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And I’ll have 90 bummies please August 1, 2008

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Bummies – I have that word stuck in my brain now. All because of my terrible writing on my shopping list from yesterdays post. Krummies it says. But Daddy fu said – whats a bummie? Well in my dream I dreamt they were a disposable nappy. And when I got to the checkout my grocery bill was $ 300. I said to the girl, that can't be right, what cost so much? And she had a look and went – hmmmm, it was the bummies, you bought a box of 90.

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12 Responses to “And I’ll have 90 bummies please”

  1. gcgal Says:

    LOL did you know that bummis (no e) are actually a nappy cover? Funny dream though….damn expensive nappies!

  2. cat Says:

    whats a nappy cover?

  3. gcgal Says:

    remember cloth nappies? the plastic covers that go over the top of them…I can't remember what they used to call them?

  4. cat Says:

    yes, yes, I used cloth nappies – can't remember what you call those things either. Little plastic pants with elastic legs. Damn, now I'll dream about them tonight. Did it start with P.

  5. gcgal Says:

    Ooh umm that sounds familiar! This will haunt me all day now!

  6. kalita Says:

    I'm still confused – what are Krummies?Nappy covers are pilchers. I think. I don't use them.

  7. cat Says:

    yes, pilchers. What a stupid word.
    Krummies – packaged bread crumbs. For when you can't be bothered making your own.

  8. none Says:

    bummies too funnny

  9. cat Says:

    funny bummies – maybe we're onto something here – should trademark it, and sell….. something.

  10. none Says:

    Yummy Bummies!

  11. cat Says:

    gee I dunno about that now that there is a nappy connection happening

  12. none Says:

    your call 😉

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