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something wicked this way comes August 2, 2008

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Why is it that as soon as my son heads off overseas, the world goes insane.

Just before he left there was the australian guy bashed and thrown into a fire pitt in California by the homeless men. Now we have that terrible incident where the young australian guy was bashed to death by the bouncers in Greece. Seeing his father on TV last night was very sad. Mistaken identity. Which is such a load of crap. Even if they did think he stole a bag – which he didn't – its not really an excuse to kill him is it.

And I think Lloyd is only making 2 greyhound bus trips. But still. That sure was some freaky shit.

Not to mention the guy who cut his girlfriend up and took some photos of her. WTF people.

I've been having some bad dreams lately due to all this. Plus there was a car accident here through the week and a young mother died and we had some other bad news.

I sometimes feel like finding a small cave somewhere and hiding away from the world. I want to gather my brood and put them back in the safe box I had them in.

You know I remember when Anita Cobby was killed. And it was one of the most shocking things we'd ever heard of. Everyone was horrified and it was probably the beginning of feeling unsafe for a lot of women out at night. But you know, things like that happen so much now, we're not even surprised. You hear that someone has had their head cut off on a bus trip, for no reason, and you're so desensitised, you're not even that disturbed by it. You can just keep cooking dinner like it 'twas nuthin.

I wonder sometimes what will become of the world. It seems so violent you wonder how the tide can be turned. I have this vision of it ending like Escape From New York.

I hope Snake Plissken is there. He can share my cave.


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8 Responses to “something wicked this way comes”

  1. Snowy Says:

    Well said, Cat. I can relate to your feeling of wanting to find a cave somewhere to shelter your brood. But then, I think of what parents must have gone through when their kids went off to fight wars, So I guess we've had it better than many. We just have to assume it will all be good, otherwise we'd become nervous wrecks. I guess our parents went through the same, and we pooh poohed their concerns. Now it's our turn, we can empathise with them so much better.

  2. cat Says:

    When I left home though, there wasn't such thoughtless violence and anger out there in the world. And its so random as well. Some people just seem to have such disrespect and disregard for other lives.

  3. cat Says:

    oh yes, and I've already told Lloyd if they ever come after him to go to a war, he can expect me to get to him first with an axe, chopping off a couple of fingers or toes.

  4. These things happen all the time, it is just that now you are noticing…that's not very comforting is it? Sorry. Switch off TV and don't read newspapers until he returns. Paper bag for head is good too.
    Remind me I said that when my daughter takes off next month…

  5. AND i just noticed the mad hatter banner is gone. OH NO! I loved the mad hatter tead party banner…this week sucks

  6. cat Says:

    yes, if you knew how much of a worry the little bastards were going to be, you'd never have kids would you. I'm sure Lloyd is flitting around the world totally oblivious to the fact that heads are being cut off in greyhound buses. In fact the last email he sent me informs me that he's been rubbing Juliettes breasts in Verona (good luck apparently. I'm left wondering what part of Romeo you have to rub for the same luck).
    Yes, t'was time for the mad hatter to go. I was trying to fit in a quote from the queen instead but I couldn't make it work.

  7. Red Pen Says:

    The world is a scary place. I'm with you on wishing I could keep my love ones safe from harm.

  8. cat Says:

    If you thought about it too much, you'd never let them leave the house.

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