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keep the faith September 15, 2008

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I usually use Krylon sprays on the tiles I make. But I'm always on the look out for other products because you never know when something better may come along. And recently I was asked to make some tiles that will hang outside, they'll be under cover, but outdoors. And I'd been trying another brand of spray that I'd been liking so I thought I'd write to them and ask some questions. Told them about the tiles and coasters, which of their products I was thinking about using, what they thought.

And they sent me back an email that said  - we wouldn't recommend any of our products for any of your projects.

I feel like writing back and telling them they should have more faith. Because I made one a while ago using their sprays and its hanging outside on my wall, it's been through fog and rain and sun and it's doing beautifully. Funny thing is though they've put me off it. Made me doubt it. I'll stick to the krylon.


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One Response to “keep the faith”

  1. wow, that is great customer service……

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