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The disorderly orderly shopping bag July 16, 2008

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I know I have a problem. I admit that. But it keeps me happy. And it hasn't harmed anyone yet.

And it makes me unpack my groceries in a nice orderly fashion on the checkout. That way I know all the right things will be together in the right bags for the trip home.

Cold things together first, meat first, frozen items then fridge last.

Then large boxes, cereal, stock, then cans – largest to smallest. Tins of tuna stacked on top of each other.

Then packets of things, taco seasoning, spices etc.

Then will come laundry/cleaning things.

Veg and fruit next, then bread and eggs. Start with heavy veg such as potatoes, pumpkin and work your way along until grapes and peaches are last.

So it was with some alarm today that I watched my checkout chick pick things at whim and pack them. I always watch with amazement (and some admiration) those people who just toss their groceries on the checkout in random order. The way it works for me is if I pack the items in the trolley the right way, then unpack them in the right order at the checkout, she will bag them in that order. But not today. She reached around and over things to get to the next group. She mixed and matched. I ended up with laundry detergent sharing a bag with tinned tomatoes.

I did keep my mouth shut though and I didn't even repack them when I got to the car.

I count that as progress.


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27 Responses to “The disorderly orderly shopping bag”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    have you considered a career in professional moving services?

  2. cat Says:

    lol – no – I don't want to deal with other peoples stuff, I just want other people to deal with my stuff the way I want it.

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    lol. then a customer you shall remain.

  4. Design Shark Says:

    Okay, so I can see your reasoning. (And I'm really not *that* OCD…) At my local store, you can throw 'em up any way you like, and they fix it all for you! It's neat-o.

  5. cat Says:

    I agree – and I have had some girls who even put the detergent/bleach type stuff in a plastic bag before they put it in the green bag just in case.
    Actually what also annoys me is when they drop your apples and nectarines in – pratically throw them in the bag. With every toss I wince as I picture a bruise forming on my fruit.
    I am totally not OCD

  6. Heavens, I do it too. I have to heavy the heavy stuff like tins and bottles go through the check out first so that they go into the bottom of the trolley. I also group llike things together…cleaning products together, personal products together. They never end up in the same bags though.
    And why do they always want to put the toilet paper in a bag, when it is already in a bag?

  7. cat Says:

    see – its just common sense. I don't hand the toilet paper over, because I buy a 12 roll pack so it has to go in the trolley first. So I just hold it so she can scan it – I don't give up control of it.

  8. gcgal Says:

    I do the same as you….I desire order with certain things and how my shopping is packed is one of them! It just makes it easier in so many ways at the 'unpacking' stage as well as not mixing things that might affect other things.

  9. cat Says:

    lol – you desire order

  10. daddy-fu Says:

    Cat, I am with you all the way on this. Every Saturday morning I do the same thing, pretty much in the same order and all. Heck, I'm even starting to know which checkout operators "get it" and which don't down at the local. Rocket science it ain't. If they're so keen on us using the green bags then they should help us out a little with the packing and all.
    At this point I should also point out that I've been known to take the green viney stalky bits off truss and hydro tomatoes in order to get them at the cheaper price (for what they laughingly call "gourmet" tomatoes), as well as rip the stalks off larger mushrooms as I put them in the paper bag. Shamelessly.

  11. ChicagoProud Says:

    lol….I have the same problem!

  12. cat Says:

    my god – we're everywhere, I feel normal

  13. cat Says:

    OMG – are you my long lost twin? Not only do I do the mushroom thing but I snap the stalks off broccoli (that looks so cheap when written down) but have you seen the size of those broccoli stems? Anyway if you take the truss off the hydro tomatoes sometimes the girl at the checkout thinks they're the normal cheap ones. lol – I should delete all that.

  14. daddy-fu Says:

    How do you do that to the broccoli stems without using a knife, or are you talking about the little broccolini thingies? Strikes me as requiring a bit of effort (though I guess my hands would be strong enough), but I'll give it a crack next time. I should also point out that I don't really do such things in markets or independent fruit and veg places – just the supermarkets, for the very few bits of fresh produce I do buy from them. Trying to "buy local, but seasonal" a lot more nowadays.
    I think I'll have to post about this in further detail tomorrow now that I've fessed up here.

  15. none Says:

    Hah, thats good though..I like order and organization.One of my exes, used to put all the UPC symbols face down on the check out conveyor for faster checking out.

  16. cat Says:

    lol – now thats serious organization

  17. cat Says:

    lol – I have super strength. You can just snap off the florets. I don't have an independent fruit and veg here – woolworths put them out of business.

  18. Rinny Says:

    She should be drawn and quartered. Cleaning products do not go in the same bag with food products. It's the law.
    Or, not…but perhaps it should be.
    I hate it when they put hot barbecue chickens in with uncooked meat products. I'm tolerative of most packing discrepancies but that one just sends me over the edge and into green eco bag flinging territory.
    I do enjoy the little fruit and veg whirly thingy though. Oh, the torment of being unable to find the code for pink lady apples. Put something exotic on the conveyour belt like, say, dragon fruit or rambutans and the poor checkout operator really freaks out.

  19. Emjay Says:

    LOL!!! Seriously! I think this must be genetic – I do the same thing!! And to Rinny – the barbecue chook has to go in a bag on its own! 🙂

  20. Red Pen Says:

    I do this too, although not quite to the degree you do. 😀

  21. cat Says:

    lol – I wouldn't call it "a degree"

  22. cat Says:

    Rinnys law. – That could be scary.
    I do feel a bit sorry for the kids when they get to the fruit and veg. Are all those varieties of apples really necessary? Sometimes they just look at me helplessly and wait for me to tell them what the item is. I promise one day a boy didn't know what broccoli was. What has his mother been feeding him?

  23. cat Says:

    I remember when Kimba was thinking about applying for a job at woolies she told me she thought she wuldn't know how to pack things because – as she said – I don't think everyone puts their things on there in order like you do.

  24. Waterbaby Says:

    @daddyfu – "Rocket science it ain't. If they're so keen on us using the green bags then they should help us out a little with the packing." Agreed all the way. But you're asking **far too much** in today's society where common sense and thought are on a steep decline.

  25. falcon.kmc Says:

    Not to worry – my dad does the same thing with his groceries! he won't even let my niece help him unload the trolley because she stuffs up his system. Poor kid.

  26. cat Says:

    lol – I'm afraid to say I know how he feels. Sometimes I leave someone else in charge while I go over to the bread shop and I just know they're doing it all wrong.

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