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Vox Hunt: But the real question is… how many of them have been read? August 3, 2008

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Show us your bookcase.
Submitted by Alexandra.

I have two bookcases. Had both of them built in after we bought the house. I always think I'll go through and get rid of some books but I can't part with them. I also have filing cabinets in the garage full of books and there are always piles of books laying around the house, beside the bed and on the kitchen table mainly.

Now I'm trying to save money I go to the library a lot more. Books are expensive here. Over $30 from a bookshop, over $20 from Big W.

Actually now I look at them, if I cleaned them up a bit I'd fit a lot more in them.



And yes I have read them all. Plus thousands more. I borrow and beg them wherever I can from whoever I can. Not steal though.


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8 Responses to “Vox Hunt: But the real question is… how many of them have been read?”

  1. M-----l Says:

    Grrrrr. Your pictures are too small. I can't zoom in on them and read the titles. How am I supposed to judge you if I can't see the titles in your library?! Oh well.(Thanks for posting these. I like looking at other peoples' bookshelves.)

  2. none Says:

    Big collection!

  3. cat Says:

    you can just judge that I'm very messy – they never seemed messy before I saw the photos.

  4. none Says:

    I have a few, funny I like savior them.

  5. gcgal Says:

    LOL I wanted to read what titles you had too! Nice book collection though 🙂

  6. cat Says:

    when I look at them now I see a lot of money I maybe should have spent elsewhere. But our library in town has a very poor selection.

  7. gcgal Says:

    That's the only trouble with a large bookcase, but I thought I could see types of books, the older ones etc.. beautiful!

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