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back it up August 4, 2008

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I have just done the most brilliant reverse park you could hope to see. And it was in the main street. When I got out of the car I actually stood on the footpath for a minute to admire the positioning. I almost stopped a person walking by to say – check that out.

Once when I was 17 and driving around a carload of drunken friends I did a perfect reverse park outside the Forster RSL club, in a tiny space. There was a lot of cheering from everyone. This one was almost as good as that.

It almost made me get over my annoyance at spending two hours in the office trying to reconcile the July accounts. But at least they were out by $ 198.00 which seemed like an actual amount of some thing. Not like when its out by .07 cents or something and you have to go over everything.

Quick Lloyd travel update for the week.

He has been to Verona – home of Romeo and Juliette where he rubbed Juliettes breasts for good luck. Then it was on to Venice, then to Vienna where they stayed a coupe of days. Then off to Prague in the Czech republic.

Remember when you were at school and Czechoslovakia was always in the list of spelling words. I always wondered why we needed to be able to spell it. It was like the king of spelling words. Extra points for knowning that one.

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6 Responses to “back it up”

  1. Design Shark Says:

    I'm impressed with your parking. I remember the first time I ever *really* parallel parked. I wanted to jump around and make people look too. Only I could only get Scott to look. But still, at least someone saw it. 🙂

  2. cat Says:

    When I had my volkswagon I was the champion parker, it'd fit anywhere. The thing I have trouble with is trying to reverse park in a one way street when I'm on the "wrong" side.

  3. Design Shark Says:

    What did you have, a beetle? And now? I have a little Hyundai Tiburon, if you know what that is. Scott's car (a Mazda Escape SUV) is not fun to park, even though it's the same size as my car just taller, but still intimidating. 🙂

  4. cat Says:

    yes I had a little pink beetle. 1960's model. As my three kids grew they found it hard to fit in it so we had to buy a Toyota sedan. its big. We got the biggest one we could because I bred these mutant kids who are all very tall and they needed a lot of leg room. Now two of them have left home though so I'm thinking of downsizing again. Would love another little beetle or maybe a mini.

  5. Design Shark Says:

    A pink one??? Did it come that way or did you paint it? (My car is pink – I had it painted.)"mutant kids" I love it. 🙂

  6. cat Says:

    no I bought it that way from a girl in Sydney.

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