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The Traveller August 10, 2008

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So last week Lloyd had been to Venice and Vienna, which he said is his favourite place so far. He had been to Prague, where he told me they went into the woods one night for a good meal, dancing and drinking. I'm left wondering if he's joined a cult. 

He had a visit to Hundertwasser House which is a pretty amazing place in Vienna. Its a bright, quirky apartment building with uneven floors, an earth and grass roof and trees growing in rooms out the windows.



Since then he's been to Munich, (maybe a visit to a beer hall), then on to the Swiss Alps for a couple of days and a train trip through the Eiger Mountain.



Then it was back to Germany and a visit to Heidelberg and a trip to Lorelei. Had to look Lorelei up. Apparently Lorelei was a beautiful young maiden who committed suicide because of an unfaithful lover, by jumping from the rock. She then became a siren, luring shipmen to their deaths with her hypnotising voice.



Then he went over the Dutch border to Amsterdam. Hmmmm. They were going to a cheese farm, because his girlfriend is a mad cheese fan. He actually gave her a cheese platter for her christmas present last year.

Hard to believe a month has gone already.

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14 Responses to “The Traveller”

  1. Wow what fun he is having – so jealous.
    I am a cheese freak too and would be over the moon to receive a cheese platter as a gift!

  2. Karen Lynn Says:

    Great shots! Is he home now? How come you didn't go too?

  3. Emjay Says:

    That house in Vienna looks amazing! You know when I was in Amsterdam I have to say that I did not see much cheese …….. but then we didn't actually go out in the countryside.

  4. none Says:

    Woa waay cool places!LOL@wondering if he's joined a cult.

  5. gcgal Says:

    Wow I can't believe it's been a month already! He's certainly going to some fantastic places!! LOL @ Amsterdam 😉

  6. cat Says:

    They sure are packing in a lot of things. Yes, won't be asking too many questions about amsterdam.

  7. cat Says:

    yes I asked him if they'd sacrificed a goat while they were out there but I haven't heard from him since.

  8. cat Says:

    They were going to Edam, where you'd presume there'd be a bit of cheese.

  9. cat Says:

    Lloyd is my 18 year old son. Unfortunately he didn't want mum hanging around with him. He doesn't come back until Novbember. Still has a bit more europe then the USA to go.

  10. cat Says:

    Don't think I'm a big Edam fan but I was envious at the thought of him in France eating "real" brie and camembert – not the plastic stuff I have to get from the supermarket.

  11. none Says:

    oh no! Well you will notice a big change when he gets back.

  12. gcgal Says:

    LOL I don't blame you! I think they're getting great value for money though with the places they're visiting!

  13. Aubrey Says:

    He actually gave her a cheese platter for her christmas present last year
    That, friends, is Love. For those that Adore the Dairy, a cheese platter is a bit of sliced heaven.
    All in all, such beautiful, unforgettable places.
    Where in the U.S. will he be going?

  14. cat Says:

    It was a large platter as well. It's a wonder she wasn't constipated for months.
    He is going all over – DC, new york, philadelphia, boston, miami, somewhere in texas, LA – sure I've forgotten somewhere.

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