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papas slidebox July 5, 2008

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Love how dressed up these guys are to go out working. Long white socks are glowing. As you can see it was pretty dry where we lived so finding water was important. Mum had a huge garden all watered by bore water.


This one I've always liked. 



Dad with my sibs.

When I was about 10 my class went on an excursion to my farm. We went to explore the forest. I know it doesn't look like there's a forest about but I guess there was.

Thats Mum in the brown and white striped jumper – she cooked us a bbq for lunch. Dad used to keep that little bbq with him and used it to cook his lunch sometimes when he was working out away from the house. Thats me with the red jumper on the left.


See look – theres some trees. A forest of them. That earth looks very dry.



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7 Responses to “papas slidebox”

  1. Emjay Says:

    LOL! My class did a trip to the "forest" too! We bordered what was called a NSW State forest.

  2. gcgal Says:

    Looks great…I really enjoyed that trip you shared through vox, and those white long socks on men haha always makes me laugh! Does look really dry though. đŸ˜¦

  3. cat Says:

    my uncle does the long socks and sandals thing

  4. cat Says:

    oh really – didn't know that – I remember there being a fair bit to look at. Mossy stuff, which seems funny when you see how dry it is in general.

  5. gcgal Says:

    hahaha my dad does if he's wearing his uniform but it's a mandatory thing – though I'm guessing that's why he likes wearing the uniform LOL

  6. cat Says:

    lol – a long sock fetish

  7. gcgal Says:

    hahaha yes…but speaking of socks and footwear….I think I noticed something else unusual on your blog (heads there now)

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