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fringes, fathers and fat thighs September 20, 2008

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So remember I had that fringe cut in earlier in the year? Well I decided to grow it out, not because I didn't like it, just because. And now it's sitting right in the corner of my eye all the time. So its time for bobby pins. I had Lizzie take some photos of me on friday because I hadn't had any taken for a while. I've always hated having my photo taken but I always feel like I should have a recent decent one in case I go missing.



In this one you can see how grey my roots are. They're really only in that one strip of fringe. (Well thats what I like to believe anyway) If I let them come through I'd look like Cruella De Vil. Or the baddie  from Captain Planet.




And then I decided I needed to dig out one of those Bikini Body diets they always have in magazines when summer comes around. Because I have cellulite thighs. I don't know what I did to deserve them. Because I actually have quite skinny legs, and it doesn't seem fair. But I found one. It says at the top that the calorie amount is suitable for a 60kg woman. What 60kg woman needs to be on a diet for gods sake. Thats only about 130 pounds. Anyway I need to stock up on protein powder.

Today I'm going to visit my father for his birthday so if someone could just come and shoot me now please that would save a lot of trouble. Solve the thigh problem as well. He sits at one end of the house and my mother sits at the other end and they yell at each other. You never get to sit and talk to both of them at the same time. You have to travel between them. At least they have lots of wine. They even have a fridge in the bathroom full of wine.

I wonder if wine is on the bikini body diet.


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24 Responses to “fringes, fathers and fat thighs”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    What 60kg woman needs to be on a diet for gods sake. I'll tell you. A woman who's 5 feet tall or less. Unless she's an all-star all-muscle athlete. Or rides the rodeo. She can weigh whatever she wishes, she'll get no diet advice from me unless requested. Speaking of diets, will there be cake at this shouting shindig?

  2. cat Says:

    No cake – we have never been a family of cake eaters. Or sweets at all really.

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    ah yes, i recollect a mention along those lines. well then, happy birthday with candles on a steak?

  4. Emjay Says:

    LOL! Have a nice day! (BIG smile!).

  5. cat Says:

    a sausage – he wants a barbequed sausage.

  6. Paxton Says:

    A very cute cut. You don't post pictures of yourself enough.

  7. cat Says:

    aww thanks Paxton – well you know I am quite shy.

  8. Emjay Says:

    LOL!! When did you get shy? πŸ™‚ They are nice photos of you though.

  9. cat Says:

    ha ha – she cut the top of my head off in most of them and now I look I'm not sure they're really suitable for a missing person ad.

  10. SweetMisery Says:

    Very nice photo. I do hate the bobby pin stage.

  11. Candy Sparks Says:

    well love i'm more like 168… so um… ha ha… anyways wine is great… and have fun… i love the photos you look great!


  12. cat Says:

    lol – yes it seems to take ages to get past that stage

  13. cat Says:

    Wine is great – thats a good slogan

  14. Karen Lynn Says:

    Hiya Cat! Nice to meet you! You are so pretty :)) And…I don't see ANY gray! Have fun with your parents … LOL @ them shouting back and forth!

  15. homebody Says:

    You are lovely, with or without fringe!

  16. cat Says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  17. cat Says:

    well you can't see it because I'm pretty good at hiding it – it's daughters you know that give you grey hair. Oh you can so – right near my head on the left at the top – it's really white!!

  18. Jaffnut Says:

    I think the cellulite is an age thing. I'm around 62kg and 177cm (which is by no means big) and noticed some bumpy bits starting to appear in my thighs as I hit my 40's. I solve the problem with board shorts πŸ˜‰

  19. cat Says:

    yes – I'd consider that thin!! Doesn't seem fair.

  20. Karen Lynn Says:

    Yes I know what you mean about where they come from lol…seriously, it looks blond not gray! :))

  21. cat Says:

    lol – I'm doin' my best

  22. Steve Betz Says:

    It's good to see you! You look great, I think.

  23. cat Says:

    a little wine is the problem though, I think I'll just become a binge drinker instead. Big Saturday nights then lay off it through the week.

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