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touchdown July 13, 2008

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Well Lloyd has arrived in London. We really are the arse end of the world here in Australia. Amazing to think you have to sit on a plane for 25 hours to get there. Made me think of the poor convicts doing the trip here in ships. That must have been a hell of a trip for them. Maybe it was just hell in general.

So he met up with his girlfriend who is working over there for 12 months. He said she cried when she saw him. Poor guy – has women crying when he leaves them and crying when he greets them. He has four friends working there for the year and they will go off on a jaunt around europe together for a month before he heads off on his own.

A lot of australian kids go to England for twelve months after school. I think the government is setting up a deal with the US so its just as easy for australian kids to do their gap year there. Be a lot cheaper with the dollar as it is at the moment. Lloyd wasn't too impressed when he handed over $200 and got back just under 100 pounds. Euro is about the same.

But he's there and now I can rest easy.



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15 Responses to “touchdown”

  1. SweetMisery Says:

    Glad he is there and safe. Sounds like a wonderful adventure.

  2. cat Says:

    Yes it was good to hear he was there. It will be a lot of fun – he won't want to come back.

  3. Snowy Says:

    Oh, I don't know. The convicts never did have to put up with jet lag, so it could have been worse… And that long flight is a pain in the arse, for sure. We find that a stopover of a few days makes a big difference. We did it on the way over, but not on the way back. Next time we will do it both ways.Glad he made it. The adventure begins. Our elder son just spent a weekend in the champagne country in France. He had a lovely time, from what he can remember…

  4. cat Says:

    lol – oh well those convicts had it easy then. Bludgers.
    Lloyd said his back and bum were sore. He made it through Singapore easy. I think my parents used to stop in Hong Kong for some shopping on the way home.

  5. Design Shark Says:

    I want to go to Australia! I wonder how long the flight is from the states… Scott spent 12 hours on planes to fly to Switzerland for work this past week… I just want to go somewhere…

  6. Emjay Says:

    It is 14.5 hours from Los Angeles. A lot of inflight movie time! 🙂

  7. cat Says:

    14 hours still seems like a long time. He was worried he'd get a blod clot from sitting so long. You should go on one of those mystery flights. Do you have them there. They wouldn't be overseas though – well they're not here.

  8. Design Shark Says:

    So… From my home town of ST. Louis, MO, that would be a 20 hour flight, give or take a bit. Over a full day after layovers and all, but man how I'd love to go see the sights.

  9. Waterbaby Says:

    can you? doncha know the fun's just begun?

  10. cat Says:

    Now that he's there he can have all the fun he wants. It was just the getting there I was worried about.

  11. cat Says:

    definitely worth a look here

  12. Waterbaby Says:

    ah. well listen, i and many many others have been around the world without incident. he'll be fine. and if he isn't, sounds like he'll call.

  13. gcgal Says:

    Glad to hear he's safely there haha….we'll await news of his gallivanting now!

  14. Emjay Says:

    I am in Washington DC and it is 30 hours door to door – from when I leave my place till I get the rental car and get to my friends/family in Sydney. I hope you get there someday – it really is worth the long flight – and just think when you come back you arrive in the US on the same day as you leave Sydney!!!

  15. Design Shark Says:

    That is so neat. When I talk to Scott (he's in Switzerland this week, 7 hours ahead of me), I'm like, "What's the future like???"

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