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Pain July 28, 2008

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How does my panadol back and neck pain caplet know it's for my back? Why doesn't it think its for my headache? If I have a headache as well as a back ache, will it only make my back feel better, but not my headache?

And if, as it says on the pack, it is absorbed twice as fast as regular panadol, why don't they just make regular ones like that as well. Do some people like their pain to last a little longer?

It's like that cream A Little Bit of Relief. Yes please, because I don't really want a lot of relief. Just take the edge off it thanks.

So I really have to wonder when I'm at the shops looking at all the different pain relief tablets if they really are different at all. On Saturday I noticed there is regular pain, back and neck, tension headache, migraine headache and period pain. Surely they must all be the same thing.

Anyway the back pain ones aren't working at all. Maybe they found another little pain somewhere I was unaware of and fixed it instead. I found something called movalis in the pantry so I had one of them. Said it was an anti inflammatory. Guess I should go and google them.

Oh dear – theres some interesting side effects

vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds
bleeding from your back passage
swelling of the face, tongue or lips that could make swallowing difficult

lol – they say if you experience any of them – you may need medical attention. Doh, you think?


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33 Responses to “Pain”

  1. Emjay Says:

    LOL – I have wondered the same thing. The strip club around the corner advertises "Live girls" which always gives us a laugh – wouldn't want any smelly dead ones!

  2. cat Says:

    lol – well I'm sure there are some people who prefer the dead ones.
    I always get a laugh from the ones that say – This door is alarmed. Poor thing.

  3. I have wondered that too. Nurofen Plus my drug of choice for all sorts of things these days. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Snowy Says:

    Movalis is for joint pain, and one you shouldn't use too often, so my doc says.

  5. Design Shark Says:

    "bleeding from your back passage"*THAT* is the politest way I believe I've ever heard it put. 🙂

  6. Worker Says:

    Where's Chezza when you need her…I think they all are placebos and we decide if it will pick a spot and off you go 🙂

  7. cat Says:

    I like nurofen because they're small – some of those panadol are huge. And dry.

  8. cat Says:

    It says one a day. I remember Kimba was given them by the doc when she was whining about a back problem.

  9. cat Says:

    I should just try your tiger balm – I saw that at the shops on saturday – in a teeny little jar. Must be extra strong.

  10. Snowy Says:

    I can recommend Dencorub Arthritis Ice Gel. You can recognise it by the blue jar.

  11. Worker Says:

    hey..I like that too, it is great when you have stiff joints from running and of cause the tiger balm 🙂

  12. Waterbaby Says:

    at least the side effects make you forget what ailed you originally.

  13. cat Says:

    definitely – the day I start throwing up something that looks like coffee grounds, I won't be worrying about my back.

  14. a Says:

    Hmm….I am having the aura of a group starting for migraineurs. Anyone interested in hosting it with me?

  15. cat Says:

    lol – no thanks, that'd be a pretty miserable bunch

  16. W*ROX Says:

    Funny you should bring up self medicating pain relief.In the FDA regulated USA. Our options for over the counter pain relief are so regulated because the crack heads in the trailer parks have figured out how to conduct chemistry class in their living room with these low dose pain meds and allergy meds. Those of us that really need the measly relief from what we are ailing – now have to show identification and have to register the purchase. I guess if my crack lab explodes the pharmacist can prove my address!I appologize – mind you my comment should probably be its own post- as today I pulled every box of various female pain relief products off of the shelf to see which drug cocktail was going to get me through cramp/bloat/irratable/misery!Sorry – I guess the irritable relief part is wearing off!

  17. cat Says:

    I hear ya. Last week I wanted cold tablets and had to give them my license. And when I get my husband asthma meds I have to face an interrogation from the chemist. I'm always searching the back of our pantry for an old pack of something that may save me a trip to the doctor. My kids always say – should you be giving me this? I'm all, oh yeah, it'll be fine. But make sure you tell me if you start feeling sick.

  18. a Says:

    Well, no pun, it's already up and flowing
    But, feel free to check in with us.

  19. a Says:

    Oh, and other hosts are invited!

  20. read the ingredients – they are all exactly the same, just a marketing ploy. And some even cost more for the same thing!
    I think one of those night time fear shows did a story on them a couple of weeks ago also – all the same, no difference

  21. Karen Lynn Says:

    what FD said is so true..last time I went to the drug store for advil, they had 10 different to choose from: migraine, back, "that time of month" etc and each ingredient list was exactly the same-200mgs of ibuprophen.

  22. Down & Dirty Says:

    PML!it is decided…in the event that i ever win any awards that require acceptance speeches i will most definitely be hiring you to write any and all of them. you crack me up.

  23. Aubrey Says:

    I enjoy reading what else my epilepsy meds are used for – and let's just say that psychiatrists hand them out quite a bit.
    And 'back passage'? I don't like to think of you in pain, cat, but that kind of cheered me up.

  24. cat Says:

    lol – I'm pleased to report that my back passage is in fine order as we speak.
    My doctor used to always tell me I should never research medical things on the web or read the pamphlet that comes with medications. That was after I refused to take premarin once I discovered it was made using pregnant mare urine. Mainly due to the conditions they are kept in.

  25. cat Says:

    well I'm terribly shy you know – so as long as I don't have to read them myself.

  26. cat Says:

    And I bet the period pain one is the most expensive. Bastards.

  27. cat Says:

    isn't there someone out there meant to regulate this kind of thing?

  28. gcgal Says:

    Amazing, I was just in the supermarket looking at the same things the other day and wondering the same questions. I can't work it out…aren't they essentially the same thing? But I did notice the difference in price, next time I might check their ingredients.

  29. cat Says:

    apparently they are the same – so I'll take my back pain ones for period pain – which is in my back anway!

  30. gcgal Says:

    stupid though isn't it…especially when there is a difference in price in some of them, I guess they're counting on gullible people buying those?

  31. cat Says:

    definitely. The advert on tv for the back pain panadol always makes me laugh. She gets of a tent ready to go for a mountain bike ride and leans over and says she has a sore back. Well, whats she expect, she spent the night on the ground in a bloody tent – asking for it if you ask me.

  32. gcgal Says:

    rotfl….you ain't wrong there!

  33. backache Says:

    Stupid people like me bought it.

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