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I love a sunburnt country…. July 6, 2008

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I found this on a blog called bibliOdyssey – whcih has all sorts of fantastic old stuff on it.

Would be funny if we lived in Australindia

Maslen's map of the mythical inland sea of Australia.
In the early 19th century, with the majority of the non-coastal areas of
Australia still unexplored, the commonly held misconception was that central
Australia must have an inland sea and major river system. The belief was at its
highest following the publication in 1827 of 'The Friend of Australia' by a retired
East India Company employee, Thomas J Maslen. His map, or at least the inland sea,
adjoining river and the labelled locations of 'Australindia' and 'Anglicania' parts,
are pure fantasy. Maybe it would have helped his accuracy if he visited Australia.
The true picture of the outback geography emerged over the next couple of decades.
I had never known of this map's existence until just recently



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