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Vox Hunt: Going for Gold August 25, 2008

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Share with us your favorite Olympic moment.

One favourite – thats hard.

Well the TV Channel that broadcast the games here only thought it was worth showing an event if it had an australian in it, so I could have missed my favourite moment.

But if I had to pick it may be australian diver Mathew Mitchum, who was crying with joy (he called it blubbering like a baby) because he thought he'd won a silver medal, only to discover he'd won gold. His reaction was nice.

I'd just like to say that I think water polo could possibly be the most boring sport I've ever watched. Way too much water involved for my liking.

But volleyball – now they're hot. Men and women. Not beach volleyball. Just volleyball.

And I'd also like to say that I  don't think I've ever seen an ordinary looking russian female athlete. They are all gorgeous.

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10 Responses to “Vox Hunt: Going for Gold”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    i'll trade you a seat at the volleyball sidelines for one beside water polo any day of the week, any week of the month …

  2. I was goign to post about him too. Wasn't he the one that quit with depression a few years back and is now out and proud and a great role model for young gay men?

  3. cat Says:

    well I don't really want to sit at the volleyball either – I just to look at the people who play it.

  4. cat Says:

    Thats him, although he did say he would like to be known as the good diver, not the gay diver.

  5. Yeah, I know. I still think it is good though (ie, bullying towards and depression amongst gay young people still a huge issue – nice to have some good, confident role models to give them a bit of hope).

  6. Waterbaby Says:

    lol. the offer still stands.

  7. I saw the diver you are talking about. I liked seeing people win who were genuinely happy and proud of themselves. Sort of like seeing a little kid at Christmas. 🙂

  8. cat Says:

    yes – it's just a natural reaction. Some of the sports stars today are so media wise that their after event interviews seem a bit plastic and rehearsed. Nice to see someone just being themselves.

  9. Steve Betz Says:

    I saw the performance and win by that diver — its one of those sort of stories that shake even my cynical heart.
    I remember the old Cold War days of Eastern Bloc women athletes looking like unibrow-freaks — I agree, they look great — and I go a little crazy for the accent. Just sayin.

  10. cat Says:

    oh he was so sweet it would be impossible not to like him and his reaction. We're all like that here you know.
    lol re the accent, a russion pole vaulter came to australia and competed for australia and she had the best accent. She went on dancing with the stars and she'd say things like – 'twaz fun, yes. Could always imagine her flogging some poor guy in the Gulag while she said it.

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