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imploding August 29, 2008

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I fainted last night.

Thats something new.

I woke up and thought I heard Kimba crying at about midnight. So I got up and walked down the hallway and when I got to her door I heard she was on the phone. And then I felt really sick and thought I'd go back to bed. When I got to my door I felt all fuzzy and said – I need to get into bed fast. Then down I went. I was awake the whole time. But it was like when you see those buildings slowly collapse. I just crumbled gently to the floor and couldn't do anything about it. Well it was gentle until the part where my head smacked into the edge of the bedside table. That hurts today. Bruised and sore. Also a bruised leg and sore finger.

I got into bed afterwards and started wondering if I'd had a mini stroke. I was wishing I'd paid more attention to that email that keeps coming around telling you what you should check for after a dizzy fall to see if you should get to a hospital. But I could talk and move my arms and my smile wasn't crooked. So who knows.

When Daz woke up I said to him – I fainted last night. After I told him he said he was watching TV and he heard a big bang and he went to look around to see what it was.

So apart from that – I'm going shopping for a laptop today. I have two orders of magnets now as well that need to be printed out and I don't want to keep the people waiting.

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37 Responses to “imploding”

  1. Emjay Says:

    Is that your excuse for not replying to my email? I have to say that's a pretty good excuse though! LOL – you checking everything was still working. I thought I was having a heart attack once but didn't want to wake anyone up so I sat on the couch trying to take my pulse!! Hope you are feeling better?

  2. LeendaDLL Says:

    passing out with eyes open is such a bizarre experience. only happened to me when i was suffering from combo of physical exhaustion & stress.hope you're okay. enjoy the new laptop! (you can use it to google stroke symptoms)

  3. cat Says:

    I don't think I had a reply to your email. The only shop that would have macs is about 250 kilometres away anyway.
    I have a sore head. Left temple and back about half way. You know there was a woman in cessnock a dew weeks back who fainted in the shower and died when her head hit the tiles. I thought it would be a shame if someone had to find me dead beside the bed.

  4. cat Says:

    yes – it's like you can feel and see it all happening but you can't stop it. I've never had it happen before.
    lol – my doctor told me you should never google symptoms – you end up thinking you have all kinds of weird things. My sister does that. I usually prefer to live in denial.

  5. Emjay Says:

    The guy who co-wrote 100 Things to Do before you Die – died last week when he fell and hit his head in his home. He was only 47! (he hadn't done half the things either!). Perhaps you should go to the doctor.

  6. LeendaDLL Says:

    one of my neighbors posted a catchy little 4-point commercial, from canada, of stroke symptoms (when to go to the hospital vs when it's not needed). Of course, despite how catchy it was, I can't remember the 4-letter acronym in order to find it now.

  7. LeendaDLL Says:

    Ahh… I love avoiding work.The acronym is FAST and here's the Vox link.

  8. Waterbaby Says:

    maybe get it checked out.

  9. cat Says:

    I'll have to wait until Monday now (no doctors on weekends, unless you get rushed into the hospital that is). I was just thinking it might have something to do with my ear. For a few weeks now my left ear has felt funny, like it has something in there -maybe that put my balance off. I hope its not a nest of spiders, or a cockroach.

  10. cat Says:

    lol – well I've never had it accompanied to music before. I'll never remember it. Its like the little ditty about CPR. I can never remember that. if I had to give anyone mouth to mouth and heart pumping I'd be there hovering over them trying to remember it.

  11. cat Says:

    thats funny – in a tragic way.

  12. homebody Says:

    Oh Cat, that is scary. I hope you get it checked out.
    I used to faint often as a kid for no apparent reason and my parents never took me to a doctor about it that I remember. It happened twice as an adult. The first time I was exhausted and hungry and dehydrated, and just as I was about to bite into a sandwich in a cafe, I slid down the bench seat and woke up surrounded by fire and rescue man and fellow diners. (My dining partner apparently stopped me from crashing onto the floor.) The second time was in the middle of a crowded subway train in Washington, D.C. I remember that awareness that "I'm going to faint and there is nothing I can do about it." I think I was holding onto a stanchion/pole and probably slid into another passenger. I'm sure it caused all kinds of train delays for commuters that day. I went to the doctor after that incident and she said it was probably from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance and low blood pressure. Salt and fluids were advised (with soup being ideal). I was so excited to be able to indulge my salt cravings.

  13. LeendaDLL Says:

    Then you're in luck – you're not supposed to do the mouth-to-mouth anymore, just the heart pumping. Some study figured out the m2m part wasn't beneficial.

  14. Waterbaby Says:

    well, if it is, you'll be sure to blog on it, right?

  15. Emjay Says:

    I'm sorry you fainted on our Metro – it tends to make a lot of us feel like that! LOL. I'm sure it did cause delays – they usually make all the passengers get off and leave the sick person on the train. They then make announcements that go around the entire system saying there is a "delay on the (green) line due to a sick customer" …. and we affected people all roll our eyes at each other and say "why don't they just take the sick person off"? I am terrified of getting sick on our metro LOL. I read a report last year which said the single biggest cause of delays on New York trains was due to women fainting.

  16. cat Says:

    oh yeah – with photos

  17. homebody Says:

    That's interesting (and rather horrifying — why is it so faint-inducing?) about the NYC system. Perhaps smelling salts will come back in fashion.

  18. Ouch! Hope all is okay. Low blood pressure can cause fainting.

  19. cat Says:

    lol – well there you go, I'd kill them anyway. Thats sounds strange. You'd assume air was slightly essential.

  20. cat Says:

    that must have been pretty scary – I wouldn't like it to be a random common thing. I must remember to stay away from sharp hard surfaces until I get to the doctor. And public transport.

  21. cat Says:

    Except for a sore head things seem pretty normal. Of course every one still sits at the other end of the house yelling at me (because apparently I know where everything is and what everyone is doing) and I have to yell back at them that helloooo, I have a head injury please, I can't do anything today.

  22. Jaffnut Says:

    You are having a terrible run aren't you Cat? I hope your bumps and bruises aren't causing you too much discomfort. It sounds as though you live out in the sticks having no local doctors available on the weekend and no Apple retailers for 250ks away.

  23. cat Says:

    Nah, I'm right thanks. It's almost impossible to see a doctor through the week. They are booked solid and you just about have to be on your death bed to get in. And we aren't too far in the sticks but just far enough I guess. Some good news though – I bought a new laptop today. And guess what, I just had an email from computer man saying my old one is fixed and coming home tomorrow. TYPICAL!!! Anyway I have three teenagers so I'm sure it'll get plenty of use. And my new one is so, well, new, and nice.

  24. Ninja Says:

    Probably low blood pressure or something. Best to go see a quack and get it checked out anyway. No excuse in this day and age to NOT know.

  25. Jaffnut Says:

    What sort of laptop did you get & with what config? I'm going to be in the market sometime this year for a new one, although I'm thinking of switching to a Mac. I'll be using my new laptop mainly for photo & video editing, & blogging related stuff. Most of my friends are advising me to stick with PC, whereas lots of my USA online friends suggest Mac. Who knows. I think you can get more bang for your buck with a PC, if you can put up with the system crashes etc.

  26. cat Says:

    I do have low blood pressure but I always have and its never caused a problem. But I do have a few things to ask the doc about so will add it. I usually go once a year with my list. I was put off last year though after the mysterious throat problem that still remains undiagnosed. Just get sent for test after test, one specialist after the other, bla bla bla. Lol though, must admit I don't like the thought of death by bedside table. And I was wondering today how people can survive terrible car accidents where the head and brain are exposed to huge trauma yet someone else can fall over, hit their head and drop dead!

  27. cat Says:

    well lets see – I'm very un techno. But it is a Toshiba. It has intel centrino 2 (which is apparently good) and 2.00GHz and 2GB Ram and and comes with 225GB. Does that make sense. I basically just use it for photo editing, photoshop, word and publisher, internet and email. People rave about macs but I'm not that into computers so I probably wouldn't appreciate their greatness. This one seems nice enough for me. Got it from Harvey Norman.It says its a satellite A300

  28. cat Says:

    oh and it has bluetooth as well whatever I do with that. And it has fingerprint recognition but I'm not game to use that – anyway no one else uses my computer. My daughter was messing around with it this arvo and I told her if she accidently set up the fingerprint recognition I'd have to cut her finger off and keep it in the freezer. It also has a webcam although people always look pretty hideous in them. 4 usb ports and all kinds of card slots I haven't looked at yet.

  29. Jaffnut Says:

    It sounds like it's an ideal setup for what you are going to use it for. I wouldn't say I'm all that computer savvy, but I think the 2GHz is the speed of it's processor, the RAM is it's working/operating memory, and the 225GB is it's storage memory. From what I understand, it is the combination of the RAM and the processor's speed which determines the operating speed of the system. Anyway, I know a few people with a Toshiba Satellite who have been happy with them, so hopefully you'll have no problems with it. It's always so much fun when you get a new toy like that isn't it. Enjoy!!

  30. Raymond Says:

    Sounds like you're not examining the first part of your experience. "I woke up and thought I heard Kimba crying " , sometimes concern for a loved one takes precedence over our own welfare. Can in fact, cause the most amazing behaviors. I once read of a woman who's child was pinned underneath a car, the woman lifted the car, a neighbor pulled the child free. And of course, lots of people with initials after their name had lots of opinions after the fact. But…who really knows why? The article did cite a number of 'eyewitness acount', well, enough to suggest to me that it wasn't a made up thing.
    You may not even have been awake. You might sleep, but it doesn't mean your concern or fears take a vacation. Your reaction to a percieved concern or possible danger seems to be more reasonable a possibility than wondering if your blood sugar is too low, or whatever. Certainly, you might well ask a professional…and I hope you will. But I think you may also glean an understanding of these events and the causes by starting at the root motivator of your experience.

  31. I have fainted before and it is so scary! I never hurt myself too badly, except when I was a teen and bruised my tailbone in the fall. That hurt for a long time. Were you dehydrated? Maybe you should go see a doctor, even if it is to tell you everything is fine.

  32. cat Says:

    errr well I may have been slighlty dehydrated as I had a few glasses of wine. But I have to say that had nothing to do with it because, terrible as this may sound, I have a few wines most nights. I will go to the doctor anyway as I have a weird thumb that has no strength in it as well.
    Ouch the tailbone. I slipped in the bath once as a teen and hit my tailbone on the edge of the bath and my back as never been much good since.

  33. cat Says:

    I totally agree with you. Because I've never had it happen before. I think I heard the cying and woke up too quickly then jumped out of bed too quickly as well. See, bloody kids, hurt you in all kinds of ways. But I still have to go to the doc about a funny thumb so I'll ask him about it.

  34. Farfaraway Says:

    Yikes! That sounds scary!
    I have low blood pressure and sometimes I come very close to fainting…it's always frightening because I know it's happening but there isn't anything I can do about it except try to grab something. I have yet to hit the floor, thank goodness!
    I hope you go to the doctor, though, and I hope it's nothing serious.

  35. Good Luck at the Doctor.The Bathtub?!? EEEK!!!

  36. cat Says:

    that was the strange part – not being able to stop it. But next time I get that woozy feeling I'll sit on the floor. I sat down and had a shower yesterday!! Always reading about people falling in the shower and killing themselves.

  37. Farfaraway Says:

    Yes, don't kill yourself in the shower!! You're right, LOL, people do die there all the time!!

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