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Brain Power August 27, 2008

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I've been back to the old peoples home a couple of times. Old people must feel the cold because they have it bloody hot in there. I always leave feeling dehydrated.

But its been good. I just go around and talk to people or read the paper to them and help them on the computer. One woman loves the computer and gets a lot of emails but she didn't know how to forward emails. That was a bit sad actually. I thought, do your kids get so damn busy that they don't even have the time to show you how to forward an email. Anyway I showed her and left some written notes and told her to email me if she had any problems. She sent me an email saying thank you and how much she appreciated the help and how I hadn't made her feel stupid.

Because I've noticed that people do tend to talk to old people as if they're stupid. They do if to my father. And he probably does look a bit stupid because he's had a stroke and he's all crooked. And though he may be cranky and difficult and stubborn he is definitely not stupid. But people tend to talk to him VERY LOUDLY and in a manner that
would make you assume he was a five year old with a particularly bad learning disability.

He was in hospital recently and I sent Daz to visit him and he said he could hear a few nurses yelling at Dad when he was walking down the hallway. They were telling him he was being difficult and that he wasn't trying. And then they were talking about him in front of him instead of talking to him. They were saying he wasn't trying because he wouldn't sit on the edge of the bed like they wanted him to. Well he only has one side that works so it's hard at the best of times to balance on the edge of a bed. So Dad got Daz to pick him up and carry him to a chair and they all freaked out because you're not allowed to lift people. Nurses won't even lift people any more because of a bad back policy they have. So they told Dad he'd have to sit in the chair all day until the machine came to lift him back into bed but he said bugger that and told Daz to lift him back into bed. Then he told them if they all just stopped yelling at him and spoke to him like a normal person everything would be much better.

Thats all anyone wants really, to be treated with a bit of respect.

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14 Responses to “Brain Power”

  1. Emjay Says:

    Can you send Daz over to lift me around? LOL. You are absolutely right though – everyone deserves respect and being treated decently. It upsets me to think of people telling him he is not trying – if he was not trying he would not have survived all these years. He is one determined old guy who has refused to give up but there are now some things that just take a bit longer or are too hard for him to do.

  2. cat Says:

    I think he'd had gall stones for a month as well at that stage. And his mind is definitely willing even though his body isn't.

  3. Raymond Says:

    I too think that you are right on! Old people are not really hard of hearing, they are simply tired of understanding stupidity. I hope he is being contrary! That tells me he is still a fighter and too stubburn to give in. There just isn't a sadder sight than when older people simply give up. Hope your Dad continues to rage into the dying of the light…

  4. cat Says:

    Oh he definitely will rage on. I expect him to outlive all of us. The stroke he had over twenty years ago would have killed most people but it was pure pig headedness on his part that pulled him through. And he still has a good sense of humour – that helps.

  5. Worker Says:

    Cat,that is horrid, I don't get why people think that if your old you shouldn't be treated like all otehr adults I am sure those nurses wouldn't speak to some male in his 30's like that.Good on your guy for being so respectful !!!

  6. cat Says:

    They don't seem to realise that they'll be old and maybe not so well one day. Then they'll know what its like.
    My guy should have been a nurse! I keep telling him he should go and train as one.

  7. Waterbaby Says:

    D**n the insensitives and clods and jerks! They in particular need to find work **that doesn't involve kindness and respect to the elderly!!***

  8. cat Says:

    yes – a bit of empathy wouldn't go astray. I wonder why people go into the industry if they don't actually care about the people. If these people took the time to talk to my father they'd find he is an intelligent, funny man. And not just him of course. At the hostel I volunteer at I've made friends with a 96 year old woman and she is such a hoot. Such a sense of humour.

  9. Waterbaby Says:

    couldn't even venture a guess. the elderly are overlooked on so many levels, it only goes to show what an immature society we are.

  10. I agree, people tend to speak to older people like they are children. They have lived way more life than I have, therefore have a bit more knowledge about life. ugh… I hate seeing my mother speak to my grandpa, she talks to him like he is two.

  11. cat Says:

    It must be so annoying for you grandfather – for all of them. And people speak so loudly and sloooowly.

  12. Jaffnut Says:

    I work with people with acquired brain injuries, which includes stroke and plenty of elderly people, and unfortunately what you write about is very common. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. It really irks me when I see people talking unecessarily loudly and/or slowly to the elderly or people with a brain injury.

  13. cat Says:

    At the hostel where I volunteer, I have met the nicest, funniest people. And they are OLD. You basically live there until you die. But you only have to sit and talk to them for five minutes to see they're just like you.

  14. YES!!!! It has to be! I am gonna try to remember to tell my family that I am old not a toddler. My lovely Grandpa never complains.

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