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charlie goes grunge and betty goes bananas July 29, 2008

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Messing with Charlie because he always looks cranky and dark.



And Betty catching some rays. Because I know I always bitch and moan about how cold it is, and its not really. We have very mild winters. We have about three weeks where the days are about 15 degrees and the rest of the time is quite pleasant. Take today – even though its the middle of winter I can get around in a tshirt and cardigan and not have a heater on.

Anyway, Betty, she can always make a comfortable spot look uncomfortable. She sleeps on this old lounge seat.



But she likes her head to hang off the edge.



Then every now and then she likes to have a wrestle with her sheet. She gets it on top of her and wriggles around under it with her feet up in the air. Sometimes I find her walking around the backyard still in it because she's stuck.



And here she is just being her general attractive self. Sunning the tum.


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16 Responses to “charlie goes grunge and betty goes bananas”

  1. none Says:

    Sounds like San Diego..and I can wear shorts!…and some times its plain hot!Though it is the rainy season in the winter snow, only in the local Mnts.Good photos Cat.

  2. cat Says:

    I could never live where it snows, can't think of anything worse!

  3. Emjay Says:

    LOL – you need a little c after your 15 degrees or it will seem very cold! LOL cranky charlie and Betty is just strange! 🙂

  4. cat Says:

    betty is indeed very strange and 15 degrees c is bloody cold for me.

  5. none Says:

    Hurricanes maybe? 😉

  6. cat Says:

    I like my weather to be unadventurous

  7. cat Says:

    Sweet is not really a word I've associated with Betty before. She's more like a little pig.

  8. none Says:

    allll SUN is good for me!

  9. none Says:

    Though i would like to video tape one!SoCal, LA had an earthquake today…I like those too!I felt many temblors in SoCal

  10. Karen Lynn Says:

    awww, bet she's a good cuddler :))

  11. Karen Lynn Says:

    I'd love to see a tornado in person too…but I'm weird.

  12. gcgal Says:

    Seriously? LOL when it gets down to 18C up here I'm rugged up. I really do feel the cold though.Loved Betty's pics, especially her toothy upside down grin! What great teeth she has!

  13. cat Says:

    all the bone crunching she does

  14. gcgal Says:

    Obviously pays off..

  15. poptart Says:

    Pure cuteness!!!

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