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the fair hair affair August 26, 2008

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Those are not words that you really want to hear from your hairdresser while she's rinsing your hair.

I heard them this morning.

After OH SHIT – came – Thats not good.

When my friendly home hairdresser arrived she had a plan. It involved more bleach than usual to blend in those grey roots and get rid of those last few pesky black bits underneath. She had done it on a friend over the weekend and it had been a big success.

Unlike the hairdressing salon where they keep you well away from all mirrors until they tone down any problems, she took me straight to the bathroom mirror to view the full glory of my new white and yellow hair.

So it was back to the chair to put some colour back into it and a few dark foils for good measure and some ash on the ends to round things off.

I said – I'm not going to end up like a tortoise shell cat am I? and – My hair isn't going to fall out is it?

But it all ended up ok, with just a slightly tender scalp.  And the blonding process is back on track. And she said she knows now that I could go REALLY blonde if I wanted to.

I think I'll put a treatment in it and leave it alone for a few days.

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12 Responses to “the fair hair affair”

  1. LeendaDLL Says:

    a male friend let a female friend (a professional hairstylist) try to give him blonde highlights. for some reason, she thought a highlighting cap would be a great idea (he had really short hair). He ended up with leopard spots. And EIGHT more colorings (all full process – no veggie/temp colors) before they finally "fixed" everything. He was lucky to still have hair. Even luckier that he didn't know that it could have fallen out from over processing.Another professional hairstylist friend experimented on herself – going from plat blonde to red… and ended up easter egg purple. We got photos before I would take her to the supply store to get another color. Then I freaked cause she kept picking reds with purple undertones (she had to be minorly colorblind). I helped her pick something that left her a deep, rich, red – which I loved but she hated. A couple days later she processed it a 3rd time, to something she liked.As for me, I do my own and if it gets screwed up, it gets screwed up. the end.glad yours worked out!

  2. cat Says:

    lol – those caps are awful things. My hair is so thick they don't sit close enough to my scalp so I have instant regrowth.
    She said to me – you can see how people get in trouble doing their own hair at home. And I was thinking well I'm in trouble and you're a hairdresser! Luckily we both had a sense of humour about it. Unlike the time I let a friend perm my hair. I cried for about a week after that.
    There aren't too many hair disasters that can't be covered or fixed in some way.

  3. none Says:

    Oh no! Then Oh good! And now how bout a pic? 😉

  4. cat Says:

    yes, it was a roller coaster ride
    maybe a pic in a couple of days.

  5. W*ROX Says:

    I've heard that before.."I lighten really easily" – sometimes they get those foils going and it makes me nervous. I think to myself I look like a Martian now…how do we (stylist & I) know what exactly is going to come from this?!?I am glad you faired well in the outcome.

  6. cat Says:

    My main aim when hitting the bleach bottle is to avoid ending up looking like one of those old blonde barmaids. I'm suprised it doesn't feel much drier after its hard day. At least it didn't do that thing where it turns to jelly! I had that happen once.

  7. none Says:

    I used to looove rollercoaster rides…but that's your hair!They cut mine too short, oh wellOh goodie!

  8. LeendaDLL Says:

    I got a perm from a professional, about 20 years ago, and still haven't psychologically recovered! You know the Kathy (comic) "Stress" poster, where her hair is making a big half circle? Someone wrote my name over it.

  9. cat Says:

    hairdressers don't know the meaning of the word trim. I've never asked for a trim and not come out with a cut.

  10. none Says:

    yeah no doubt! I bet you look though! 😉

  11. Sooz Says:

    definitely worth an Oh Shit! Pics please.

  12. cat Says:

    Might take some pics on the weekend. It's not very exciting at the moment because after she put the darker colour on it to save it, it made it look just like it was before. I think I've actually gone back a step in the blonding process.

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