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school photo day July 31, 2008

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Today Lizzies school photo came home. It's not really until you get older, that you can appreciate that the only purpose of the school photo is to give you a good laugh about 20 years down the track after a few drinks with friends.

So every year the school class photo comes home and I have to pick out the best looking boy and the prettiest girl. Always quite stressful and this year I must say, quite hard. Honestly they're about the ugliest bunch of kids you could find. They really need a hairdresser to go through there for a good clean up for the boys and a lesson in bleach for the girls.

So we have a big year 10. Over 200 kids. I say

she's pretty

No she's not, she's the one who punched brooke in the face.

Ok – well, she's pretty

She's a bitch, I can't believe you think she's pretty.

Sigh, well he looks nice

OMG – he's the one who said I had a fat arse

Hmm, what about him

he's, like a psycopath

Anyway, they were a funny looking mob. All these funny looking boy/men. Sort of boxy and gawky with big hair. And all the girls have the same hairstyle. Thinned out to a sort of skull cap, with long ratty ends and a long side fringe that hangs in your eye. I call it a crossover flap. I hope they all get a good laugh out of it one day because they're probably all home in tears tonight after seeing it.

Anyway, here's me. Told you I was a mad cow. I was probably checking for a throat infection or something.


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2 Responses to “school photo day”

  1. Ninja Says:

    Yeah, the kids these days have that "emo" hairstyle and kill-me-now attitude to boot. I'll never get that. Just last night, I saw this kid with his jeans hanging way lower than his waist. I was so damn tempted to kick his arse into tomorrow… but alas, I have to control myself.

  2. cat Says:

    lol – you are such a grumpy old man!!

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