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mace mace baby August 19, 2008

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In the american based novel I'm reading, the young girl has just gone into a 99 cent store and bought a can of mace spray.

I'm very happy for her. Although its a novel, I'm presuming a young girl in the US could do this.

You can't do it here in Australia. It's illegal for anyone other than the police to carry mace spray.

I have two young gorgeous daughters and I thought I'd get them some. I'd seen little cans of it in a US magazine and they looked like little funky lipstick tubes. But the best you can do here is a small alarm that you can put on your keyring and I guess it makes such a big scary noise it scares the rapist away.

Kimba works in quite an isolated area. Recently she had to stay late on her own as the computer system was down so she couldn't reconcile the day and leave until she'd fixed it. All the other shops in the area had closed. While she was there a man came and started bashing on the door. He was crying and yelling at her that he knew she had stolen his dog. So she went over to the door and said she didn't have his dog but that she had seen the security guards take it with them when they left (because he had left it tied up somewhere). Well, she said he went off then. He was crying and walking around screaming out – security guards, where are you? for a while,  then it was quiet.

So she then has to go out and lock up the shop in the dark and walk through an empty mall to the bus stop. Of course she's worried that he may still be out there. And who's to say he's not. He's obviously a little unbalanced and he thinks she's stolen his dog. If she could have had a tube of mace in her hand, she might have felt a little easier.

Then one night she was out and walking between pubs with a guy she'd met and six young idiots ran out of a car park and yelled – give us your money and threw the guy she was with on the ground. She said she just bolted. She said she ran about four blocks until she came to a 24 hour reception motel and she went in there and told the woman but she said it wasn't any point ringing the police because they don't do anything anyway. I was scouring the paper the next day to make sure there was no mention of a body found in the area!

Mace may not have been any good in that situation if they had decided to go after her but it's still better than nothing. I really feel young women should be able to have something like that. I'd like some myself. I'm sure we're not all going to go mace mad and spray every man in sight. I guess self defence classes are the best we can do.

Anyway here's a nice photo of Kimba that Lizzie took for school photography. I was trying for a cross processed kind of effect. My money mind you – she never has any.


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13 Responses to “mace mace baby”

  1. none Says:

    Oh yeah you can buy and carry mace here…I've never seen any in a 99 or dollar store though. If i could without getting into trouble i would send you all some!Yes they are Cat! (gorgeous)! I hope the stay safe!Humm what an interesting name (Kimba) Please be careful out there!Personally, When/if someone's pushes me someday, me or whom I'm with or see someone being assaulted or for whatever reason …I'm waiting…Just give me a reason! to kick their asses! Punks! ( I used to be quite the scrapper in school đŸ˜‰

  2. cat Says:

    so do a lot of people carry mace? And do they all go crazy with it and spray people for no reason??
    A lot of assualts go on these days – groups of kids out drinking on the streets looking for people to harrass.
    Yes I'm sure the customs man would be on to the mace if I tried to get it overseas. Anyway if she had it illegally and used it on someone, she'd probably be the one to get in trouble.

  3. Emjay Says:

    Many women I work with have mace in their bags – mind you, I think some of them might have little pistols too! I have thought about getting some mace but I might be more likely to spray myself! Can you get capsicum spray there legally?

  4. cat Says:

    lol – yes I always check I have the fly spray nozzle pointing the right way. No you can't get capsicum spray – although the police have gone off with it since they started using it. Cracked it out at the australian open this year.

  5. none Says:

    NO not at all Not that I have heard of.In the Bigger city near here there is a curfew in effect for teens, that helps.Yeah of course. Yet what self defensive options are there? I see nothing wrong with making mase legal there. Better yet Tazers!

  6. cat Says:

    lol – oh yeah, I'd love a taser!!

  7. That does sound very scary (not to mention bad OHS practice on the part of the employer). I think the problem with making any of those self defence devices widely available is that people would use them for offensive rather than defensive purposes. Also the possibility of an attacker turning it on the person who is using it to defend themselves. My daughter is doing Kung Fu and they learn lots of self defence tricks in that. When she gets more advanced, she will be learning things like how to disarm someone with a knife etc. I am really pleased that she is doing this and hoping she will be very competent indeed by the time she is a teenager.
    Nice photo too, by the way.

  8. cat Says:

    I don't know that everyone would go mad with it. There are always going to be stupid people who do but it can be dangerous out there for young women and they should be able to defend themselves in some way. And its not like its a gun.
    I did self defence classes and learnt a lot of tips and tricks and one of the first things they tell you is that one on one a man is just about always going to be stronger than a woman. You're probably not going to be able to beat him without going for eyes, throat, balls type of tactics. Maybe they should teach it in high school. They used to offer it as a sport option here but I don't think they do anymore.

  9. They learn those kind of tactics in my daughter's Kung Fu as well. Also screaming and running. A lot of people actually feel inhibited about screaming when they are being attacked. I also remember being told that it is preferable to scream "Fire!" rarher than "Rape!" as people more likely to come out and have a look!

  10. cat Says:

    I've heard the fire not rape thing as well – but I don't think anyone wants to get involved in anything at all anymore. People want to hear and see nothing. I call it the sargeant schultz defence.

  11. Horrible, isn't it? I don't think it is a modern day phenomenum particularly. I remember being harrassed on public transport as a teenager and all the other passengers just looking the other way.

  12. none Says:

    Yeah! one of those kinds that shoots the darts and tase him again and again!

  13. cat Says:

    lol – wow, thats impressive. Wonder why a sporting shop.

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