Crimson snapper.

  5. Candy Sparks Says:

    yeah i'm running tomorrow too…


  6. Waterbaby Says:

    count me in on the running. to the nearest beer. as a sympathy for your non-drinking diet plight.

  7. cat Says:

    Well the whole non drinking thing is not going to last. I don't smoke, I don't swear (well ok, just a little) I don't eat much in the way of processed crap and I don't push old ladies over on the street. So I figure if having a drink is the only vice I have, well I'm not giving it up. I was just having a moment of panic when the doctor told me my blood pressure was high – had visions of myself ending up like my father (seriously fucked up) after a stroke. I'm hoping the positive effects of exercise balance out the negative effects of alcohol. Now, what time is it, 4.30pm, almost 5 o'clock, cocktail hour.

  8. Waterbaby Says:

    whew. you had me worried. you can take this health kick only so far before the good behavior kills ya.

  9. kalita Says:

    Tomatoes can make your athritis worse – as can anything acidic (ie. all the tasty things I like to eat) – but it varies from person to person. You might be lucky :)Alcohol probably isn't good for it either, although it does have excellent pain-numbing properties. I prescribe more vodka, not less! (You shouldn't drink much with NSAIDs – which Mobic is – anyway, and eventually they give you stomach ulcers! Yay)Take some fish-oil tablets. They really do work for osteoarthritis, but unfortuanly not for mine 😦

  10. cat Says:

    I eat a lot of tomato – might cut it and see if it makes a difference. Stomach ulcers, I knew I should have read the leaflet that came with them. Is that only if you have alcohol with them or just anyway.

  11. Christine Says:

    Oh – I hate going to bed hungry! And I'm totally with you on Kenny Rogers! The man does not look human any more. I saw him on TV recently, and didn't recognize him at all!

  12. Steve Betz Says:

    "I didn't eat the fish because it had a slightly off toxic smell to it. But I still gaveit to Daz." — that's awesome. True love.

  13. Think my stomach is eating itself.
    LOL. Absence of protein I would agree.

  14. cat Says:

    lol, oh I'm sure you've been used as a tester many times over the years. I shall research the oxalates (sounds like an exercise, a spin off of pilates maybe) – imagine leafy greens being bad for you.

  15. cat Says:

    lol – I know, he must be coming to tour australia soon because I saw an ad in the paper and he doesn't look at all like himself. He used to have quite a nice craggy sort of face. Now you have to wonder if he can shut his eyes when he sleeps.

  16. Jaffnut Says:

    Congrats on the running…'s a great feeling when it starts feeling easier isn't it?

  17. cat Says:

    yes, great feeling. This morning I was feeling it though and I'm sure its because we had a big weekend, lots of food and wine, not much sleep, it really makes a difference.

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